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From the Barrow Valley 14 - 07-06-21

From the Barrow Valley 14.

It’s been a hectic few days, with races now coming thick and fast, and I don’t mind admitting that I am struggling to keep up, I do race a team of pigeons of my own, and they too can take some getting together. I am going to do a photo montage this week with limited information on the winners and I will apologise in advance to anyone I might leave out, it’s not deliberate, but I do need to catch up, as I write this there is yet another race marking going on, but I have given this race a miss, as it is all getting a bit much at club level, and with another two National races coming up in quick succession, The IHUNFC Penzance race, then four days later the INFC Penzance Yearling National, we have it all to look forward to.

Another problem I see these days is the amount of stick that administrators are getting from the general body of fanciers, it would do no harm for people to understand that most administrators are not professionals and do all this work on a voluntary basis, some fanciers are of the opinion that administrators are their slaves and should do their bidding as and when they see fit.

Also whilst I’m at it, I’m afraid that backing for administrators from the top of the union leaves a lot to be desired, pandering as they do to those that shout the loudest, you can only wear one hat at a time !

Starting off we have the IHUNFC race from Pembroke, and what a fair race this turned out to be, with birds flying to the two extremes of the radius of the National and almost clocking at the same time, the winner in Cork to the loft of Liam o Sullivan, section D winner, on a velocity of 1470ypm then 2nd to Michael Kiely in Dublin with his section A winner on a velocity of 1426ypm, PJ Corcoran in Balbriggan had a right one for third Open, M Byrne & son, Dublin, always there or thereabouts were in at 4th position. Then back to Cork and Jason Lewis in 5th Open flying another great pigeon on a velocity of 1370ypm.  Winner of section B and 6th Open was Jason Byrne & Dan Bradley from Newtownkilpeddar, Wicklow.

Section C winner was Slawomir Woloszyn, Carlow, on a velocity of 1318 for 13th Open. that’s three section winners in the first six open positions.  Also well done to Pat o Brien in Waterford with a very creditable 3rd section D & 14th Open.

Slavic had the best Velocity in the Carlow area with a top Open position in the IHUNFC race from Pembrokejpg
Slavic. Best Bird in the Carlow Area from the IHUNFC Pembroke Race.1st Section C 13th Open.

Remember that there is 150 to 170 miles between Ballbriggan and Cork, so obviously a very fair race point for all competitors.

Pembroke with the IHUNFC
At local level and our own clock station, Sladomir Woloszyn had a stormer that finished at 1st section C & 13th open overall, Derek McClean, Leon Gaffney, Tom McGrath and Pa Holohan all had birds in good time that will finish in the open result.

IMG 20210529 153800    IMG 20210529 153740
Tom McGrath holding his winner from Pembroke in the Carlow & District RPC & 
Tom McGrath pictured outside his very neat lofts.

Tom Gorman of the Carlow South RPC had a great race with five birds clocked in twenty minutes, the best on 1280ypm and all five finishing in the open results.

Barrow Valley RPC had JJ Hurley in 1st position followed by Corcoran & Keegan in 2nd, Joe Brennan takes third. Seamus Quinn, Benny Nolan, & Billy Brooks all had birds in good time that will make the open result.

JJ Hurley 1st from Pembroke Skibbereen in the Barrow Valley RPCjpg
JJ Hurley.1st in the Barrow Valley RPC from the recent INFC Skibbereen Inland National.

20210529 174151 4
Corcoran & Keegans, Dark Pied Cock. 2nd Barrow Valley RPC from Pembroke.

Carlow Premier RPC. Pa Holohan takes the first two positions, with Colm Keating in at third.

Carlow and District RPC had Tom McGrath in pole position, Toms bird, a three year old cheq cock was home bred from his Willy Jacobs crossed with Grondalear. Well done Tom.

Skibbereen Inland National: with the INFC.
The INFC report will be covered by their own PRO, but just to say, a very well done to Derek Walsh, Waterford on a great performance in the Skibbereen Inland National, provisional 1st open plus other top ten positions, Derek’s pigeons have been flying out of their skins all year and this performance has come as no surprise to many from down south.

At local level JJ Hurley had the first one home in the Barrow Valley RPC, closely followed by Joe Brennan in 2nd with 3rd going to the Corcoran & Keegan partnership.

IMG 20210515 WA0000
Joe Brennan, winner of 1st & 2nd from Barlycove on 29th May in the Barrow Valley RPC. 

Other parts of the town had Jimmy Kelly, Reggie Condron, PJ Nangle and Shane Stronge clocking well from this event. Well done to Patsy Dowling on his running of the clock station, again sometimes a pretty thankless job.

Jimmy Kelly had the best velocity in the Carlow area with a top Open position from the recent Skibbereen Inland National with the INFC
Jimmy Kelly, Best bird in the Carlow Area from the recent INFC Skibbereen Inland National.

That’s it from me for this week, keep well and stay safe.

Any news, photos etc, are welcome @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMG 3491
Tom & Enda Kellys Blue Hen, recent winner from Skibbereen (1) in the Three Counties RPC.

20210524 181900
Dwyane Brennan's winner from Skibbereen on 29th May in the Carlow South RPC.

Bolger family Lofts Blue Cock, Winner of the IHUNFC Inland National race from Valentia Island.