Lanarkshire Fed 02-05-19

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Tom Corrie jnr


Well the ever changing weather patterns of the British Isles can cause havoc for race controllers. But Tommy McDonagh had the foresight to go ahead with race marking as normal on Friday night. He managed to get an excellent race for the federation on Saturday morning.

The day began with broken cloud and light winds and the word came through that birds had been liberated at 0700hrs from Kelso. Members had to move quickly and get everything in place for their arrivals.

The birds made light work of the sixty-three miles with the fed winner being timed on 1hr 17 minutes for its 63-mile race.  

Again, an excellent race was reported with minimal losses reported.


Again, this week’s federation Open winners are GWP Macaloney.

They are just brilliant at their sport beating the 4,600 convoy and winning 1st,2nd,3rd federation Open again and 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th Section. No better! Congratulations to Wullie and Paul.


Details of this week’s winners


This weeks 1st Federation Open winner  Ceasar for GWP Macaloney

1st Federation 4433 birds " Caesar" Bred by GWP Macaloney Mix of our Leo Heremans lines via Peter Fox & Tam Blair. "Tiger Vision" was also 3rd Federation 4433 this week Beating on trap by loft mate after topping fed last week. 4641 birds 

"Lancelot" has also been 

2nd Federation 4641 birds 

2nd Federation 4433 birds 

Two weeks in a row beaten on trap by loft mate...


Centre section   84 sent 1862 birds

1st GWP Macaloney

2nd GWP Macaloney

3rd GWP Macaloney

4th GWP Macaloney

5th GWP Macaloney

This weeks federation Open winners with back to back wins the brilliant GWP Macaloney


East Section 42 sent 1050 birds


1st D K Burnside

2nd D K Burnside

3rd Wilson & Cairns

4th J Whiteford & Family

5th D K Burnside

Dave Burnside is back! ,winning 1st ,2nd ,3rd in Lanark & Dist 


West section 68 sent 1521 birds


1st A Nelson

2nd G Baird

3rd G Baird

4th G Lightbody

5th M Krivokapic

Alan Nelson wins Burnbank


Special mention for Dave Burnside of Lanark who has been racing a small team of old racers, (As when he finished two seasons ago he gave them away and the ones he couldn't home are his racers) has won the East section on his second race back. Well done Dave.




Around the clubs


Airdrie & Dist


1st,2nd 3rd,4th,5th GWP Macaloney





1st,3rd J Cassidy

2nd J Boyle

4th C Murphy

5th D Hamilton


All smiles from Jim "Butch" Cassidy wins Dalziel


One of Jim Cassidy's class pigeons,Jim wins two in a row in Dalziel


New Stevenson


1st JJK Gillon

2nd P Kerr

3rd,4th,5th M Gillon



Kelly Gillon wins New Stevenson with Peter Anderson of Airdrie Dist, who competed in his first race in the Lanarkhire federation this week.



1st ,2nd ,5th G Baird

3rd,4th M Krivokapic


Two of a kind ,George Baird (L) wins  Greenfield & Jim Cullen wins Uddingston & Dist


Coatbridge SC


1st Sharp Cummings Durning

2nd J Donnely

3rd,4th R Valentini

5th Pollock & Cairney


Sharp Cummings & Durning winners of Coatbridge SC



1st,4th ,5th T Houston

2nd W Gordon

3rd E Robin jnr





1st,3rd ,4th ,5th T Corrie Son G/son

2nd H Currie


Tom Corrie (L) wins Clarkston & Dist



1st A Wilkie

2nd,3rd,4th C & E McMillan

5th M Findlay


Alex Wilkie (R) wins Carluke



1st Wilson& Cairns

2nd,4th J Whiteford & Family

3rd A & J Cook

5th T McGinn


Robert Wilson wins Cambusnethan& Morningside

Larkhall & Dist


1st 2nd ,3rd ,4th N Orr

5th R Smith


Norman Orr (L)has a clean sweep in Larkhallk & Dist 



1st,5th C Gray

2nd,3rd W Holland

4th A McConnachie



Colin Gray is a good winner in Chryston

East Kilbride


1st ,2nd G Orr

3rd R Jukes snr

4th J Meikle

5th M Watt


Gordon Orr has a fine 1st & 2nd in Est Kilbride



1st,2nd ,3rd 4th 5th Tallis & McDonagh


Tommy McDonagh wins back to back in Blantyre club



1st&4th J Whiteford & Family

2nd J Menzies

3rd A & J Cook

5th T McGinn


Steve Whiteford(R) of  (J Whiteford & Family)wins Newmains

Lanark & Dist

1st,2nd ,3rd D K Burnside

4th Mr & Mrs Megahy

5th T Greenfield 




1st,3rd ,4th A Nelson

2nd,5th J McGuire




1st T & G Steele

2nd W Mitchell & Son

3rd,4th ,5th A Meikle


T & G Steele win back to back races in Coalburn

Uddingston & Dist 


1st J Cullen

2nd ,5th J Wood

3rd R Carswell

4th R Hotchkiss


Low Waters 


1st,2nd G Lightbody


G Lightbody(L) wins 1st ,2nd in Low Waters


Lanarkshire Social Circle


1st,2nd,3rd GWP Macaloney

4th ,5th G Baird


Tom Corrie Jnr


Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer