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Blandford 2 - 07/09/14





Blandford 2 - 07/09/14

Hello folks,
North Liverpool Federation’s final race of 2014 took place once more from Blandford on Sunday 7th September as part of the North West Combine convoy. After a one day holdover, the strings were cut at 08.45am and the convoy of 1,219 youngsters made for home in a light north east wind.

Alan & Colin Baker take 1st and 4th positions at the Edgehill (4/28) The winner is a black Alfons Slaets hen, followed by a blue Irish hen bred by Ralf Wheatley of Galway. Paddy Fraser & Norman Skelton take 2nd position with a blue Mr & Mrs Duggins Janssen hen. Cliff & Darren Smith take 3rd position clocking a cheq pied Vandenabeele x Casaert x Thas hen which was also 3rd club the week previous. Congratulations Al & Colin.

John & John Gosling and Thomas Grice shut out the first four positions at the Netherton (4/103) on 1293 and 1278 (x3) a result which also sees them top the North Liverpool Fed for the fourth time this season and also take 4 of the first 5 positions in the main fed result. The winner and fourth timer are both Frans de Meyer pigeons adding another federation victory to their long list of top results, followed by a youngster bred by Roy Reid out of ’14’ 2nd NW Combine Portland and the ‘P03’ hen, a breeder of some good pigeons including 3rd club, 6th Liverpool Amal for Kenny Simpson. Fourth timer is a Mark Gilbert pigeon whose nest-mate was 4th club, 19th NL Fed last week. Congratulations John & Thomas on a fantastic team performance. Thanks Stan.

There’s a whisker’s breadth in it, but Steve & Debbie Walsh end 2014 on a high as they take 1st and 3rd positions at the Central (7/76) clocking two of their consistent Roger Maris youngsters via Micky Lennon of Nuneaton on 1246.924 and 1235. John Farley clocks a Denis Sapin via Fenech Brothers stock for 2nd position on 1246.794. Danny Regan takes 4th position with a youngster via Wattles and the Jimmy Roberts hen. Thanks Terry.

John Pugh consolidates a dominant 2014 by taking the first four positions at the Crosby with all 4 youngsters bred out of his Campbell Brothers stock. Thanks Joe.

Sid Powell caps a brilliant season at the Princes Park by taking the first three positions. The winner is a mealy pied van Reet hen and her prizes this season include 1st club Blandford 1 and 2nd club Mangotsfield. Sire is through the old mealy pied cock lines and is responsible for 4 separate 1st prize-winners in 2014 while the dam is a full sister to Sid’s prolific ‘Brothers’. Second timer is a mealy van Reet hen, a half sister to the winner and her actual nest-mate has taken 3 cards this season. Third timer is a blue van Reet cock out of the 8x1st winning Brother and he adds to his 2nd club Ludlow and 2nd club Blandford 1 (Not bad for a small team man).

Paul Caffrey & Son take 1st and 4th positions at the Kirkdale (6/123) on 1274 and 1221. The winner is a north east youngster bred by Arthur Davidson which adds to it’s 5th club Mangotsfield and 4th club Blandford 1. Second timer is a black Belgian rung hen. John Jones takes 2nd position on 1270 with a cheq pied Gevaert van Schoorisse hen via Bass and Rice stock. Vin Maguire clocks a homebred cheq hen sent sitting 14 day old eggs for 3rd position on 1247.

The Kirkdale lads would like to congratulate club-mate Bobby White for his recent Taylors Arms exploits and Mark goes on to say they hope it is not a flash in the pan! Thanks Mark.

John & Alan Johnson and Darren Pattison take 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions on 1276, 1270 and 1260. The winner is a Walter Docx out of Charlie McArdle & Terry Archbold stock followed by a Marcelis via J & J Campbell and a youngster of Mick McHugh x McArdle & Archbold origins. Eddie Spencer takes 4th position on 1257 with a van den Bosche youngster out of his old lines.

Eddie Spencer wins the Young Bird Averages on a velocity of 1405 and Roy Reid wins the Combined Averages on a velocity of 1225.

The Spellow and Netherton lads would like to congratulate young Thomas Gilligan on his tremendous young bird season with 3x1st club and a number of 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes as well as finishing runner-up in the young bird average on 1389. (Congratulations Thomas). Thanks Darren and congratulations mate.

Tommy & Karen Hibbs take the final red card of the season at the Pirrie, clocking last week’s 2nd club, 4th NL Fed winner, a Belgian rung blue cock. Jeff Bowman rounds off another great young bird campaign by taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions, his first two timers being de Meyers, a red hen and dark cock. Thanks Jim.

John Warren, Son & Marty Garrity deliver a 1,2 at the Bootle on 1263 and 1226, clocking last week’s winner, a Maris x Jacobs followed by an Irish youngster. RSMF Lofts take 3rd position on 1205 no further details to hand. Eddie Bradley takes 4th position with a Liddle & Field youngster on 1192. Warren, Son & Garrity win the Young Bird Averages with Eddie Bradley runner-up. Thanks Keith.

Graham, Wendy & Connor Muirhead take 1st, 2nd and 4th positions at the Riverside (6/60) on 1268, 1236 and 1200 with three Willy Jacobs youngsters all bred in the stock loft at Paddy Cousins. Brown Brothers take 3rd position and also win the Young Bird k/o. Graham, Wendy & Connor win the Young bird Averages and both produce prizes. Thanks Ian.

Ste Williamson & John Murphy take 1st and 3rd positions at the Vauxhall with a couple of Mandelartz youngsters. The winner comes direct via John Gerrard followed by one bred by Noel Quarless out of Willo and Johnny‘s own stock. John & Franny McDowell take 2nd and 4th positions with a Vandenabeele youngster bred out of a son of Myrtle Lofts Jacko and a direct Gaby hen via John Blundell, followed by a son of the Niort cock who won at that race point 2 years on the bounce and who sadly died this week aged 16 years old. The Vauxhall lads would like to congratulate Willo & Johnny on once more becoming premier prize-winners. Thanks Tom.

No result from the Litherland this week as Ted is away but a look at the federation result sheet tells us Freddy Lloyd, Kev Moran and Ashley Healey take the first three positions on 1277 (x2) and 1274, followed by Ted Davin & Son on 1272.

No report from Jimmy at the Taylors Arms this week but a look at the federation sheet sees a very close fought affair where Mick Nixon emerges victorious in 1st position on 1278. O’Leary & Smith take 2nd position on 1277.659. J & J Corbett take 3rd position on 1277.025 and K & M Vaughan take 4th position on 1276.

The federation top ten is as follows:
1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th John & John Gosling and Thomas Grice - 1293, 1278 (x3), 2nd Tommy & Karen Hibbs - 1279, 6th Mick Nixon & Sons - 1278.253, 7th P O’Leary & Ste Smith - 1277.659, 8th, 10th Freddie Lloyd, Kev Moran & Ashleigh Healey - 1277.096 / 1277.012, 9th JJ Corbett - 1277.025.

North Liverpool Federation’s 2014 Young Bird Averages winner is Jeff Bowman on a velocity of 1440.950.

North Liverpool Federation’s 2014 Combined Averages winners are John & Franny McDowell on a velocity of 1365.158.

Any nominations for Sportsperson, Young Sportsperson, Novice, or Federation Bird of the Year must be in the hands of Irene Hartless before November 30 2014.

Congratulations to all of our prize-winners this week especially to our Federation toppers John Gosling & Thomas Grice who complete an outstanding domestic campaign with a truly tour de force performance, very well done lads.

And so the curtain closes on another season's racing. I’d like to thank all the scribes for the unstinting support that they have provided to you the members and your respective clubs and myself this season, your efforts have been greatly appreciated my friends.

It has been an honour to serve as your scribe in 2014 and I wish all of you a good moult, a slice of fortune if you're thinking about introducing new bloodlines into your loft or if you're planing on concentrating on the stock you already have and plenty of time to recharge your batteries before coming back, hopefully stronger in 2015.

To borrow a phrase from the writings of Ron Bigwood, I'll speak to you soon.

Thanks for reading,