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M N F C Vire Report 15-08-18

The Midlands National?s Vire race Proves to be a good one especially for John Bellerby.

The MNFC?s Geraldy Vire National turned out to be the best race of the season returns wise. This is no real surprise as the birds much prefer to race in North Westerly winds in comparison to the bone dry and baking hot Easterlies which the weather for weeks earlier in the season forced upon us.

The entry was 4095 birds for the shorter of the two race ?Double Header? race day. The release took place at 7.00am into good conditions. This was highlighted by the winning bird?s velocity of 1403 to the loft of John Bellerby of Pinchbeck who timed in a 2 year old Belgian rung 2 year old Blue cock. There is a nice tale regarding the bird which won the race. It was reported by John as a baby and the owner Alan Jones was unable to collect the bird as he was working away from home. After a couple of attempts to get the bird home by way of tosses closer to his Hull loft location the bird each time chose to return to the tumbler box in John?s garden rather than repatriate himself. So Alan who knew John persuaded him to give the Louis Thijs baby a chance and a delighted John had no regrets after his first race as a young bird from 135 miles when after no training the bird homed beating several of John own trained birds. Now the bird has fully repaid any debt by winning 1st SE section and 1st Open for John who is both an excellent fancier and a popular character amongst those who know him. After a very successful career racing on the North Road where he won amongst his many fine successes the NRCC race from Perth in 2012. Now after pipping his friend Frank Bristow of Horbling into second spot he has emulated his friend as being the only two fanciers to win a National race on both the North and South routes.


                                                      John Bellerby with his Vire National winner                                                                                     A close up of the winner

Frank Bristow?s bird which will win 1st East section and 2nd Open is a yearling Blue cock that he purchased whilst in Belgium from Antwerp?s Dirk Vervoort in 2017 in a batch of six youngsters. Sportingly Frank and his son George wish to pass on their congratulations to John on his win and John confirmed that Frank was one of the very first to phone him with their congratulations which he greatly appreciated. Well done to Frank and George. So it?s 2-0 to Belgium with the Bristws bird recording 1386.

Frank Bristow taking a look at his 2nd open winner

3rd Open is taken by yet another section winning pigeon and this time it belongs to Anthony Webster of Little Eriswell in the East South East section. Anthony in fact had a wonderful race taking 5th and 12th Open in addition to his 3rd placed pigeon with velocities of 1378, 1368 and 1347. His first timer being a Lambrecht hen bred by his mate Mick Simpson. Whilst the next two timers which enabled his to record 1st 2nd and 3rd in the ESE section were both Arthur Farrar x Brian Hawes . They were all raced on the widowhood system but the first timer had and egg slipped under her every night leading up to the basketing in total she was sent sitting 5 eggs. Anthony tells me that the birds homed in great condition and he was delighted to have 90% home on the day.

Anthony Webster and the gang the winner of 3rd 5th & 12 Open places

Dave Paine is fast becoming a regular to the leading placings. On this occasion it was a Blue Houben hen that takes 4th Open and 2nd SE section for her owner on 1372. The hen gave warning of her ability as a yearling when she took 1st section and 13th Open from Poiters in 2017.

David Paine 2nd SE sec and 4th Open

Mally Robinson wins the North section and fills 6th Open with a yearling chequer cock which records 1357 for her boss. Sadly I have no further details on this bird.


Mally Robinson 6th Open & 1st North section

T & S Perkins & Seymour lay claim to 7th Open and 3rd SE section on 1356 with a yearling Blue Hen. The partners tell me that they entered her on the chaos system. I don?t know much about this system but it sounds like it could be ideal for me. The bird is bred off stock via Rob Pugh from his National winner License to Thrill x Double Beauty a daughter of Double Silver x Beautifly. This hen has already clocked up some fine results including 15th Fed from Poole, 3rd Bedhampton, 5th Blandford and 1st Newbury. So it looks like this young lady could become a real champion.

Perkins & Seymour's 7th Open winner

8th Open and 4th section is taken by John Bellerby?s second timer which is a pigeon that John believes has a great future in front of her. Only time will tell I suppose but I hear that John is pretty astute in recognising talent. The pigeon was bred for him by Malcolm Straun and I?m told and is of excellent breeding.
Bruce McAllister a previous MNFc winner fills 9th Open with another yearling this time a Pied cock on 1349.

Bruce McAllister& family 9th Open on this occasion

10th Open and 2nd East section is claimed by Mr & Mrs L Gilbert who clocked a fancied Blue cock that will lift a decent cheque for bosses. The bird is a 2 year old Blue cock which was obtained from G G B Lofts of Bolden Colliery and the partners wish to send their appreciation to Willy Brennan.

Mr & Mrs Gilbert with young Finlay and their 10th Open winner

Winning the South West section and taking a very impressive 11th open on the day goes to one of my favourites Jack Heath of Essington on 1348. The bird is a pigeon with previous. With results like 3rd club Kingsdown and in 2017 156th Open from Vire. His sire a Van Elsacker bird is a cracker with several fed performances in high birdages with 2nd Worcester fed being the pick of them. The mother is a Barry McNicholas Janssen and she has 65 Open from 1,780 birds and she proved her ability by flying from Picauville as a young bird. Jack sends his congratulations to all of the other section winners and says he will see me at the shows. I hope so Jack. Other SW section pigeons breathing down the neck of the section winner belong to Leamore?s John Barry who clocked a yearling Chequer W/F hen on 1346 in 13th Open and 2nd section and C. Leadbeater and sons who timed two hens both on 1344 to fill 3rd and 4th section.

Jack Heath with his SW section winner

Heading around the sections now and in 3rd and 5th East section is Jack Ramm of Folkingham with two 2016 hens. Squeezed in between we see Mr & Mrs A Neison of Boston who timed in yet another yearling but this time a Grizzled hen.

Jack Ramm 3rd & 5th East section

In the East North East section we see the partnership of Paul & Helen Johnson have a field day taking 1st 3rd 4th & 5th section places with a mixture of cocks and hens with velocities starting with 1326. This team are certainly flying exceptionally well. Splitting their placings taking 2nd spot is Chris Salter who timed a 2 year old Blue hen recording 1273.

Paul & Helen Johnson who had a fantastic race winning 1st 3rd 4th and 5th ENE section

Tidying the East South East section in 4th and 7th slots are John and Richard Wortley on 1305. Their first bird was their winner from Carentan previously and the second arrival is a granddaughter of The Godfather x a Staf van Reet hen. The partners were delighted that two yearlings having their first cross channel race came home unscathed. They sent their congratulations on to Anthony Webster and thanked the convoyers for a job well done.

J & R Wortley 4th and 7th ESE section.

Stewart McCurry came in next on 1299 timing a daughter of Tom?s Girl his previous MNFC Portland race winner.

Stewart McCurry's 5th section winner

Up in the North section once again now where we see Selby?s H Jackson in 2nd section position with a 2017 bred Blue cock which achieved a velocity of 1345. 3rd section is filled by one of the section regulars in the form of Simon Parkinson who timed yet another yearling hen which was sent feeding a 3 day old baby. She was bred from direct Luc van Mechelen stock. Her sire is a son of Adriano a father to 3x National ace Middle distance pigeons and an Olympic pigeon when paired to a half-sister to Rodica Luc number one breeder a dam / grand dam to 5x National ace pigeons and 4 Olympic birds. So it?s clearly top quality lines in this young lady. 4th section is taken by Mick Betts who is another former multi race winner and regular on the section results. Mick timed another 2017 hen on 1307.

Simon Parkinson's 3rd N section winner

Moving over into the North Centre section we see Kevin Thorp?s yearling Blue cock ?bring home the bacon? on 1257. The bird was actually on his maiden channel crossing as he was in the in the convoy sent to Fougeres but brought back to Portsmouth. Perhaps he took notice of the best way home Kevin. The bird is bred from a Huybrecht x Janssen cock purchased from S Nelson?s sale up in the North East x a Camphuis hen off Terry Eves from stock via Derek Pedley.

Kevin Thorp 1st NC section

2nd section is filled by the Castello Family from Huddersfield who timed a rarity in the race a two year old cock on 1240.49 with another bird belonging to Kevin Thorp which recorded the same velocity. 4th section is taken by D Cullinane & Son of Todmorden who clocked a 2016 Blue cock on 1213.

Juan castello 2nd in the NC section

In the North East section we saw Mark Williamson start a wonderful day by winning his section as many will already be well aware mark later in the day won 1st Open from Bordeaux surely the stuff of dreams. Well done mate. His section topper in this race is a 2 year old hen named Lady Vera who has been a very consistent performer and prize winner. Her father a prolific breeder is named The Butler?s Son which was bred by Gaby vandenabeele from a cock named The Butler. The section winner?s mum is named Vivian and like her mate is responsible for several fed winning pigeons. She was acquired from H & E Eijerkamp from one of their super couples Thorvald and Olympic Vivian. In 2nd section we once again see Ilkeston?s R Sheldon who timed a yearling hen on 1331 with Mr & Mrs Todd of Oakwood laying claim to 3rd and 4th slots on 1329 and 1328 respectively.

Mark Williamson who enjoyed a great day 1st NE section from Vire and 1st Open from Bordeaux wonderful flying.

The North North West section is won by a real champion ?85? owned by Roskell & Williamson and boy what a pigeon he has been. Earlier in the season he won 26th Open from Carentan and over the last couple of seasons he has won the following section results. 1x 1st 2x 2nd section and 2x 3rd section and won the MNFC middle distance Ace pigeon award. On this occasion he won his section by over 40 yards per minute a fabulous performance I sure readers will agree. He is also father to a bird that has won 8th Open from Portsmouth this season. Following this the partners have decided to retire their ?old fella? yes lads what a pigeon he has been.

Roskell & Williamson's with their 1st NNW section winner a real champion

In 2nd slot is Darwen?s K Nuttall with a yearling hen recording 1270 for her owner. In 3rd section we see Roskell & Williamson do an ?Oliver Twist? and come back for more. This one is a 2 year old White flighted cock on 1237 and 4th place is taken by the consistent performers Mr & Mrs Sarre who on this occasion saw their 2017 Blue cock record 1226.

Keith Nuttall 2nd NNW section

Mr & Mrs Sarre up with the leaders once again in 4th NNW section

Dropping down into the North West section we see Stone?s Paul Millward take the top placing on 1323 with a 2 year old Blue cock which has previously achieved 16th section and 55th Open with the MCC from Messac. His sire was bred by Henri Van Doorn and is a son of Femme his 1st NPO winner from Orleans. The dam is a daughter of 1st Open MCC Picauville from Picauville and a winner 2x 1st club wins and 85th Open from Fougeres with the BBC.

The NW section winner Paul Millward

In 2nd section on this occasion are Prince Brothers of Cheadle with 2017 Mealy hen on her maiden trip over the ?brook?. She was sent sitting 10 day old eggs. She is a previous winner of 1st club 2nd Moorlands fed. Her breeding is Lambrecht x Leo van Rijn from Alan Dungworth and Ken Darlington respectively. Winning is like the previous bird in her blood as her sister won 2nd Open MNFC from Vire in 2017.

Prince Brothers mealy hen 2nd NW section

3rd section is claimed by Brian Lee who is enjoying a fine season his timer was Ruby 2 who won as both a youngster and yearling where her wins include 2nd in the NW Classic Open Race from Carentan. This term she has been a real star winning the 1st prie with the North West classic club from Fougeres emulating the result of her mum Ruby who also won the Messac race. Later this season Ruby 2 won the section L with the NFc from Messac and then 2nd Cheshire 2bird from Messac and now 3rd section with the MNFC a real star which Brian tells me is bred from birds via his friend Roger Sutton and Tom Shaw who needs no introduction from me as Tom is a living legend in North Staffordshire these two families are the backbone of Brian?s loft. 4th section is filled by McGraw Clegg & Preece with a well fancied 2016 hen doing the job for them this time.

Brian Lee 3rd NW section

In the South Centre section now and Purchase & Walker simply blitzed the opposition taking 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 6th 7th 8th and 9th section. Truly brilliant flying gentlemen. Their section winner has many prizes to her credit and the previous month she won 5th section and 9th Open with the NMCC and was one of their main poolers and will provide a nice cheque for her owners. She is a Shaun McDonough x G Owen pigeon. The 2nd section winner is an Owen pigeon who was on his maiden cross channel race and he seems to have enjoyed it! Their 3rd section winner is bred from McDonough stock and MNFC flyers will be well aware that Shaun a past winner of the Club has been flying brilliantly over the last few season?s. In 4th section preventing a complete whitewash we see Melton?s Beadle & Daughter who clocked a yearling cock on 1328.

The Beadle family 4th SC section

Rounding up the race now and we move to the West section where we find a duo in Nairn & Brown of Kirkby who have had a great season and have rounded things up with 1st section this time on 1305. Their winner is a home bred Vandenabeele yearling cock which the lads are hoping is the first of more good races for him in the future.

Nairn & Brown the 1st West section winners

2nd section is taken by the Chorley champs Mr& Mrs Jennings & Son who clocked a well fancied 2 year old hen on 1283 . In a season where the birdages have been disappointing due to the severity of hard racing causing poor prizemoney the answer as this team have proved is to put a few pools on the fancied birds and the rewards can still be excellent.

The Jennings family 2nd West section

In 3rd slot is Liverpool?s Dave Siner who sent a yearling hen sitting eggs due to hatch. Dave informs me that she is a result of a Wildie x Cookoo cock lines. Dave is one of a few fanciers who enjoyed a good day in both of the Double Header races but more about that in my next report in a week or so time. Proving the wisdom of my words in regards to pooling we see John Winstanley of Orrell in 4th place who clocked a well fancied yearling hen on 1269 which will bring home a cash pot of nearly £600 for her boss.

Stop Press

The difficult decision has been made to put back the two young bird races by 14 days. Additionally the first race is now scheduled for the 8th September and will now be from Portsmouth to save on ferry costs to the Isle of Wight. The final race flown from Falaise will also take place two weeks later on the 22nd of the month. The committee is aware that this will be a disappointment to some members but due to abnormally high losses and also the fact that several organisations have postponed racing because of the hot weather it will hopefully result in a better send a little later in the year. We sincerely hope that though some will be disappointed that at least they will understand the reasoning behind these decisions. We realise it is a case of damned if we do and damned if we don?t. It is really a no win scenario.

Mike Lakin