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End Ofseasonreport 2017

North West Classic Club

The quality of the club is reflected in the result.



End of season report. The first racing season back as the secretary has finished and things have not been too bad, could have gone better at times but that is always the case. I was not sure how things were going to go and in fact whether the North-West fanciers wanted to compete in the club that had seen a few hard years. It was Mark Smith who put the most pressure on me to take the club back on and Lizzie and Kim soon jumped into action to get everything sorted. From the off Lizzie was saying that we should go back to having a stand at the Blackpool Show so I emailed the reliable Karen at the RPRA to get that one sorted. We started the club from a new viewpoint and that saw Kim set about refreshing the stationary and she did a good job of that. Kim then made up 100 packs of stationary ready to be addressed and send out. The subscriptions were a bit slow at coming in but the end number of 110 was eventually reached and that included new members.

Racing. The first race started with 608 birds from 62 members going to the Coutances race that saw RJ Davies & Son continue their winning ways with the club. They are a partnership who generally come up with the winner of one of the races each year. This was what we needed and hopes were high for even more birds with only 62 members entering this first race of the season for the club. The next race was from Fougeres where the top spot went to Committee member and Middlewich chief clock setter Brian Lee who has had another good season also winning 1st section L in the National FC. I have to say I was a little disappointed in this race because we did expect more birds but due to events prior to the race we were limited. Having said that there were 383 birds from 50 members so when you look at the class of fanciers sending we cannot complain. We then moved on to Messac where 48 members sent 400 birds which we are pleased with, the downfall for some was the one-day holdover, perhaps do them good for the Saintes race. This Messac race saw them held over until the Sunday when the top spot went to Chris Knowles. The Saintes Open race was an uncertain race because 500mls plus is not everyone’s cup of tea. The birdage was well below what we expected but 32 fancier’s members and none members entered 144 birds. There were also a few birds missed with the early marking times but admitted that it was their own fault, they did not read the advert. The winner of this race was Brian Lee who has had a good another season. We then moved on to the young bird race and Gold Ring race where there were not as many entries as we had hoped. In the club race itself 33 members sent 307 birds with George & Mark Greenwood topping the list in the club race with Roger Sutton winning the Gold Ring race.


All who have worked for the club must be thanked as there were no paying jobs in 2017, all thoughts were on getting the club in a stable position and the contribution via sponsorship helped to make that happen. During the 2017 we paid out just over £10,500 prizes and pools over 5 races. We have ended the season with a good bank balance that can be seen on the season’s balance sheet. I don’t see why we cannot extend this through sponsorship and pay specials to the Open Ace Pigeons Etc. but that is something to look at in the future. What was a great help was that all jobs were done FOC in 2017 but we should be able to resume normal service in 2018.  Mr R Geary & Son A002G 1452.63ypm. Mr B Lee A001L 1436.52ypm. Mr E Taylor B017T 1430.35ypm. Messrs D.G & I Niblett B001N 1380.56ypm. Mr J R Sutton A003S 1372.86ypm. Mr E Carson B003C 1357.61ypm. Mr H Bratt & Son  B094B 1340.24ypm. Messrs D.J & C.J Wilkinson B029W 1146.77ypm. For the grand average old and young there were only 4 who made it and they are; A001L Mr B Lee 1382ypm. Mr E. Taylor 1353ypm. Mr J.R. Sutton 1335ypm. Mr E. Carson 1255ypm. Well done to them all.


The sponsors were great and there was little trouble raising nearly £3,200 in sponsorship so that was an excellent start and I think they have had good coverage through the BHW results, articles, and adverts plus quite a bit on the Internet. This sponsorship has meant that the club could give £100 to each section and the open for each race making a total of £400 starting prize money which was increased with money from the entry fees. The sponsorship also helped to cover the advertising which the club need’s if the we are to go forward and attract new members. The club sponsors for 2017 were: Curtis-Wall & Lunt; ROPA-B; Walkers Transport; Elimar Pigeon Services; Vanneste-Rigole; Gerry Clements; BHW; Mr & Mrs Geoff Kirkland; Tom Howarth; Mark Cliffe; Mr & Mrs B. Fisher; Propenz Heating & Plumbing; Mid Cheshire Building Services; Phil Brown Transport, Gerry Clements. Sponsors have already come forward for the 2018 season. Workers. We have had the two marking stations firstly at Cheadle where Ray Bullen has kept the team going and taken time out to bring the results to Middlewich so that we could get the result done and into the BHW the following week, which was much appreciated. Mark Smith headed the team at the other station in Middlewich where tensions did get a little high at times but all came good. The problem at Middlewich is we have 4 clubs at the same headquarters which does not help at times, especially when it comes to channel racing, even so all that was expected was done. What we do need is a marking station in section C preferably in the Preston area where we have members and none members wanting to race in the club. We need one because those members feel that the journey to either Cheadle or Middlewich is too far especially for those who have a job to go to. I can understand this because it does take a good chunk of time out of your day if you have to travel to either of the current marking stations. The problem we have is in all areas there are people willing to do the necessary jobs to get the pigeons through but there are not the people about to take the helm and make sure it all happens. I am not going to name them but I would like to thank all those who have worked hard with the club during the past year which I believe has been very successful. We are having a stand under Elimar at the Blackpool Show and all that we do will be included on the stand and that will include the North-West Classic who are under the same umbrella at no cost to the club.


This has been a very good season and one which I am hoping we can build on in the 2018. We have done well with sponsorship and I am not one of these people who think we have to have a lot of money in the bank, there is no point in that. Any club is only as good as the officials and the members who compete in the club and having a good bank balance does not come into how successful the club is. In the modern day of racing pigeons all you need in any club account is a running balance to keep the club afloat. Anyone can build a big bank balance but at the end of the day what does that achieve, we need to give those benefits to the members.

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