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I N F C Blue Riband Grand Nat 06-08-19



INFC Kings Cup Clubs, Feds & Combines update

The Blue Riband Kings Cup Grand National was flown from St Allouestre in France on Friday 5thJuly, race marking was in Lisburn as planned on the Tuesday.  Some 605 members from across Ireland had entered 2478 pigeons which were competing for £32,539.00 in pools and prizemoney. The pigeons were released in France at 06.00am, the wind at the release site was a light north easterly.


It was a hard enough race with just 42 first day arrivals, just five of those in the local Muckamore Station where the best bird was returned by the top East Antrim loft of Jimmy Burrows of Eastway timing his 4 year old Blue cock at 19.05hrs flying 486 miles into Belfast. James Walker of the Ballymoney HPS was at 21.25hrs flying 523 miles into Dervock winning the Robin Duddy Extreme Distance Trophy for the furthest flying member in the result and he had a second arrival on the second day at 16.53hrs.


The big Cullybackey HPS continued to score at the distance with birds recorded for D & H Kirkpatrick 533, Alan Darragh 491 former winner, and Reid Bros & McCloy 388. Martin Graham had the only arrival in the Ballymena & District 478, he has an excellent record from France and his was the only arrival in the Mid Antrim Combine. J Gillespie & Son were best in the East Down Combine one week after winning 1st Open EDC from St Malo OB Derby and B & H Spence from Lagan Valley RPC in Lisburn were best in the Ulster Federation. Award winners in the Kings Cup should send me details to be included in future reports, especially Hall of Fame Diploma winners.


Muckamore Station St Allouestre J Burrows Eastway 1089, A Gault Ballyclare 1009, J Scott Crumlin 1004, J Walker Ballymoney 995, Lynch Bros Ballycarry & Dist 971, J Harkness Crumlin 762, J Braniff Fortfield 760, T H Gibson Ballyclare 730, Lindores Son & Nicholson West Belfast 678, S & A Leitch Doagh & Dist 666, P & C Carson Fortfield 637, R J Baxter Ballycarry & Dist 634, Stockman & Robinson West Belfast 632, S& A Leitch Doagh & Dist 629, Thompson Bros Crumlin 614, M/M D Suitters Doagh & Dist 612, I Deasley Strabane & Dist 674, M/M D Suitters Doagh& Dist 537, D & H Kirkpatrick Cullybackey 533, J Walker Ballymoney 533, A Darragh Cullybackey 491, M Graham Ballymena 478, J Harkness Crumlin 460, F Simpson Doagh & Dist 447, Reid Bros & McCloy Cullybackey 388, D & R Turkington Doagh & Dist 340, J Harkness Crumlin 288.


Balbriggan Station St Allouestre G O’Reilly Malahide & Dist 1067, P Rock & Son Dublin NE 1062, P Rock & Son 1027, V Black Boyne Valley 979, P Arthur Jnr Boyne Valley 923, T Flanagan & G/Son Cabra 907, Parkin & Cairns Castlebellingham 907, G O’Reilly 894, H Shealy Boyne Valley 690, A Kelly Skerries 645.


NIPA St Allouestre OB National J Murtagh & Son Ballyholland 1145, Donnelly Bros Millvale 1134, Russell Bros Dromara 1127, Mal Maguire & Son Millvale 1118, J Burrows Eastway 1089, S & N Lester Laurelvale 1086, J Garrett South Belfast 1083, D Scott Glenavy & Dist 1042, A Gault Ballyclare 1009, J Walker Ballymoney 995, I Donaghy Lisburn & Dist 989, D McElhone Eastway  976, Lynch Bros Ballycarry & Dist 971, Fitzpatrick & Hyde Gilford & Dist 953, G Murphy Ballyholland 950, M Robinson Bondhill 914, W Catherwood & Sons Harmony 913, I Donaghy Lisburn & Dist 905, G Adair Harmony 923, C McArdle& Sons Banbridge 886.


East Antrim Combined St Allouestre J Burrows Eastway 1089, A Gault Ballyclare 1009, D McElhone Eastway 976, Lynch Bros Ballycarry & Dist 971, T H Gibson Ballyclare 730, S & A Leitch Doagh & Dist 666, R J Baxter Ballycarry & Dist 634, S & A Leitch Doagh & Dist 629, M/M D Suitters Doagh & Dist 612, M/M D Suitters Doagh & Dist 537, F Simpson Doagh & Dist 447, D & R Turkington Doagh & District 340.


Irish SR Federation P Rock & Son Dublin NE 1062, P Rock & Son 1027, W Matthews Ballybrack 954, T Flanagan & Grandson Cabra 907, J Cullen Bray 883, G Doyle Rathnew 872, J Cullen 832, J Cullen 486, J Cullen 235.


East Coast Federation St Allouestre G O'Reilly Malahide & Dist 1067, V Black Boyne Valley 979, P Arthur Boyne Valley 923, Parkin & Cairns Castlebellingham 907, G O'Reilly Malahide & Dist 894, H Shealy Boyne Valley 690, A Kelly  Skerries 645, P & J Jones Skerries 621, McKeown & McEvoy Castlebellingham 596, McKeown & McEvoy Castlebellingham 583, A Kelly Skerries 526, J Doheny Malahide & Dist  523, J Doheny Malahide & Dist 470, Mr & Mrs K Guildea & Son Balbriggan 427, Mr & Mrs Curtis Sons & Dtr Stillorgan 387, K O'Brien & Son Malahide & Dist 328, G O'Reilly Malahide & Dist 317, F Moran Malahide & Dist 294., N Grant& Son Balbriggan 241.


South Leinster Federation St Allouestre 51/180 Cooley Bros& Son Newton-Kilpeddar 1061, Cooley Bros & Son 946, P Maher Abbeyside Inv 887, G Doyle Rathnew 872, E E & S Kavanagh Arklow Utd 637, P Lambert Arklow Utd 610, B Burke Arklow Utd 511, Doyle Bros Rathnew 507, D Walsh Tower Inv 495, B Burke 347, O Dunbar Individual 331.

A proud Pat Maher holding his 1st Club, in the Abbeyside Invitation. 


Mid Antrim Combine St Allouestre Martin Graham Ballymena& District 478. Last year’s 1st Open INFC Sennen Cove Yearling National winner Martin Graham has another top performance from France and the Saint Allouestre Kings Cup. Martin timed at 7.02pm on the second day flying 504 miles to the Old Cullybackey Road lofts. The winning blue cock which was sitting on 14-day eggs is best in the local town and also 1st Mid Antrim Combine. Last season from the Kings Cup he won 2nd MAC behind a loft-mate and 59th Open INFC. He had only one race this season the Skibbereen National taking 8 hours in a head wind and then trained privately from Portstewart or Carrickfergus again mostly into a head wind. The sire is from the No.1 stock hen "The Big Hen" when paired to a cock he purchased from Ron Williamson which was off his Golden Pair. Dam is a daughter of Golden Boy when paired to a daughter of "Norma" which is the dam of "The Big Hen" M Eagleson PO.


SINGLE BIRD CHALLENGE - Flown from Saint Allouestre, 5th July 2019


1st S. & N. Lester, Laurelvale  Vel. 1086, 8th Open, Joe Doheny Trophy, Framed Diploma, £400, 2nd Burgess & Brennan, Bangor Vel. 735, 51st Open Framed Diploma, £250, 3rd Dando & Bennett Vel. 730, 52nd Open Framed Diploma, £150, 4th Paul Dunlop, Edgarstown Vel. 718, 54th Open £100 5th E. E.& S. Kavanagh, Arklow Vel. 637, 77th Open  £75, 6th Tom Marshall & Son, Newtownbreda Vel. 578, 97th Open £50 7th Ignatius Deasley, Strabane Vel. 574, 98th Open £50, 8th Phillip Boyd, Annaghmore Vel. 574, 99th Open £50, 9th J. Doheny, Malahide Vel. 523, 112th Open £50, 10th D. & R. Turkington, Doagh Vel. 340, 143rd Open £50.   

Jimmy Burgess (l) and Drew Caskey both members of Bangor HPS proudly displaying their prizewinning birds from the 2019 INFC Kings Cup Old Bird National. A special note about these birds. They are nest-mate brother and sister bred by Drew Caskey, The mealy hen of Jim Burgess won 1st. Prize from Penzance last year. Finally, part of their bloodlines are that of the old El Cid bloodlines of Sid Collins that have produced a host of top winners. Jimmy was 2nd in Single Bird Challenge.


INFC Clubs St Allouestre Kings Cup


Ballyholland J Murtagh & Son 1145, Gary Murphy 950, A McAteer & Sons 571, P Murtagh & Son 280, Sands & Rice 280.


Millvale Donnelly Bros 1134, Mal Maguire & Son 1118, Donnelly Bros 540, 287.


Dromara Russell Bros 1127, G Kirkpatrick 639, H Silcock 611, 538, 360, C & L Fryers 359.


Ballynahinch HPS J Gillespie & Sons 1113, 911.


Corrigs 8/40 - W B Shaw 1103, W B Shaw 681, J Clelland 457.


Eastway HPS J Burrows 1089, D McElhone 976.


Laurelvale S & N Lester 1086, G & C Topley 881, 635, S & N Lester 620

Stephen & Alastair Lester from Laurelvale won the Single Bird Challenge.


South Belfast James Garrett 1083.


Malahide & District Gerry O’Reilly 1067, 894, Joe Doheny 523, 470, K O’Brien & Son 328, Gerry O’Reilly 317, F Moran 294


Dublin North East P Rock & Son 1062, 1027.


Newton-Kilpeddar RPC Cooley Bros & Son 1061, 946. Result from the Kings Cup for Newtown and Kilpedder RPC- well done Cooley Bros & Son - 1st Club, 1st Fed, 3rd South Section & 12th National (prov).


Lagan Valley RPC B & H Spence 1053, Spence Bros 704, S McAllister & Sons 441, B & H Spence 279.


Glenavy & District D Scott 1042, 700, 568.


Ballyclare & District Andy Gault 1009, T H Gibson 730.


Ballymoney HPS 8/47 James Walker 995, 533.


Dervock RPS 8/47 James Walker 995, 533.


Lisburn & District Ian Donaghy 989, 905, Gary Benson 670, J Waring & Son 647, L Magee & Son 608, Ian Donaghy 433, A Hughes& Sons 252.


Boyne Valley V Black 979, P Arthur 923, H Shealy 690.


Ballycarry & District Lynch Bros 971, R & J Baxter 634.


Ballybrack W Matthews 954.


Gilford & District Fitzpatrick & Hyde 953, 611.


Ballylesson P & C Johnston 938.


Bondhill Social Malcolm Robinson 914, John Greenaway 741, Malcolm Robinson 736, B & A Beattie 672, Malcolm Robinson 336


Harmony HPS W Catherwood & Sons 913, G Adair 899, 712, 279, 235.  


Cabra T Flanagan & Grandson 907.


Castlebellingham Parkin & Cairns 907, McKeown & McEvoy 596, 583.


Abbeyside Inv Pat Maher 887. The pigeon in question a yearling cock was sent sitting a 7 days old youngster his first of the year. The bird had flown Penzance a couple weeks previously and scored 31st Open IHUNFC. The sire is from Heinz and Missy Gessner from Germany and the dam is from Michiel Averesch from Nijverdal in The Netherlands containing the bloodlines of the Barcelona specialists Freialdenhofen and son from Germany.


Banbridge C McArdle & Sons, M Conlon & Sons 672


Bray Invitation James Cullen 883, 832, 486, 235.


Rathnew G Doyle 872, Doyle Bros 507.


Newry & District Ron Williamson 806, S & Y Kane 653, J J McCabe 574, Ron Williamson 482, G Dixon 462, R McKelvey 354, Pat Byrne 319.


Drumnavaddy Inv D Edgar & Daughter 768, J Brush 404, G McBride & Son 328.


Crumlin & District John Harkness 762, Thompson Bros 614, John Harkness 460, 288.


Fortfield Jim Braniff 760, D Haughey 661, P & C Carson 637.


Bangor Burgess & Brennan 735, D & J Caskey 467, I& J Moore 316.


Beechpark Social Dando & Bennett 730, H Lynch & Son 681.


Edgarstown HPS 10/45 - P Dunlop 718, R Cassells 706, J Robinson 686, A & R Neill 620, A & R Neill 360, J Robinson 305. Well done Paul Dunlop on your win, a man never too far away in these big races, he also picks up the Hall of Fame and 4th in Single Bird Challenge great achievement! Also well done to all in result, was a tough and testing race!

Paul Dunlop 1st Club Edgarstown and a Hall of Fame winner.


West Belfast J Lindores Son & Nicholson 678, Stockman& Robinson 632.


Annaghmore Glen Buckley & Sons 668, Philip Boyd 574, Tom McClean 508, 437.


Doagh & District HPS S & A Leitch 666, 629, M/M D Suitters 612, 537, F Simpson 447, D & R Turkington 340.


Skerries Art Kelly 645, P & J Jones 621, Art Kelly 526.


Markethill G Steenson 641, I McCallum 496.


Annsborough Gallagher Bros 638, James Cleland 457.


Arklow United RPC E E & S Kavanagh 637, Pat Lambert 610, B Burke 511, 347.


Downpatrick Premier G McIntosh 624, J Crossan 545.


Millisle J & J Hollinger 624.


Dundalk Invitation G Savage & Son 605.


Comber Social W & L Robinson 585.


Newtownbreda T Marshall & Son 578.


Strabane & District I Deasley 574.

Chairman of Strabane & Dist club Iggy Deasley with his super 2-year-old bird he clocked in the Kings Cup St Allouestre.


Dromore HPS R Keegan & Son 534.


Cullybackey HPS - D & H Kirkpatrick 533, Alan Darragh 491 Reid Bros & McCloy 388.


Wilton Cross Geoffrey Douglas 527.


Crossgar HPS C McManus & Daughter 518, G & J O’Hare 290.


Tower Invitation RPC D Walsh 495.


Ballymena & District HPS - Martin Graham 478.

Martin Graham of Ballymena & Dist holding his MAC winner in the Kings Cup from France.


NI Middle Route PA Maurice Weir 433.


Balbriggan M/M K Guildea & Son 427, N Grant & Sons 241.


Stillorgan M/M Curtis Sons & Daughters 387.


Grosvenor Porter & Shaw 338.


Derriaghy R Benson 290.


Cloughey M Adair & Sons 261.


East Antrim update Jimmy Burrows and Davy McElhone from Eastway were 1st and 3rd in the East Antrim list with Andy Gault from Ballyclare between the Belfast duo. Also flying the flag for east Antrim was the boys from Ballcarry & District HPS. Timing in on the day and finishing 22nd open and 17th north section is Lynch bros Chris Lynch timed a 2-year-old cheq pied hen. This is the third year in a row he has timed with three different pigeons a remarkable achievement in itself returning positions of 82nd, 26th and 22nd open respectively. Chris makes no bones about setting his stall out for these races and would like to pass on thanks to his father George and brother Jimmy, this tight wee unit are producing results of the highest order.

Chris Lynch (l) collecting awards at Ballycarry & Dist presentation.


On behalf of all the members and officials of Ballycarry HPS we would like to congratulate you guys on your latest top result! Well Done Backing up this result was R & J Baxter. Timing in on the 2nd day with a 2-year-old cheq cock finishing 79th open and 60th north section. This is their 2nd open result in three years with this cock’s half-sister finishing 130th open in 2017. The wee cock flew every inland race and was first bird to the loft on all 3 channel races, so we were delighted to see him back from France! It proved to be a tough race indeed and I would like to pass on my congratulations to everyone in the result but also to everyone who had the minerals to send! Well done to you all and good luck in the YB season! Cheers Jonathan Baxter.

R & J Baxter from Ballycarry & District with “The Wee Man” 79th in the Kings Cup.


Strabane & District Kings Cup - This is the Chairman of our club Iggy Deasley with his super 2-year-old bird he clocked in the Kings Cup yesterday at 14.36hrs flying 520 miles. (See photo). This hen was in it last year as a yearling but arrived out of race time, the bird was a gift pigeon from fellow fancier Buddy Gamble, big congratulations to both men. It’s a great achievement for Iggy and his bird to get in on such good time especially flying into the Northwest of Ireland. All members in Strabane are over the moon for Iggy and are proud of him to be the only member in Strabane to clock from the Kings Cup, well done Iggy congratulations again. The pigeon is a pure Southwell hen.


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A proud Pat Maher holding his 1st Club, in the Abbeyside Invitation.