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Yearling Nat Sennen Cove 02-07-19

The Yearling Nat for the INFC was delayed for several days due to severe weather conditions, race marking was in Lisburn last Friday and liberation in Sennen Cove on Sunday 16th June at 6.00am in a Lt South SW wind, best bird in the Muckamore Station was for Glen McNeilly from Ballyclare at 12.08hrs flying 322 miles. Around 650 birds were recorded on the winning day, all pools and prizes were claimed and another top result for one of the most important races of the old bird season.  Once again there was a good entry for this very popular race in the racing calendar. In the end however the overall entry was just slightly down from last few years with 571 members sending 3794 pigeons to compete for £31,249 in pools and prizes. It turned out a photo finish with 1st South Sect and 1st Open going to Joey McLoughlin of Blanchardstown recording velocity 1543, one yard clear from Glen McNeilly of Ballyclare the big distance club of the north to take 1st North Section and 2nd Open INFC. The 2 Bird Average was won by P Doran & Son, Ind South on a velocity of 1456. The race this year was sponsored by H Beattie & Son and we are very grateful to them for their continued sponsorship.



The happy McLoughlin Family from Blanchardstown RPC, winners of the Yearling Nat Sennen Cove.

“Jonah” bred and raced by Joey McLoughlin, 1st Open INFC Yearling Nat Sennen Cove 2019.

1st South Section, 1st Open J McLaughlin, Blanchardstown RPC, Vel 1543, flying 231 miles, winning£1837 and the Nelson Corry Trophy. Okay folks, this is a loft report for this year’s NFC Yearling national, the winner of this great race is Joey McLoughlin from Blanchardstown in County Dublin. I was glad to hear the news that Joey had won this race as I know it is his main aim every year and I like to see these races won by fanciers that really prepare 100% just for the big day. That’s exactly wat Joey done, and the loft had no less than 6 pigeons in the national result from Sennen Cove.  For those who don’t know, there is a 20-bird limit in all INFC races in Ireland, so it’s not too often you would see a loft with 6 in the money. Joeys result was as follows: 1st, 47th, 53rd, 145th, 190th, 213th, Open INFC from a total of 3,794 birds.



Now onto the main one of them all now named Jonah after Joey’s grandson who is shown a keen interest in the pigeons now, so hopefully he keeps it up and might be racing a few him-self in the near future. Now this cock was flown on the roundabout system this year and was on form right from the off this year as he was 1st Club in the very competitive Blanchardstown RPC with club birdage from 300 to 600 birds weekly. That was from Thurles in one of the very first races and then a few weeks later went on to get his second win of the season from Castletown. That was him set up just nicely for the main target of the season the INFC yearling national. Joey re-paired his team for the national as he wanted them sitting around 12 days on eggs for this race, but because of bad weather the marking was put on hold for a few days and Jonah was sent chipping eggs, his first ever nest. That certainly done the trick as he came like a rocket to win 1st Club, 1st Section, and 1st INFC Yearling National, that also notched up Jonah’s hat-trick for the season.  Three wins in most Dublin clubs from one pigeon is rare to see as competition is fierce, but to go and win his 3rd and doing it to win the INFC yearling national is some achievement.  In my own opinion this cock has to be one of the best ever Yearling National winners.


It’s a real gem of a pigeon that in Joey’s words made joeys dream come true in this race, as joey has been very close on a few occasions. In 2011 Joey won the INFC Average trophy for best average in Yearling & YB National from Sennen Cove finishing an impressive 5th INFC Yearling & 1st South Section & 8th INFC Young Bird that year. Then also in 2012 Joey was 3rd INFC Yearling national and in 2017 Joey was 12th Open Kings Cup winning over 2k in pools. The breeding is 90% Willy Thas with this national winner, and another thing Joey also won - actually Joey was the first ever winner of the very hard in my opinion the toughest award to win in pigeon racing anywhere on the planet and that is the INFC Triple Crown Award. to win this your pigeon must be in the INFC Young Bird National from Penzance, then as a 1 year old he must be in the iINFC Yearling result from Sennen Cove and then finally the mountain of them all he must fly as a 2 year old and be in the money from the INFC Kings Cup from France. This task is near impossible over 3 years and that you could count on one hand how many people have won this award. Joey also has a class cock I would like to mention , a 2 year old cock of Joeys was 1st Club, 6th South Section, 7th INFC 2018 and then 1st Club, 19th Open Penzance with ISRF, then 1st Club, 49th Open Penzance again, so this cock certainly likes the Irish Sea. What a pigeon and Joey tells me he’s off on the ferry again tonight and I’m sure he won’t be far away. Well done Joey, it’s a dream come true and well deserved and also over £2000 in prize and pool money to put the icing on the cake in what was a day to remember for Joey and his family. All the best Joey you really deserved your win. Jamie Kelly PO.


 Glen McNeilly from Ballyclare & District, 1st North Sect & 2nd Open INFC Sennen Cove.

1st North Section, 2nd Open Glen McNeilly, Ballyclare & Dist, Vel 1542 flying 322 miles, winning £1323. The winner of 1st North section and finishing 2nd Open INFC flying 322 miles is Glen McNeilly from the hotbed of Ballyclare in County Antrim. His blue Vandenabeele cock was timed at 12.08pm just over six hours on the wing he easily topped the Muckamore Station doing velocity 1542.  The cock was flown on widowhood and is bred down from pigeons purchased from M & D Evans.  The sire is off a direct son of a cock called “Young Major” who is the sire of 9th Open Talbenny and 114th Open Sennen Cove Yearling national and is also g/sire of 11th Open Rosscarbery young bird National.  The dam of the North section winner is a racing hen that was 196th Open yearling National last year, and her dam was 96th Open yearling National in 2017. Her dam was 106th Yearling National in 2015.  The Sire of the Dam is off a g/son of M & D Evans famous “Shadow” who is sire to 32nd Open Yearling National 2015.  Glen had a total of 7 pigeons on the day, and 2 the next morning - A brilliant performance. Thanks to Noel Higginson for the info and photo.


P & J Jones from the Skerries, Mandy and John holding the lofts winning hen.


2nd South Section, 3rd Open P & J Jones, Skerries, Vel 1536, flying 24 miles, winning £1384. Paul Jones supplied the following. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Joey McLaughlin on his great win. We are in a partnership of my-self, John and my wife Mandy. Mandy does a lot of work with the pigeons when we are at work. We wouldn't be able to have pigeons without her. Our hen is a granddaughter of the 10 Euro Cock, and on the other side she comes from a van Koppen pigeon through an Alwin Paddey’s Golden hen, via our good friend Michael Myler. These lines have done very well for us on land and over the channel. We feed our pigeons on Van Robaeys from Henry Byrne at Sandyhill. The pigeons were flying well at the start of the season and then took a dip at the start of the cross-channel racing, it's getting harder to race pigeons with the number of falcons and doing shift work. Best of luck to everybody, for the rest of the season. The picture is of Mandy and John holding the hen. Thanks, Paul Jones.


Patrick McFadden from the Monaghan HPS holding his winner of 3rd South Sect & 4th Open INFC.


3rd South Section, 4th Open P McFadden, Monaghan HPS, Vel 1525, flying 289 miles, winning £314. We stay in the South of Ireland just on the border the Monaghan HPS who fly their birds with the NIPA. Patrick McFadden is a most successful fancier and he has won many times. His blue was a very consistent pigeon, came with the winner as young bird to be 2nd Club Fermoy, racing now this year on the widowhood. Sire was a gift bird by Frank Todd of the Muckamore HPS in the Antrim Area and has bred good sprint and middle-distance winners. Dam by Andy Cooke, who is a top racer in Ballycarry & District in the Larne Area. This hen is down from Champion Blauwe Showman 1st open NIPA Clonmel and Blue Pearl, a winner of 9 x 1st prize's in the club. Thanks to Keith Allister for the help with the info and photo.


Josie Kelly from Dromore in County Down, 2nd North Sect & 5th Open INFC.


2nd North Section, 5th Open J Kelly & Sons, Dromore HPS, Vel 1509, flying 300 miles, winning £643. Another hotbed of the sport is Dromore in County Down, several top winning lofts in this area including the consistent Josie Kelly who gets his share of the spoils in many of the top distance races through to France including 6th in the Kings Cup. He has a good record as well in the Yearling Nat and this time had 2nd in the North Sect plus 5th Open INFC and £643. Bloodlines are none better, Kenyon famous for many years and Jan Aarden. The Blue Cheq cock was sent driving the hen, had only two races as a young bird and Sennen Cove was its first attempt cross channel.


Bobby Creaney from Portadown & Drumcree, winner of 3rd North Sect & 6th Open INFC.


3rd North Section, 6th Open Bobby Creaney, Portadown & Drumcree, Vel 1507, flying 302 miles, winning £820. Bobby Creaney is another loft with a string of top performances racing into another favoured area, Portadown in County Armagh. His CV includes 1st Open NIPA in the St Malo OB National last year just 47 birds’ home and in the Yearling National of 2011 scored 1st North Sect & 6th Open INFC on vel 1131 winning the James McGrugan Memorial Cup for the winner of the Section not winning 1st Open. On that occasion he had two more birds in the result. This time Bobby Creaney from Portadown & Drumcree secured 1st Club, 3rd North section & 6th Open from Sennen Cove plus £820. Bobby has indeed a great record the bird was raced on roundabout and bred from top lines of Ronnie Williamson who needs no introduction.


Peter Doran with his grandson Callum holding both birds timed in the Yearling Nat, 7th & 11th Open plus the 2 Bird Average.


4th South Section, 7th Open P Doran & Son, Individual South, Vel 1482, flying 181 miles, winning £360. Sam Buckley Memorial Cup Best 2 Bird Average Vel 1456. Peter Doran & Son are Individual South members and had a very successful Ylr Nat timing two early arrivals to finish 4th & 6th South Sect and 7th & 11th Open INFC and the highly prized Sam Buckley Memorial Cup for the Best 2 Bird Average. Both pigeons were bred for me by my brother, Joey (T Doran& sons). The parents of the blue pied cock, 7th open have both flown the water numerous times. The mother of the blue hen, 11th open is of Ron Williamson bloodlines and has flown the water 12 times with the father having also flown the channel.


Toner Bros from Corrigs, from (l) Frankie, Liam and Andy holding their 3 arrivals home from Sennen Cove , including the 8th Open INFC winner.


4th North Section, 8th Open Toner Bros, Corrigs, Vel 1461, flying 289 miles, winning £1063. The winner of 8th Open, 4th North section INFC Yearling National was one of 4 Yearlings entered by the Corrigs club partnership of Liam, Andy and Frankie Toner. They recorded 3 of their entry of 4 home and the yearling at 8th open is a light blue cheq cock, one of a number of youngsters bought from Harmony Lofts last year and his bloodlines are Gaby Vandenabeele. This cock went to the Yearling National paired and sitting 14day eggs although the partners race roundabout during the early part of the season only pairing them up for the channel races. The racing career to date of this cock is that this year he had been in nearly every race including Talbenny and had a 2nd club position to his credit and had flown very steadily as a young bird. Liam, Andy and Frankie would like to take this opportunity to express they’re thanks to John and Viv Abernethy (Harmony Lofts), Cyril Beattie and Philip Quinn of Blue Sky for their help and friendship over the years. Thanks to Clifford Browne for his help with this report.


Arklow United and South Leinster Federation member Tony Hobbs holding his bird "Birthday Boy" 5th South Section & 9th Open INFC


5th South Section, 9th Open T Hobbs, Arklow United RPC, Vel 1455, flying 188 miles, winning £230. "Birthday Boy" finishing 5th S/section 9th open Sennen cove INFC was raced in Arklow by South Leinster Fed member Tony Hobbs. Brief details - Flown 3 land races this season prior to Yearling National. Grand/parents have both flown the Kings Cup race - one in race time Sire is from club mate John Conway and the dam through Donnelly Brothers of Newry City. Thanks to John Kenna for his help with this report.


Mark Hughes from the Edgarstown HPS in Portadown, 5th North Sect & 10th Open winning the Charles Ingle Memorial Trophy.


5th North Section, 10th Open Mark Hughes, Edgarstown HPS, Vel 1439, flying 302 miles, winning £113. Charles Ingle Memorial Trophy for 10th Open Yearling National. Mark Hughes of Edgarstown HPS in Portadown is another loft to score well in the major races, in this one 5th in the North Sect and 10th Open winning the Charles Ingle Memorial Trophy. The Blue cock is Jacob Poortvliet from Louella, a full brother won 1st Club, 20th North Sect & 57th Open INFC in last season’s Skibbereen OB Nat. The Blue cock had earlier won 3rd Club Skibbereen racing Roundabout, he was paired up and was sent to Sennen Cove sitting 12-day eggs. Thanks to Gary Simmons for getting the info and photo.



The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres across Ireland, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for this report or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done, any little snips, details of the bird itself plus info on the sire and dam. Any awards won previous, how long in the birds etc.



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