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Ron Williamson - 1st Open King's Cup 2013



Ron Williamson - 1st Open King's Cup 2013

Photos & text courtesy of Sid Collins

Ron's 2013 INFC King's Cup winner has been named Rab's Delight after his late father. Rab's Delight flew the INFC inland national, then the INFC yearling national, returning home hawked. He was paired up and sent to the King's Cup sitting on 14-day eggs. His increased willingness to exercise well indicated to Ron that he had recovered from his hawk attack. Ron extends his thanks to his daughter Claire and Gerry Creaney for the part they played in the preparation. The bloodlines are that of Ron's Champion Lady Helen with the inclusion of Gregg Bros & McAndless' national winning stock and Maurice Wilkinson's King's Cup winning lines.

INFC Press Officer Brendan McLoughlin's full report on the 2013 King's Cup will appear on Elimar shortly.


Ron with his King's Cup winner

Rab's Delight