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Ancenis - July 2014 Its Looking Good For Ian Jarratt




Ancenis - July 2014

It’s Looking good for Ian Jarratt

After a two-day holdover due to a band of rain covering much of Northern France on Saturday and Sunday the Midlands National Flying Club’s convoyer Ian French got the convoy of 4,669 birds heading for home at 6.10am on Monday the 7th July. Winds in France en route though of a South Westly nature were very light which made for a steady start but the birds were expected to speed up somewhat from the channel onward into England as the winds strengthened. This had many of the pundits predicting the likely winner to be flying to one of our further flying lofts. This proved not to be the case though as the provisional victor looks likely to be Ian Jarratt from Raunds in Northamptonshire. The likely winning bird is a 2010 latebred that started his racing career as a yearling and won 20th section from Fougeres. Since then he has won 25th section 67th Open again from Fougeres 6861 birds and 52nd section from Ancenis  winning 12th SE section Ace Pigeon. This season the bird won 12th section and 133rd Open from Fougeres prior to his day of glory. The bird is a Marcelis x Staf Van Reet but I will go into more detail in the full report. Due to the holdover Ian missed his bird’s arrival as he flew off to Greece the day before for a holiday so he left it to his bird and his son Rob to step in to do what was necessary. So if you see someone on the beach in Greece with an ear to ear grin permanently on his face you can bet it’s Ian Jarratt!

Ian's winner


If people thought that the Eastern sections were going to dominate the race due to the South Westerly winds were to be mistaken because as can be seen when looking at the Club’s Leaderboard no less than 7 sections are in the top 12 provisional places. It is believed that the localised heavy rain downpours that were forecast had spread the birds over a wider area that it was expected as several members that I have managed to speak to have reported some of their birds returning showing signs that they had encountered rain.

Obviously this is to be a short piece at this time due to the time factor but the full report will appear in a couple of weeks.

Ian French feeds the birds their meal on Friday