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I H U N F C Barlycove2.



IHU.NFC. Barlycove 2. Inland National 2017


After a delay in marking of one day due to an adverse weather forecast for the Saturday, the Irish Homing Union NFC got their second Inland National race from Barlycove underway on Sunday the 28th of May.


 Derek Walsh Waterford. Provisional 1st and 2nd Section D 1st and 2nd Open from the recent Barlycove 2. Irish Homing Union. NFC.


Brendan Kennelly Dungarvan. provisional 3rd section D 3rd Open Barlycove 2               -               Tom and Enda Kelly Carlow provisional 1st section C 4th Open Barlycove 2             -               The hen that won provisional 1st section 4th Open for Tom and Enda Kelly


JJ Hurly Carlow provisional 2nd section C 5th Open Barlycove 2      -      The bird that won provisional 2nd section C 5th Open for JJ Hurley from Barlycove 2


Donal Begley, Carlow, holding his 4th section 7th Open winner from Barlycove 2            -            Donal Begley's Blue pied cock, winner of 4th section 7th Open from Barlycove 2

Section D 1st    1st   Open Derek Walsh, Waterford.            Vel 1360ypm.

2nd   2nd Open Derek Walsh,                Waterford.            Vel 1359ypm.

3rd 3rd Open Brendan Kennelly,        Dungarvan.          Vel 1344ypm.

4th   8th Open Derek Walsh,               Waterford.             Vel 1325ypm


Section C 1st   4th Open Tom & Enda Kelly,       Carlow                 Vel 1330.6ypm.

2nd   5th Open   J J Hurley,                    Carlow                  Vel 1330.1ypm.

3rd   6th Open Tom & Enda Kelly,      Carlow                  Vel 1329 ypm.

4th 7th Open Donal Begley,               Carlow,                 Vel 1327 ypm.

5th   9th Open Tom & Enda Kelly,      Carlow                  Vel 1324ypm.

6th 10th Open Tom & Enda Kelly,       Carlow                  Vel 1321ypm.


The above 10 represent the provisional first ten open positions.


The organising committee would like to thank all the officials at the different marking stations at the weekend.

Next up is Bude on June 3rd..

Could any fancier clocking in the first 3 of their section or in the first ten in the open in future races please get in contact as soon as possible after the race, with some info on your bird and maybe a photo, so as we can get a provisional result and race report away to the weeklies asap.

Contact. 00353599145419 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..