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From the Barrow Valley - 17-04-21

From the Barrow Valley  

At last, a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, with restrictions easing, it would appear that we will be able to commence racing on May 1st, several organisations have published a race programme and all looks well for a bright start.  At our club, we have all the ppe that we need, the members have been advised of what’s expected of them as regards the discipline required to ensure the safety of all of our members and of the general public, we all know what we have to do and adhering to the covid 19 regulations will insure that we can participate in the sport that we all enjoy.

As and from the 12th we were able to do a little training, although it was a bit cold in the morning, it was only a matter of being a bit patient and leaving it for a few hours in order to let the day warm up a bit, so far we have had a few nice tosses in decent enough conditions. I see big Ger has his trailer on the road and each evening he has quite a few birds on board, anybody in our area in need of some training in the evening time could do a lot worse than getting in touch with Ger for more details.

The IHU. NFC has also announced its programme for the coming year, travelling with the Irish south road fed for the overseas races, the programme will include four channel race for its members, Pembroke, Penzance, & St Malo for the old birds and a Talbenny for the young birds, also included will be four inland National races which will take place from Valentia and be transported by the South road central federation, all this for subs of just €50 per year, and open to all IHU members in three qualifying sections.

At local level, PJ Nangle of Carlow pigeon supplies has organised another great competition, this time for the champion old bird in the Carlow area, who are transported on the South Central federation truck each week, there will be a guaranteed prize fund of €500 for the winner, which will be run on a points system from every old bird race on the South Central federation race programme. So, along with the Gold Ring race for young birds also organised by Carlow Pigeon Supplies, there will be plenty to fly for in our area this summer., many thanks to PJ for his efforts on behalf of the pigeon fancy in Co Carlow.

This weeks photo’s show a restored Irish Cottage in County Laois which has been turned into a restaurant.

Restored Irish country cottage in Co laois. 17 04 21

An old photo from our early Blackpool days, a few of these unfortunately no longer with us, my brothers Tony and Michael, still tipping along with their pigeons, but not as easily motivated as in the past, a recent trip to Sheldon Leonards place, where we met up with John Conway and finally three lifelong friends & relations, Jimmy Hurley Thomas Moore and Tony Corcoran, thankfully still in the pigeon game and glad to have their birds for company over the past year during this dreadful lockdown, hopefully, again you read this we will be away to the first race, which will give me something to write about, so good luck to all and stay safe.

Blackpool Circa 1985 L R Mikey Mahoney Paddy Galvin Enda Kelly Derek o Shea Frank Archbold Peter Flynn John o Shea Charlie Mahoney The 3 Sinnott Bros Unknown 2 17 04 21
Blackpool Circa 1985 L-R, Mikey Mahoney, Paddy Galvin, Enda Kelly, Derek o Shea, Frank Archbold, Peter Flynn, John o Shea, Charlie Mahoney, The 3 Sinnott Bros, Unknown 

Brother Michael Corcoran outside his loft in Tramore Co Waterford. 17 04 21             My Brother Michaels neat loft and Gardens. 17 04 21
Brother, Michael Corcoran, outside his loft in Tramore, Co Waterford.  My Brother Michael's neat loft and Gardens.

My brother Tony outside his old bird loft. 17 04 21
My brother Tony outside his old bird loft.

John Conway Sheldon Leonard Joe Brennan. 17 04 21
John Conway, Sheldon Leonard, Joe Brennan.

Jimmy Hurley Thomas Moore my Brother Tony Corcoran. three very good friends who enjoy a drink together when the occasion arises. 17 04 21
Jimmy Hurley, Thomas Moore, & my Brother Tony Corcoran. three very good friends, who enjoy a drink together, when the occasion arises.