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I N F Skibbereen 08-06-19


Irish National Flying Club - Skibbereen OB Inland National 2019

In a period of very unsettled weather including the day previous at race marking, a lot of fanciers decided to opt out and that was a mistake for the race on Tuesday 28th May was flown in excellent conditions with blue sky and sunshine. Skibbereen in County Cork was the first of the Irish Nat Flying Club six race programme and returns were very good getting all the competing members off to a good start. Overall this time 363 members sent 3,300 birds to compete for £12,110 in pools and prize money, down on the two seasons previous. Liberation was at 9.15am in a Lt North, NW wind and the winning birds made light work of the journey to home lofts.  The race was sponsored once again by Bamfords Topflight and we are very grateful to them for their continued sponsorship. The race took the same format as previous few years with the Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup and Diploma awarded to the Overall winner and the Gerald Delaney Trophy awarded to the best velocity of the other two sections. The winner of 1st Section with the lowest winning velocity will receive a coveted INFC Diploma.

Leo Dobbs from Baackwater RPC holding his OB Nat winner from Skibbereen.

There are no INFC Open positions for the Skibbereen Nationals, but prizes are allocated to the three sections. As the result is divided into 3 sections I intend to cover the Top 5 in the three sections in this article as has been past practice. Race winner and 1st & 2nd South Sect was won by Dobbs Bros of the Blackwater RPC, recording velocity 1521, 1st Middle Sect was T McLoughlin & Son Finglas in Dublin vel 1411, and 1st North Sect was Sammy Ogle of Drumnavaddy doing vel 1358.

Dobbs Bros race winners and 1st SLF win 5 bags of mixture, S Ogle NIPA, J Lindores & Son & Nicholson Ulster Fed, Cromie & Magee & Son East Down Comb, R Coleman ECF, T McLoughlin & Son ISRF win 3 bags of mixture each. Homers Odyssey will feature Centre Results, Combine & Fed Results and Club Results.

1st & 2nd South Sect & 1st & 2nd Open INFC Dobbs Bros, Blackwater RPC Vel 1521 and 1520 flying 136 miles winning £283 and the Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup

Dobbs Bros 1st & 2nd Open and South Sect

The pigeon that won is Van loon x Venus he was this year 3rd, 11th, and 15th Club. Sire is a direct Van loon pigeon and is one of the lofts best breeding pigeons, sire of birds to win many races. Dam is direct from Robert Venus a very good hen that has bred many winners also. The pigeon that was 2nd Nat is from a direct Van loon pigeon that has bred many winners also his dam is direct from the Pouw Bros of Holland, she is a super breeding hen in the loft. She has bred 8 x 1st Federation winners and the 2016 YB Nat winner in INFC also pigeons to win from France, many fanciers are winning win her children. So, the pigeon that was 2nd Nat is 1/2 brother of the 2016 Young Bird Nat winner.

The name of the winner is “William” after my late brother. The pigeon that was 2nd is called “Mia's Boy”. Both pigeons are raced on the widowhood system. Leo Dobbs would like to thank his wife for all her help also good friend Anthony, and Richie, and Lenny for their help as well. He would like to congratulate the Bolger Family on a great race as well giving the Blackwater RPC the top four places.

3rd & 4th South Section Bolger Family, Blackwater RPC Vel 1513 and 1503 flying 130 miles winning £250.

The Bolger Family from Blackwater RPC, 3rd & 4th South Sect and good card as well.

The winner of 1st South Sect YB Skibb 2018 and 3rd South Sect Skibb 2019 for the Bolger Family.

Staying with the same club the Bolger Family score another top success, finished just behind Dobbs Bros with two early birds. The pigeon that was 3rd South Section was 1st South Section last year and 21st Open in Skibbereen YB Nat with the INFC. Pooled all the way on both occasions and now has lifted £520. The sire of the first pigeon was purchased from club-mate Michael Holman of Wexford  which was Van Loon and the dam was bred from club mate Leo Dobbs Jnr, overall race winners Dobbs Bros. 4th South Section is down from old Leo Heremans lines of Peter and Wellens both National Ace pigeons for Leo Heremans. This pigeon is flying well this year and has some good results to his name. He was only lightly raced as a young bird. He was also pooled all the way and nominate. In all the loft had a great race with 8 birds in the first 29 so Lenny said, we're delighted.

5th South Section T O’Rourke & Son, Enniscorthy Vel 1487 flying 132 miles winning £50.

Tommy O Rourke Snr on the left and his son and partner Tommy junior on the right.

First bird in the Leinster Premier CC was timed into Enniscorthy by Tommy O’Rourke & Son, the Soontjens Heremans Ceusters cock was already a big-time winner. 1st open LPCC Pilmore Beach, 1st open LPCC Owenahincha, 1st open LPCC Castletown, 2nd open LPCC Barleycove beaten by loft mate, 3rd open LPCC Kinsale beaten by loft mate, 3rd open LPCC Casstletown.  All told 6 X 1st clubs in Enniscorthy RPC. Very good consistent pigeon Many thanks to Jimmy Hamilton for the details.

1st Middle Section T McLoughlin & Son, Finglas Vel 1411 flying 177 miles winning £315 and Gerald Delaney Trophy for the Best Vel in the Sect not winning the Open.

Thomas McLoughlin & Son from Finglas, 1st in the Middle Section Skibb 2018 and 2019.

Last season in the Skibb YB event Thomas McLoughlin & Son from Finglas in Dublin scored a good 1st & 2nd in the Middle Section, plus 11th & 13th in the National and the week prior to that 3rd Middle Sect & 13th in the Penzance Nat.  Thomas said our little hen that done well on Tuesday won 1st Station, 1st Middle Section and 36th Skibb National 3,300 birds. This year she was 65th Open Castletown 5,425 birds and 95th Fed Thurles 7,883 birds. She did not race at all as a youngster. Very happy with her and hopefully more to come. Thomas said “We are racing all our lives and have won our fair share of club wins, also Feds & Open results over the many years. Now race 24 widowhood cocks and they fly the complete program on this system including France”. On top of that they race 50 youngsters on the darkness.

Winning bird for Thomas McLaughlin of Finglas, 1st Middle Sect Skibb OB Nat.

2nd Middle Section Nevin & Barry, Dublin North County Vel 1406 flying 183 miles winning £135.

“Mr Perfection” the winning bird timed by Nevin & Barry of Dublin North County, 2nd Middle Sect.

Mark Nevin & Eddie Barry are having a fantastic season racing in the Irish SR Federation with the Dublin North County RPC, their winner of 2nd in the Middle Section, 2nd Balbriggan Station was bred from a pair obtained from Sean Hunt & Family who race with outstanding success in the Sarsfield RPC. Over recent seasons have they not only dominated racing in the ISRF with Sarsfield but produced several winners for others. Six birds away and all six home in one hour. The same bird was 5th ISRF last Saturday 12,000+ birds. A Direct son of our "Super 222 Cock" bred back to a daughter of "Chico" sire and dam bred by Sean Hunt. 2nd hen on the sheet was "TERRY" Direct daughter of the 222.The winning Cheq cock has been named “Mr Perfection” and Eddie very quickly set me up a photo of the winning bird. Think we will hear a lot more about this top Dublin team.  

3rd & 4th Middle Section P Rock & Son, Dublin North East RPC Vel 1404 and 1402 flying 183 miles winning £130.

Winner of 3rd Middle Sect for Paddy & Martin Rock of Dublin North East RPC.

Winner of 4th Middle Section for P Rock & Son, Dublin NE.

Another loft needing no introduction, the top Dublin loft from the Dublin NE have won many top places and awards, including the Blue Riband Kings Cup from St Nazaire in 1997 when racing in Malahide with East Coast Federation. Paddy and son Martin timed the first pigeon we timed a 2-year-old cock sent on 4-day old eggs. He was raced the early part of the year on widowhood and paired back up with the channel coming up. Skibbereen was his 6th race of the year with Pilmore Beach on the 25th being his last race before the National. Breeding, he is from a son of our Hall of Fame winner “Little PJ” when paired to a Davy Hutchinson Soontjen hen.

The second pigeon they timed is a yearling cock sent after his hen had only laid. Skibbereen was his 5th race of the year with Castletown on the 18th being his last race before the National. His breeding is Eric Ceuleman’s through Frank & George Bristow. The birds are fed on a mixture of Vanrobeys Platteeuw Special & Versele-Laga Champion Plus. Paddy & Martin would like to congratulate all the 1st Section winners.

5th Middle Section Safet Duran, Blanchardstown Vel 1400 flying 174 miles winning £65.

Safet Duran of Blanchardstown holding his 5th Middle Sect winner from Skibbereen.

Safet almost forgot to reply and when reminded we were meeting a deadline, immediately sent info.

I had 4 pigeons in result and was 5th,12th,24th and 27th middle section (40th.47th,61st,64th Nat). I only checked breeding and no surprise pigeon was same line of the pigeons which flying super on national level for me especially from Skibberen. The pigeon which was 5th Middle section is Blue cock 75% VAN LOON /JANSSEN AND 25% LOUIS COOREMAN. He is full brother to 5th Nat Middle section young bird Skibbereen Nat 2018. He is the full brother of my super hen named Vandara 2nd Nat Skibbereen old bird INFC 2017 against 4666 birds. She also won club and was 16th Barleycove Open against 5638 birds. Father of the pigeon is son of Daro. Daro is one of the best racing and breeding pigeon for Louis Cooreman and Bob Fenech. Daro did same in my stock loft until I replaced him with his son. Daro was paired to my Van Loon/Janssen hen which is one of my best line of pigeons also breeder and full sister of my best Van Loon/Janssens with so many winners inland and scoring on channal right up to Kings Cup. Dam is my racing and breeding hen also Van Loon. She raced well for me and won in club and got few times in first 10 in club, she also scored in ISRF and INFC until I put her in stock. She turned out to be an exceptional breeder. She is daughter of my best racing hen with more than 5 first and over 20 times in first 10 (inbreed to number one Van loon pair).

I want to congratulate Leo of Dobbs Bros on winning 1st National and also to mention some of Van Loons I had is from him including bloodlines doing well for me in nationals crossed with my other lines. I also want to thank my brother Nijaz for clocking pigeons for me. Thanks to Johnny Boothman and Paul Foster for bringing my pigeons to Lisburn and Liam Donnelly for bringing my clock in to Balbriggan.

1st North Section S Ogle, Drumnavaddy Inv HPS Vel 1358 flying 229 miles winning £300 and INFC Framed Diploma.


Sammy Ogle with with grand-son Dawson Shaw and the North Sect winner from Skibbereen.

Sammy Ogle from the Drumnavaddy Inv has been a good racer for many years, and has scored many top positions, the most recent coming in the OB Inland Nat from Skibbereen. Sammy timed the first bird in the NIPA for 1st Club and the highly prized 1st in the North Section. This pigeon is from a Chq Tip hen sire and dam from Tommy McKinstry, Hermans Ceuster  M Vink lines from wayne  Doonan of Cock Crow lofts in Dromore. Congratulations to sammy on a great win from all the members in Drumnavaddy.

2nd North Section J Lindores Son & Nicholson, West Belfast HPS Vel 1352 flying 251 miles winning £585.

Jackie Lindores of West Belfast holding the Ulster Fed winner in the Skibb National.

The bird timed by Lindores Son & Nicholson to finish 2nd in the North Section.

The Jackie Lindores & Nicholson team from West Belfast had the best bird in the Ulster Federation, this loft is always to the fore in the big races. 2nd Open North Section Skibbereen National was bred by Geoffrey Douglas of Lurgan. Presented as a gift to Jackie in addition to a pair of YB’S he has bought of Geoffreys in a Charity Sale. Sire and dam of this bird were presented to Geoffrey by Sheldon Leonard, the Universal showman lines. Thanks to Syd Collins for the details.

3rd North Section Steven Delaney, Harmony HPS Vel 1342 flying 234 miles winning £353.

Steven Delaney racing in Harmony HPS wins 3rd North Section. Blue hen 2017 is Willy Jacobs/Van den Bulck, her sire is a direct son of the King of Diamonds. He is sire of six x 1st Open winners and a full brother to the Ace of Diamonds. The dam of the Blie hen was bred by Gustaff Boeckman and is a granddaughter of the Vale Dirk, full brother to the Vale Ace bred by Dirk van den Bulck

4th North Section Mr & Mrs G Delaney, Dromore HPS Vel 1341 flying 234 miles winning £269.

Gerald Delaney has probably the best record out of Skibbereen, several times winner of 1st Open going back to the Derby days. 

Mr & Mrs G Delaney win 4th North Section, this loft probably has the best record in Ireland winning from Skibbereen, several times 1st Open.  Blue ch hen 2017 she is Willy Jacobs/ Dirk van den Bulck. She is a daughter of the Diamond Prince when mated to the Blue Dirk. The Blue ch hen is a full sister to the Diamond Princess winner of 1st Open NIPA Fermoy and 1st Open Fermoy Classic. The Blue Dirk is a daughter of the Box 2 Couple, bred by Kris van Massenhoven and a granddaughter of the Donker Leo from Dirk Van den Bulck. Both Delaney birds bred in the purple.

5th North Section Cromie & Magee & Son, Ballynahinch HPS Vel 1339 flying 243 miles winning £284.

Joe Cromie of Ballynahinch, 1st East Down Combine in the INFC Skib and 5th North Sect.

The pigeon at 5th North Section Skibbereen was a 2-year-old Blue Cheq cock racing on widowhood. The breeding of this cock is on the Dams side off one of the partnerships Herman Ceuster/ Soontjen birds whilst the Sire was a cock on loan from the partnership’s friend Alan Houston from Lisburn. His mother is a full sister to 2 x 1st NIPA Open winners and an EDC Open winner plus many other first prizes, and high prizes in national racing. Prior to winning this 5th North Section Skibbereen this cock was 2nd Club Fermoy, being beaten by a loft mate. Thanks to Clifford Browne for the details.

The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres across Ireland, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for this report or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done, any little snips, details of the bird itself plus info on the sire and dam. Any awards won previous, how long in the birds etc.

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