Blantyre Miners Welfare17-02-20

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Tom Corrie jnr

Blantyre Miners Welfare was the venue again for this year’s presentation. This venue ticks all the boxes and with a lovely buffet for all to enjoy. Our social convener John Leggate had everything in place and between himself and President Dave McCaig the night flowed through the presentation, question and answer session and general knowledge quiz. This year’s top table guest were top fanciers Robert McCormack of Winchburgh, Mark Findlay & Lindsey Cowan of Ardrossan, Ayrshire and Peter Keogh of Broxburn. Three different racing environments and different racing systems. The panel must be thanked for sharing their knowledge and real gems of information on the hottest subject matter that pigeon fanciers crave.


Trophies on display


Robert McCormack spoke about his great passion for National racing with everything geared towards the ultimate race the SNFC Gold Cup which he managed to be 2nd Open and many a top performance from his total Natural system loft.


Peter McKeogh is one of the hottest up to date winning loft in the country including 1st Open SNRPC, with a season at National level that will give him great pride.


Findlay & Cowan, 1st Open SNFC a top roundabout loft who have won at National level into probable the hardest area to win Ayrshire

All fanciers that deserve the title of top fanciers. If you took the time to listen.



Lanarkshire Federation Trophy winners 2019


Henderson Trophy-Jim Hendrie & Sons of Airdrie Dist club for winning 1st Open federation with their young cheq hen from Dunbar on 3rd August against 4,329 birds. And for good measure won the first four positions.

The partnership of Jim Hendrie & Sons ,winner of 1st,2nd,3rd,4th Open Dunbar OB racebeing presented by Robert McCormack (L)  


 Lanarkshire Social Circle Trophy-Jim Moffat of Uddingston & Dist club for the lowest velocity in the federation programme. His young cheq hen topping the federation from Catterick on 1st September beating 1546 birds


Jim Moffat of Uddingston & Dist wins 1st Catterick


Robertson Trophy-Jim Cameron of Uddingston & Dist club for winning the YB Open from Ripon with 708 birds. J Quinn Mem trophy for winning the longest flown young bird race and the Belt Up Trophy for best young bird average Centre section against 7124 birds in the YB programme.


Mark Findlay presents Jim Cameron(R) of Uddingston & Dist club who had a terrific season winning Centre section YB average and also 1st Open longest YB race.


Wm Rae mem trophy -Jim Cassidy of Dalzell club wins with his yearling grizzle hen for 1st Open federation from Wetherby on 25th May with 4525 birds competing.


Mark Findlay presents Jim Cassidy 1st Open Wetherby


Wm Wilson Mem trophy was won by Wullie Smart of Newmains club for the first LRPF bird timed in the SNFC Gold Cup race, Blue cock a four-year-old flew the 516 miles in 10hrs 11m to win 1st section 4th Open vel 1484.Class Performance. Unfortunately, due to a problem where the loft was situated, he had to part with his top team of pigeons.



W Findlay Mem trophy goes to Lindsay & Henderson of Newmains club for best opposite sex in YB Open race from Ripon with their young Blue cock winning 1st section ,4th Open ,708 birds. They also win R Telfer & Son trophy for best Young Bird Average east section 5518 birds competing over the YB  race programme .Well done Ian & Ian.



Rappold Trophy winner is GWP Macaloney of Airdrie dist club for best two bird average in the Kettering race winning 7th & 8th Open 1257 birds also the Heart foundation trophy for winning the federation from Hexham on the 4th May where they took the first four in the federation against 5992 birds. They also won the T Brown Memorial Trophy for the best individual old bird average with 39,616 birds competing. Also the border trophy for the winner of the yearling open race from Worksop timing their all pooler Cheq C six seconds in front of their next and fittingly in its first year the George Macaloney Memorial Trophy for best combine inland average with 5,6606 birds competing plus the centre section Combine Average against 22,412 birds. What a performance, What a partnership!


GWP Macaloney partnership, Federation Champions being presented by guest Peter Keogh (C) 


George Baird of Greenfield club wins the Newmains Social Club Trophy, Jim Cameron colour photo & United Taxi Trophy for winning the Kettering Open with his yearling cheq hen covering the 273 miles back to Blantyre in 5hrs 20 mins with 1,257 birds competing. Also wins the Sam Anderson Trophy for first yearling in the race and the Duncan Logan Memorial Trophy for first hen timed. George hasn’t been in the sport long and is fast becoming one of the best lofts in the federation!


George Baird, 1st Open Kettering race


P Scott Memorial Trophy for first nominated bird in Ypres race was won by George Mann of Airdrie .His brilliant racing machine a Blue C covered the 449 miles back to Airdrie in 13 hrs 6 min to win 3rd Open against 726.He also wins the Arrapine & Carriage Trophy for the best three longest races flown Also wins the Shepherd Trophy for the best average Buckingham, Maidstone & Ripon (Y Bird race)

This Blue cock was an outstanding performer for George winning top prizes in the federation and National results. Bred out of his past Scottish Central Combine winner and Wulie Gault of Plains lines. Well done George still up with the best!


The effervescent George Man, Best Average Three Longest race (L) collecting his trophy from Peter Keogh


Jim Cullen of Uddingston & Dist had another fantastic season and wins the J Cowan Memorial Trophy for best old bird average in the federation with 39,830 competing. The Reid Trophy for the best average over Buckingham, Maidstone, Kettering & Ypres. He also wins the J Torrance Memorial Trophy for best average Maidstone & Ypres. Also, the Campbell Trophy & GWP Macaloney colour photo for the winner of the Ypres race with 726 birds competing, his four-year-old Dk CC covered the 449 miles back to Uddingston 12hrs 17 min also winning 1st section 7th Open SNFC. Not content with that he also won 2nd & 6th Open & 2nd & 6th Region SNFC. A first-class performance for best opposite sex bird in Ypres won by blue hen that won 5th Open, this pigeon was almost one hour behind his winner showing how tough a race it was. He also wins the Shell & BP trophy for best two birds average in Ypres winning 1st & 2nd Open. Also, the Sam Rodger trophy for best Average the first five young bird races plus Ypres. Jim is truly a brilliant fancier who has one of the best team of pigeons in the land!


Jim Cullen (R), brilliant season being presented by Robert McCormack


Tam Richardson of Newmains club wins the Wm Holland trophy for the best average the first seven old bird races beating 31,714 birds. This included a brilliant performance from his blue hen from Buckingham winning 1st Open winning the federation by 99ypm and winning 1st section in the SNFC BY 62ymp. Fantastic flying Tam.


Tam Richardson (R)winner of 1st Open Buckingham with guest Robert McCormack,


Danny Mitchel & Son of Clarkston & Dist wins the Andy Durning Memorial trophy for winner of fourth flown YB race Hexham against 3,368 birds with a Blue C. He had a great race also taking 2nd Open federation. Well done Danny who had an excellent season.


Danny Mitchell(C) winner of 1st,2nd Open Hexham YB race


Sharp Cummings & Durning of Coatbridge ,John Wullie & Jim are always to the fore and race an excellent pigeon win the Wm O Neil Memorial Trophy for the best two bird average  in the YB Open race, timing two cheq hens thirty seven seconds apart to be 2nd & 3rd Open against 708 birds.


Wullie Cummings(L) & Jim Durning(R) of Sharp Cummings & Durning of Coatbridge SC win best two bird average in YB Open race recording 2nd & 3rd Open


Alan Nelson of Burnbank club wins the J Tallis Memorial trophy for best average in the West section with 14,864 birds competing over the twelve old bird races and the West section Combine Average against 19,724 birds. Alan is an excellent fancier at all distances. Well done Alan on this year’s achievements. 


Alan Nelson (R), West section Combine Average winner being presented by guest Mark Findlay


Rodger trophy was one by Eddie Robin Jnr of Cambuslang club, for best average west section young bird programme. He topped the west section five times in this young bird programme, outstanding flying Eddie!


Eddie Robin jnr, West section YB average winner


Alec Meikle of Coalburn wins the Jim Hannah colour photo for winning the federation from Maidstone a distance of 355 miles in 6hrs 10 minutes to win 1st Open federation. This brilliant performance was by his Cheq w/f hen "Letty" who was a top performer for Alec, being his timer most weeks. The hen is named after his wife who hasn’t been keeping the best of health recently. Alec was ready for retiring from the sport (Not rearing any youngsters) before this performance due to his own health but this result was all the tonic he needed. Well done Alec and hopefully both of you will feel better soon. 


Alec Meikle,1st Open Maidstone receiving his colour photo of his Maidstone Open winner.


East Section Averages was won by the ever present partnership of Joe snr, Joe jnr & Kelly Gillon .This partnership have been producing federation and section wins regularly over a number of seasons and the icing on the cake is to beat 15,196 birds in the nineteen race programme.  


Kelly Gillon, East section combine winner being presented by guest Lindsey Cowan


The Combine averages winners for the Lanarkshire season winning the Hugh McLymont Trophy is the brilliant partnership of GWP Macaloney of Airdrie Dist. I think we have run out of words to describe this partnership, winning against 57,332 birds.

Well done Wullie & Paul two of the hardest workers at pigeons you will ever meet!



Kevin Docherty wins 1st ,2nd Open Catterick OB race.His winner has been christened the four in a row cock by Wullie Macaloney


Ian Rankin of Airdrie  winner of 1st centre section 1st Kelso race YB being presented by John Leggate


Billy Gordon of Cambuslang winner of 1st west section Catterick OB & Ripon


Walter Boswell of Burnbank 1st West section Kelso 1 OB  


James McGuire of Burnbank 1st west section Kelso & Hexham which included  1st Open 


Frank Welsh receiving medals on behalf of his friend Dave Allison of Greenfield club 1st Worksop & 1st Kelso


Jackie Cook of Cambusnethan/Morningside 1st Hexham & Catterick 


James Whiteford of Newmains wins 1st Ripon


Kevin Miller of Newmains wins 1st Kelso 1st Worksop,1st Kelso


Tony McGinn of Newmains receiving his winning medal for 1st Kelso 1


Thanks to all who attended and wish you all the best for the coming season.



Tom Corrie Jnr

Lanarkshire Press Officer