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M N F C Is L Istening 20-08-18

2019 The Midlands National Is Listening.

The chain of events that have happened in 2018 has influenced the MNFC’s Committee thinking and I think that it is fair to say that they are listening to what fanciers are telling us. With all of this in mind the proposed race programme has been put back by a couple of weeks to allow members a little extra time to prepare their birds before the first MNFC cross channel race of the 2019 season. This must be welcome news because though the weather in March and April next year may be improved on the conditions that we had to contend with this season but the raptor problem posed especially by the Sparrow hawk will be just as prevalent and so many fanciers dare not let their birds out before the middle of April when the problem abates somewhat. So to expect pigeons to be ready to race in just a few days is quite frankly ludicrous and I sincerely hope that local Federations also follow the Mid Nat’s lead by holding back for a week or better still two.

In an attempt to further aid members to prepare better for the new season by the MNFC the club is intending to hold a preparatory inland race but not a full blown National but a ‘Semi National’ with both a separate liberation and race for the East and Western sections. Obviously the reaction and support for this revolutionary idea which will aid ‘apprentice’ pigeons  in particular will dictate whether the race will take on the guise of more of a training race or put in place the options of pooling etc. It is also intended to keep the entry fee for these ‘Semi Nationals’ to a minimum. This idea is not a ‘ side swipe’ at the federations but we recognise that many organisations are only down the country by 100 miles or so before the early cross channel National races are starting to commence.

The Proposed 2019 races and dates are as follows:

25th May     Portsmouth Semi-National

8th June      Carentan

22nd June   Fougeres

13th July    Ancenis/Tours

27th July   The Vire and Bordeaux/ Bergerac Double Header

Young Birds

Dates to be decided and confirmed later

Portsmouth   Semi-National


I do hope that members ‘buy into’ these forward thinking plans which are been put in place to the benefit of both the fanciers and the welfare of their birds.

Stafford Clock Station

I have just been advised that the above clock station will not be available for the final race of 2018 due to the Stan the ETS man booked for his annual holidays. Fanciers from the Rugeley area can go to Lee Magin who has agreed to do the work. Other fanciers I would advise to check the list of alternative station that are in the handbook.

Mike Lakin