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INFC Race Report by Homer - Skibbereen OB Nat - 21-06-21

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INFC Skibbereen OB Inland National 2021 - sponsored by Bamfords Top Flight.

After an absence of one whole season due to the restrictions in place across Ireland during the Covid 19 one good aspect was that fees paid for the un-flown season would be carried forward to 2021. The situation was changing all the time, and everything was put in place in the hope that racing the already established programme would be able to start on time. Marking arrangements in Lisburn were staggered for the various organisations and entry cheques were attached to the paper-work to avoid queues, it all appeared to go well with Secretary Trevor Topping keeping everything in check and full crates removed immediately to the transporter sitting outside.  Temporary Stations were set up for race checking again to avoid large numbers gathering and seemed to work like clockwork. A good team of dedicated workers were again on hand although having said that you are glad to get as much help as possible. The Secretary had a massive amount of work and done well to have race details available for the next day liberation and a result out almost immediately.

In the opening race of the year flown on Tuesday 1st June 296 members had sent 3,043 birds competing for £8,393 in pools and prize money, the first of the INFC six race programme, down again compared over the last three seasons. Liberation in Skibbereen in County Cork was 9.45am in a Light North East wind. The race was sponsored once again by Bamfords Top Flight, and we are very grateful to them for their continued sponsorship. The race took the same format as previous few years with the Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup and Diploma awarded to the Overall winner and the Gerald Delaney Trophy awarded to the best velocity of the other two sections. The winner of 1st Section with the lowest winning velocity will receive a coveted INFC Diploma.

There are no INFC Open positions for the Skibbereen National’s, but prizes are allocated to the three sections. As the result is divided into 3 sections I intend to cover the Top 5 in the three sections in this article as has been past practice. Race winner and 1st, 2nd, 3rn and 4th South Sect was won by  Derek Walsh of the Tower Invitation  RPC, recording velocity 1392, 1st Middle Sect was J Boothman & Son Jun of Blanchardstown in Dublin  vel 1337, and 1st North Sect was I Rollins & Son of the Hillsborough & Maze doing vel 1383. Bamfords Top Flight sponsorship, included 2 bags of mixture to the race winner and 3 bags of mixture each to the affiliated organisations NIPA, East Down Combine, Ulster Federation, East Coast Federation, Irish SR Federation, and South Leinster Fed etc. Homers Odyssey will feature Centre Results, Combine & Fed Results, and Club Results.

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th South Sect and 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Open INFC D Walsh, Tower Invitation RPC – Vel 1392, 1392, 1392 and 1391 flying 105 miles winning £198 and the Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup

Derek Walsh from County Waterford who I had previously met at the Lisburn Centre a couple of years ago had a super team performance and was well pleased to collect his first 1st Nat in the INFC He has put together a collection of the very-best, bloodlines from across the world at his Dynesdy Lofts and has won numerous awards.

Derek Walsh Lofts 1 21 06 21
The fantastic Dynasty Lofts of Derek Walsh situated in County Waterford, Ireland.

The first bird clocked is bred from one of the best breeding sons of 1st National Ace KBDB Pigeon “Sagan”. This son of Sagan is father to many top ten positions in the NIPA up to 25,000 pigeons. FATHER TO WINNERS: 2.  PRIZE 2.223p, 3.  PRIZE     2.440p, 4.  PRIZE    11.551p, 9.  NAT IHUNFC  730p, 15. PRIZE     1.874p, 38. PRIZE     7.740p, 46. PRIZE    11.551p, 79. PRIZE     7.740p, 84. PRIZE    12.253p, 132.PRIZE    25.206p, 178.PRIZE    22.877p, 224.PRIZE    10.866p, 243.PRIZE    18.313p, 257.PRIZE    22.129p, 267.PRIZE    22.899p, 270.PRIZE    22.129p

Derek Walsh 200 21 06 21
Derek Walsh super result in the INFC Skibbereen, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th South Sect and 1st Open.

His mother is direct daughter of Bolt 11, the best breeding brother of 1st National Ace KBDB pigeon Bolt & daughter of Gilbert SUPER DAUGHTER - BOLT 11 INCREDIBLE PROVEN BREEDER - MOTHER TO WINNERS: 1. FEDERATION   920p, 2. FEDERATION 3.212p, 3. FEDERATION 1.252p, 6. FEDERATION*2.121p, 7. FEDERATION*2.440p, 8. FEDERATION*1.874p, 8. NAT IHUNFC   688p, 11.FEDERATION 1.131p, 12.FEDERATION*1.874p, 12.NAT IHUNFC 1.095p, 14.FEDERATION 2.405p, 16.FEDERATION 3.267p, 18.FEDERATION 2.823p, 22.NAT IHUNFC 1.095p, 32.NAT IHUNFC 1.095p


The winner himself “Young Sagan”1st INFC Skibbereen 2021 Is also winner of 2nd Federation 3,400 pigeons (arriving with the winner) plus 11 Top ten Federation positions as a yearling and 2 year-old competing against on average 2,800 pigeons. I am more than sure should this bird had raced in Belgium as a yearling he would certainly been a strong candidate for 1st National Ace KBDB his results are that good.

Second Bird - Father of the second bird is bred from the best of Marcel Sangers Van de Bulck. He is Grandson 1st National Ace KBDB Pigeon “Kittel” & the father is full brother to the mother of Kittel- Olympic Rosita TOP INBRED G.SON OF OLYMPIC PAIR & - DAUGHTER OF KITTEL - KONICA



The mother of my second bird is granddaughter of World-famous Di Caprio- carrying all the very-best of the Olympiad 003 lines. This hen is mother & grandmother to 3 National Winners in the last few years & she is also full sister to Mr Blue Skies winner if 1st National 2,400 pigeons in 2017 for me also.


MOTHER TO: 5. FEDERATION 2.316p, 1. FEDERATION*1.537p, 2. NAT INFC*  2.035p, 1. NAT IHUNFC*  730p, 10.FEDERATION*1.874p. GRANDPARENTS*


She also has the line of Golden Bolt in her, Full brother to 1st National Ace KDBD Pigeon Bolt 

The second bird himself has may top ten position including in May 2021   1st Federation 3,500 pigeons.

Third bird - Father of the 3rd bird is Nero, he is grandson of Blauwe Leo & 1st National Ace KBDB bird Kittel, he is also father to 1st National Pigeon Trigge, (now a super breeder herself) 11,055 pigeons & winner of Up North Combine 2017 NERO - DYNAMIC BREEDER

FATHER TO  1. NATIONAL 11.055p, 1. FEDERATION+1.800p, 1. FEDERATION   920p, 3. FEDERATION+4.500p, 1. PRIZE       +300p, 1. PRIZE       +300p




The mother of this pigeon is mother to the winner direct daughter of Bolt 11, the best breeding brother of 1st National Ace pigeon Bolt & daughter of Gilbert- Leo Hereman

The Bird himself is Federation winner as a young bird entering only 1 race in 2020.

Half-brother to 2021 1st INFC Winner Skibbereen. His mother is direct daughter of Bolt 11, the best breeding brother of 1st National Ace KBDB pigeon Bolt & daughter of Gilbert.


INCREDIBLE PROVEN    BREEDER - MOTHER TO WINNERS: 1. FEDERATION   920p, 2. FEDERATION 3.212p, 3. FEDERATION 1.252p, 6. FEDERATION*2.121p, 7. FEDERATION*2.440p, 8. FEDERATION*1.874p, 8. NAT IHUNFC   688p, 11. FEDERATION1.131p, 12. FEDERATION*1.874p, 12.NAT IHUNFC 1.095p, 14. FEDERATION 2.405p, 16. FEDERATION 3.267p, 18. FEDERATION 2.823p, 22.NAT IHUNFC 1.095p, 32.NAT IHUNFC 1.095p


Winner of 1st IRISH NATIONAL FLYING CLUB Skibbereen 2021 1st June

Grandson of 1st National Ace SAGAN & BOLT I I - Full brother to 1st National Ace Pigeon BOLT.

Just like to thank my good friend Stuart Fawcett who made it possible for me to acquire our 2 Sons and 2 Full brothers of Sagan.  Thanks Derek, a whole line of performance!

5th South Section Jimmy Kelly, Carlow & District – Vel 1370 flying 136 miles winning £25

jameskelly 21 06 21
Jimmy Kelly of the Carlow & District who finished 5th Section, 7th Overall INFC Skibbereen O/B National also 1st Open Leinster South Road Fed & 1st Open Leinster Premier Championship Club

James Kelly cock that was 1st club, 1st fed, 5th section and 7th National Skibbereen was a Dirk van den Bulck that Jimmy has named “Donal”. He was bred by themselves off birds that were obtained as gifts from Donal Kelly who races in the Cabra club in Dublin. Another pigeon fancier in the Carlow South RPC Michael Purcell has a full brother to this cock has won 3 x 1sts and well up the Federation.

kelly birdnewdonal 21 06 21
“Donal” the winner for James Kelly, was 1st Club, 1st Fed, 5th South Section and 7th National Skibbereen. Photo Thomas Hore

1st North Section I Rollins & Son, Hillsborough & Maze – Vel 1383 flying 240 miles winning 200.

Former INFC and NIPA YB Skibbereen National winner Clyde Rollins has went and done it again. - winning the Oil Bird INFC Skibbereen North Section on Tuesday 1st June.

rollins bird 1st north 21 06 21
Clyde Rollins 1st North Section INFC Skibbereen National winner on Tuesday. Well done Clýde. This hen was also 30th NIPA Open the previous week after flying round the loft for a few minutes on that occasion.

These birds were released at 09.45am in light North Easterly wind, on what proved to be a very trying day. The winning bird was clocked at 2:51pm, but unfortunately Clyde failed to spot the arrival of his bird, very frustrating I'm sure.

Clyde was telling me the bird was showing a bit of form, the previous week from Fermoy she was 30th Open, and that was even with flying round for a few minutes upon arrival, it’s as well she didn't do that on Tuesday Clyde.

The breeding of this bird is from a line of National winners, all purchased from Paul Janssens of Belgium. On the sire side, this bird is down from Clyde's sadly deceased friend Sid Grainger.

Grandsire won the NIPA YB National from Rosscarbery, and the grand-dam is from a quite famous bird called "Lady Lier", a great racer herself. On the dam side, the grand-dam is from Clyde's NIPA Rosscarbery National winner, and the Grandsire another good pigeon from Paul Jannsens.

Finally, Clyde would like to thank a few people, firstly Carson Lyons for taking the birds to the marking station, John McGeary for his continued support, John Hollinger for arranging all the Belgium trips, and not forgetting his dear friend Sid Grainger, whose generosity will never be forgotten. Gary Jennings PO.

2nd North Section J & L Smyth, Grosvenor HPS – Vel 1375 flying 149 miles winning £212.

smyth bird 21 06 21
Dark Cheq hen winner of 2nd in the North Sect and 6th Open INFC Skibbereen, also best bird in the Ulster Federation for J & L Smyth of the Grosvenor HPS in Belfast.

smythnew 21 06 21
Joe Smyth from the Grosvenor HPS in Belfast well clear in the Muckamore Station finishing 2nd North Section from Skibbereen.

The big early bird at the Muckamore Station was timed by the husband, and wife team of Joe and Linda Smyth, ace racers for many years in the Belfast based Grosvenor HPS and the best bird timed in the Ulster Federation. Joe supplied the info on the bird, she is from my Stefan Lambrecht’s family of birds. She is from a sire of a 1st Fed winner and dam of my 2nd Derby hen from Penzance She was raced widowhood, but it was her brother I was clocking each week she is 09 he is 10, she didn't race first 3 races so was sent to Skibbereen fresh. There is no magic preparation, well done J & L Smyth.

3rd North Section A & N Lewis, Doagh & District HPS – Vel 1348 flying 257 miles winning £80.

birdanlewis 21 06 21
“Dark Destroyer” 3rd in the North Sect INFC Skibbereen for A & N Lewis of Doagh & District. Photo Thomas Hore.

This partnership from the East Antrim hot-bed of Doagh & District have been ever present in the INFC Nat events over the last number of seasons, Anthony and Norman are dedicated fanciers and timed another early super bird from Skibbereen. Yearling cock on widowhood. Breeding is Cockcrow lofts (Wayne Doonan) crossed with J & L Smyth who we just featured above. Consistent racer and been in every club race and got better the further the distance.

4th North Section A Feeney & Son, Gilford – Vel 1336 flying 230 miles winning £70.

feeney 21 06 21
A Feeney & Son from Gilford, ace racing loft in Mis Ulster winning 4th in the North Section.

Another partnership that has been going well in the Portadown based Gilford & District over the season to date. The pigeon was a blue white-flight cock, he won as a young bird, and as a yearling.   He is a Van den brande pigeon bred by P & C Sheilds of Drumintine, a great we pigeon to win four 4th North Section Skibbereen on a difficult day plus the club, very  pleased.

5th North Section Joe Ward, Glen HPS – Vel 1325 flying 250 miles winning £250

joeward 21 06 21
Joe Ward from the Glen HPS in Belfast finished 3rd in the Muckamore Station and 5th North Section Skibbereen.

wardbird 21 06 21
This yearling hen was 5th North Section Skibbereen OB National doing 1325 for Joe Ward.

Another top racing loft Joe Ward of the Glen HPS in Belfast, he timed a yearling Blue hen the best of Vandenabeele/Hermans Ceusters crossed. The Vandenabeele lines are from their good friend George Slaven in Scotland and Mark Evans (M & D Evans). She was 13th Sect D & 64th Open NIPA last week from Fermoy with 15,911 birds competing. Over the years Joe Ward has won 1st Federation on numerous occasions, still clocking winners.

1st Middle Section J Boothman & Son Jun, Blanchardstown PRC – Vel 1337 flying 167 miles winning £238.

booyhman 21 06 21
John Boothman & Son from the Blanchardstown RPC topped the Muddle Section from Skibbereen.

boothbird 21 06 21
The winning Red cock for J Boothman & Son from Blanchardstown, 1st ISRF, 1st Middle Sect & 14th Open INFC Skibbereen.

Our Red cock h was 1st Section, 14th National from Skibbereen, myself and my father where delighted with the performance with the best bird in the Balbriggan Station. The pigeon is a 2020 Red cock I bred myself. Two weeks before the Skibbereen National he was third Barleycove, he won Pilmore Reach as a young bird and had some Top 10 positions too. He is a grandson of Kittel and Blain; I hope there’s a lot more to come from him. Great grandson of the famous Kittel. The cocks mother is a good pigeon, she was 8th Open Barelycove 2666 pigeons, and 29th Federation with 10,200 pigeons competing.

2nd Middle Section Keegan & Darling, Donnycarney – Vel 1318 flying 179 miles winning £203.

keegandarling 21 06 21
The Keegan & Darling team from Donnycarney won 2nd position in the Middle Section from Skibbereen.

Blue hen clocked at 13.44 to be second Balbriggan Station, she won 1st Club, 15th Federation 11,900 birds two weeks before this race. She is from our good friend Maurice Van Den Kruk and his blood has taken our loft to the next level over the last few years. Keegan and Darling are one of the most consistent lofts in this area, lots more to come.

3rd Middle Section T & E Kelly, Three Counties RPC – Vel 1309 flying 139 miles winning £60.

The partners race in Three Counties RPC in Carlow, super result for 3rd in the Middle Section.

4th Middle Section Zaballos & Thorpe, Trim RPC – Vel 1282 flying 181 miles winning £95.

thorpe 21 06 21
Herbie & Ines Thorpe racing as Zeballos Thorpe from the Trim RPC, 4th Middle Section Skibbereen.

This loft needs no introduction, recent Kings Cup winners in 2015 from St Allouestre with Bert’s Girl and now the operators of Proudstown pigeon supplies at Ashbourne in Ireland. IHU 19 S 117507 is a grand-child of Tom Andre Roodhooft, her dam Abbie was 1st Open Skibbereen ISRF 2018 with 3,142 bird’s competing Van den Bulck. She was 1st Club Barleycove Trim, 1st Section T ISRF 2019, and now 4th Middle Section Skibbereen INFC in 2021.

5th Middle Section P Rock & Son, Dublin North East RPC – Vel 1280 flying 183 miles winning £25.

paddyrock 21 06 21
Paddy Rock & Son from Dublin North East RPC finished 5th in the Middle Sect from Skibbereen.

The pigeon timed is a yearling widowhood cock. He was having his 4th race of the year. He was consistent enough racing to our lofts but behind at club & fed level. His breeding is Leo Hermans based, his sire is from Sorin Florea and his dam is from Comb. van Panhuis. His full brother was 5th Middle Section INFC Skibbereen YB Nat 2018. The birds are fed on Verselle Laga Champion Plus & diet mix. We would like to congratulate all the 1st section winners and open winner Derek Walsh.

The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres, including the temporary ones across Ireland, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note, many thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for thisreport or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done, any little snips, details of the bird itself plus info on the sire anddam. Any awards won previous, how long in the birds etc, etc.Willie Reynolds - INFC Press OfficerTel/Fax: (028) 256 44683

Mobile: 07538 238364

Twitter: willie reynolds@homerbhw>

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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