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Les J Parkinson On The Coutances Race 2017


Les J Parkinson on the Coutances race

It has been a long time since I held the position as secretary to the NWCC, in fact any position in any organisation because I have been so busy with EPS. Years ago, when I was the secretary the marking and clock nights were a family affair with several being interested in helping out. Since the AGM and the new appointments there have been many conversations on what and how we as a team were going to do things. It was no surprise that Elizabeth and the family would be at the Middlewich station because it was always classed as a night out. This might appear to be strange to many families but not with the girls here because they always enjoyed participating. Even before the AGM and my appointment the girls were discussing a stand at the Blackpool show as we did years ago. Those were the days when Blackpool was a family weekend and as was seen with the last Blackpool Show there were plenty of the family there to enjoy themselves. So, with this in mind I have already booked a stand with our reliable Karen at the RPRA. Anyway, all that is another matter and we are now very close to the first race of the season for the club from Coutances. There has been a lot of interest and with 28 new members we were expecting a good turnout for this first race of the season. As we know with pigeon racing the weather dictates whether some send or not so we are never sure on numbers. Plus, the weather forecast for the Saturday was looking like thundery showers coming in from the west but who knows what will happen it can change quite a bit in a couple of days. Anyway, in this Coutances race there are 608 selected birds competing for £1508 in prize money and over £1059 in pools. All concerned were pleased with the turnout which is just short of 50% of the members. With the money on offer we are hoping to see that rise to 75% of the members, we live in hope. Due to illness, the previous secretary could not give the club his undivided attention but he did what no one else did and that was to keep the club afloat. Now back to this race with the sponsors being Curtis-Wall-Lunt plus Elimar Pigeon Services with the BHW helping out with results and adverts, thank you to those because this is what we need in the sport. As I sit here on the PC it is 7.45am on the Saturday morning and the weather here is not brilliant for a race and the thunderstorms that we were supposed to be having early this morning have not yet appeared. It is one of those mornings when the sky is grey and there is next to no movement in the trees, this might be what has delayed the expected showers. We did get a few drops of rain just as the first call came in from race controller Roger Sutton to say that the weather was not moving as fast as originally predicted. Roger went on to say the weather report was for improvements and there should be a lib before lunch time. The distance was on average around 305mls to most members and with a southerly wind they should have more than enough time to make their home lofts. I am told that liberations on the Continent to the North West started at about 10am and the NWCC birds went at 11.30am. We are told that the NWCC birds had the best liberation of the morning into a clear blue sky and mostly cleared as they left the transporter. The returns over the weekend were not at their best with even some of the land pigeons struggling to get home on the day. This was surprising when you look at the velocities that were reaching over the mile per minute mark and there was even a coastal holdover. Some found it a tough race and there were 5 clocks unopened from the 62 members who sent to the NWCC but I did here they all had returns but a little late so decided to leave their clocks at home. We did have a couple of teething problems with the result one of which was sorted straight away the other will hopefully not occur again. Even so the result was out on the clubs site the day after the race.


R Davies & Son's winner             -               Dave Benn 2nd section 2nd open

Some fanciers have been big supporters of the club no matter what and are not often off the pace and that is the case with the winners in this race who are Raymond Davies & Son from Chorlton. In this race, they collect prize money of £230. These fanciers with their first in the clock recorded a ve.l of 1743ypm to collect 1st section A 1st Open. In fact, looking down the list most were regular supporters the last time I was secretary to the club. Theirs is a 2yo Manderleart hen bred by good friends at Limbourg Lofts in Holland. She is a winner of 3x1sts clubs and was also their 2nd arrival as a yearling in the 4 bird NWCC Open race from Carentan where she was 5th open. She has been raced on the roundabout system and has been fed on the Vanroabey and Versa Laga corn mixed together. They also use vet Tollison from Holland whose products they also provide for their pigeons. Rab was saying that they have only entered 4 North West Classic Races in the last 2 years and have 3 NWCC winners in their team and they are very proud of that achievement. They only race 17 pairs plus they have 40 young birds and to date have won 6 races from 8 entered in their local club the Park FC.

2nd section A 2nd Open sees Dave Benn just miss out on the top spot with a chequer hen recording a vel of 1736ypm and picks up £190 prize money. This hen was bred for Dave by top flyer John Corris who is well known for producing good pigeons. This good-looking hen has been a good steady performer for Dave and came really well from Portland. Unfortunately, the ETS ring didn’t register which does happen occasionally when they don’t go through the trap square on but she still finished 6th club. This chequer hen is flown on the roundabout which suits her as she has done well and is only a 2yo so many years ahead of her. The birds are paired in January then allowed to rear 2 young and they are trained while still paired before being split and raced on the roundabout system. If it is thought changes need making they may be re-paired for the longer races depending on how the birds seem. The chequer hen was one of 12 that John Corris kindly bred for Dave and 2 more have won inland this was the first to score over the water. “It’s nice to see the classic moving forward”.


Rick Geary outside his widowhood loft            

One of the top winning lofts in the Macclesfield club is that of Rick & Simon Geary who are 3rd section A 3rd Open on 1708ypm winning £150 prize money. The first three all missed out with no pools, unlike these lads to miss out with their first pigeon but they made up for it with their next in the clock winning £135. These lads are prominent fanciers and are always prepared to have a go and with the amount of work they put in soon get disappointed when they are behind which is not all that often. Their first in the clock is a 3yo old wildwood cock who has previously won cards inland and over the water so it is nothing new for him to be amongst the winners. His sire is a pigeon called “The Tame Cock” who has won the Classic himself and been third section in the Midland National Tours race. His breeding is the old Soontjen lines that are still the base of their pigeons today and it has a touch of Van den Brand in it. The dam’s side is the 03 hen which is also form the Soontjen lines and again is bred off their “Champion Shy Boy” family that have proven so good over the years.

If someone asked me who was the most consistent competing member in the club it would more than likely be Graham Mackay from Swinton who is often seen in the top North-West results. In this race, Graham ends up 1st & 2nd section B 4th & 5th open and £10 pool money plus £270 prize money. In the past Graham is one of the early ones to supply info but nothing on this occasion.

Dave & Baz Mellor from Crewe have had a very good start to the season with I think 4 x 1sts fed and in this race, are 3rd section B 6th open. Their winnings of £146.16 are made up of £100 prize money and £46.16 form pools abc and the section nom. This is a blue cock from the Soontjen cross Verkerk lines with the latter being off Nigel Laycock and Adrian Duggins stock. He has previously had a few prizes but this is his first time across and if all goes to plan he will be going to the next Classic race. Dave & Baz are now looking at the Classic & National races for their birds and are pleased with the way they are flying. Dave was saying that one of his fed toppers this year spent time out last year from across the channel and then topped the fed on land this year so thoughts at the moment are of sending him to Tarbes this year. Dave went on to say one of his other fed winners was a stray and he phoned the owner and was asked to toss it so he did. The pigeon had only been at the loft a couple of days so from a single up of about 25mls was not expected to return but he did. He then had another single up toss from further but once again he returned to the lofts. So, Dave spoke to the owner who suggested that he kept the bird so he did but said he would not transfer it until the new year. This is what happened and this is now a good pigeon in the loft and Dave thinks this one could get even better. The original owner comes from Derbyshire and Dave and Baz are pleased with this new introduction that Dave has also told the members at his local club. This is one of those cases that does happen quite often, a pigeon decides he does not want to stay at a loft and settle at another and then become a good pigeon.

George Pendleton's Loft 1st 2nd 3rd 4th section C 24th Open

Section C was not supported as we would have liked but George Pendleton had a good return of £108 prize money and £150.56 in pools from abcde section and ABCDE in the open making a total of £248.56p. George is also a sponsor for the club which is much appreciated. First in the clock for George is a very consistent racer who was his first pigeon back from the Midlands National the week before and at the time of compiling this report was 46th provisional open but that is expected to change. The breeding is Frans Zwols off direct stock with the next two in the clock are 2 hens. First of those two hens is a Frans Zwols cross Cattryse from the original pigeons George bought with his dad which won the 3 Ace Pigeons Award in the Midlands National 2012 and Combine averages. To keep with the line George then clocked another from the very good Frans Zwols that he has. George went on to say that due to work commitments, he only has the time to concentrate on National and Classic racing.

Fanciers to the west of line 2.40 are missing out on good prize money in the section. George was the only one who entered into this race from section C but George liking a challenge was after the open where he did well and was the first in pools CDE for 24th Open on what was not the best of days so he had a good race and was well pleased with the days racing.

There was another 13 members who shared in the pool money for the race, a total of £2563.9p.

Well done to all those who entered we look forward to the next race from Fougeres.


There were pigeons missing in more or less all organisations over this weekend but from what we are told the NWCC members did not do too badly at all. Odd ones are reported missing but that is mostly the case from across the channel into the North West. This is going to be an interesting season for the club and there are even changes afoot for the 2018 season and these changes will help to put the club in an even better position. The senior officials would also like to thank the secretary, markers and clock setters who are giving their time free to help get the club back to where it should be.

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