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N W C C a G M Report 30-11-17

North West Classic Club

The quality of the club is reflected in the result.


Everything for the 2017 season is now done and out of the way, it is always nice to have a clean line done at the end of any year. Sign’s are really good for the future because we have £4,700 excess for the year and our generous sponsors are already coming forward for the 2018 season so all is looking good.  We are always looking for new sponsors and especially the donations of pigeons to sell for the club.

What I was pleased about the AGM was the way more or less all present took an active part in the meeting, this shows that they are interested in the club. It is this support that makes it all worthwhile and it does encourage everyone to participate. Anyway, the AGM took place on the 27th November at the Boars Head Hotel, Middlewich when a few less than I expected turned out to see what was in store for the 2018 season. I suppose a reason why some stayed away was because there were no major propositions that would alter the club. I sometimes wonder whether it is a good thing or not to have proposition’s, but I like to look at it on the bright side and think everyone is happy. They could of course be staying away because they don’t want to get lumbered with jobs.

The meeting got under way and Chairman Mike O’Hare asked for the minutes of the last meeting be passed as a true record and with no one wanting to make any further comment we swiftly moved on to the balance sheet. There were a few comments on this because we were starting more or less fresh, so we needed to explain a few things that members wanted to know about. We had 3 resignations that were accepted with regret but on the brighter side we already had 3 applications. The officials were all accepted on-bloc starting with Mark Smith retaining the Presidents position. The Chairman’s job is with Mike O’Hare who no longer has pigeons but still likes to take a part in the sport. The secretary/treasurers position has changed because we now have Les J Parkinson and Kim Crowley as a joint partnership.  I have to say that Kim did all the results for the 2017 season and kept the books/accounts together. Kim is one of those who wants to know where every last penny is, which is not a bad thing when you are dealing with other people’s money.

The auditors are Peter Latham and Dave Healey, who missed the meeting through illness but was feeling a bit better when I last spoke to him and will be happy to carry on in the position. Race controller is Roger Sutton who has been doing these jobs for many years and like every other person in these jobs it does not always go as planned but we had a real good season in 2017 so no complaints. With regards to the people who do the jobs at the marking stations I purposely left that off the agenda because I feel it is far better to leave those positions to the I/C’s to sort out because they know the people they are going to be working with. Other than those mentioned above the committee is completed with Brian Lee and Ray Bullen. I am sure if I have missed anyone off they will let me know.

The marking stations are at Middlewich, Cheadle and now at Preston where Janet Hull will be coming on board and as soon as I get full details I will let you know. The meeting was then closed after which we had an ordinary meeting. The race programme for 2018 is the same as 2017 but each race does fall 1 day earlier except the Saintes race which will be held on Friday 13th July because Bastille Day falls on the Saturday. There is £500 per race starting prize money that will be paid out £40, £30, £20, £10 to each section in all races with the open money staring at £70, £50, £30, £20, £20, £10 making a total of £500 per race from sponsorship plus of course the excess from entry fees.

The Gold Ring race is going to be an open and not paid in sections, this is a channel race, so everyone can have a chance of winning it. There is £1000 guaranteed prize money made up of, £300, £200, £150, £100, £80, £60, £40, £30, £20, £20. Then of course any from additional entries. These rings are available from the secretaries at £10 with a limit of 20 per member.

The admin fee for all races will be £3 to cover race expenses. The subscriptions are £25 plus £10 new member fee. The annual prize presentation for season will be held at the Kinderton Hotel in Middlewich on the 10th November 2018. The next AGM will be held on the 26th November 2018.

I would like to finish by thanking all those who took part in any way with the club during the 2017 season and we look forward to the same support in 2018. I must also thank the sponsors in 2017 they helped to move the club forward with ease. They were Curtis-Wall-Lunt, Walkers Transport, Mr & Mrs Bill Lewis via a pair of pigeons at the presentation. Mr & Mrs Geoff Kirkland, Mr & Mrs B Fisher & Son. RopaB, Elimar Pigeon Services, Gerry Clements, Mid Cheshire Building Services, Vanneste-Rigole, BHW, Tom Howarth, Mark Cliffe, Propenz Heating & Plumbing, Phil Brown Transport.

The 2018 season has already seen a great start with sponsors already donating and they are Graham MaKay, Rick Geary & Son, Mr & Mrs Geoff Kirkland, Curtis-Wall-Lunt, Walkers Transport so a good start. I didn’t know what to expect for the 2017 season, but it went really well and I am now looking forward to an even improved 2018 season when many clubs are going in the wrong direction. If you are a member of the club why not let us have some details on a young bird or two to auction off on the Elimar Auction site where 100% of money raised will go to the North West Classic club.

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