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N W C C Prize Presentation

North West Classic Club

The quality of the club is reflected in the result.

Another presentation evening arrived and as expected we were wondering what was in store for the evening itself. This is what goes through most organisers mind when they are putting everything for such an evening together. Last year we had a very noisy group in the other side of the venue, so we were assured that it would not happen again. I have to admit they did not book another party but there was one person in there who made up for it and wanted to be the centre attraction. She was so loud and asked twice to calm it down and when we were doing the presentation Kim even went over to them at which point she did lower the volume, didn’t take her long to get going again.

I did expect a few more but the 38 who were present and when seated were sufficient to make it a good night where people could talk about their past season, good or bad or what they were going to win in 2018. Talking about what people say I have to laugh to myself at the number of times we hear someone saying, “What a load of rubbish” winding one another up, it is all said in good humour. Chief guests for the evening were Mr & Mrs Geoff Kirkland who are good supporters of the club and this year brought along a pair of 2017 young birds to sell and they made £200 and are giving us two more as a matched pair to sell on the Elimar auction site with 100% of the proceeds going to the club.


                                             Mark Smith & Mrs B Kirkland                                                          Mark Smith & Liz McGuinness

Geoff Bebbington was the buyer of the two on the night and is also a good supporter of the club always digging deep to buy pigeons that we have and also a good financial sponsor for the club. The raffle also made £115 so we had a good profit on the night so thanks to the girls for selling the tickets and also thanks to the people who donated the prizes. The other guests were Mr & Mrs Pat McGuiness who are our hosts at the Middlewich marking station for the club which is the Boars Head Hotel. If you look at the photos nearly everyone is looking the other way but this is down to them looking at me taking photos, but Ebony also did some and hers were better, so she has a job each time we are at a presentation, thanks for a good job done.

I must not miss out our chairman Mike O’Hare who donated £20 to the first pigeon belonging to a club member at the Saintes open race, that was won by Brian Lee.

Simon and Rick Geary had a good season and are average winners. Other race winners were Coutances RJ Davies & Son. Fougeres winner Brian Lee. Messac saw Chris Knowles get in on the act. The Saintes race saw Brian Lee end a good old bird season with the number one spot in this race. The young bird race was won by George & Mark Greenwood with Roger Sutton winning the Gold Ring race. We really did have a good racing season which was down to the club hitting the good weekends while others on alternative weeks did get a raw deal with the weather. We have some good sponsors in the club and I am going to cover them in the next report including the AGM.


                 Mike O'Hare & Brian Lee                                                      Geoff Kirkland & Simon Geary                            Geoff Kirkland and Brian Lee


                                       Geoff Kirkland & Chris Knowles                                                 Geoff Kirkland and David Pritchard

Geoff Kirkland with Kim Crowley


                                                       Geoff Kirkland & Mike Gethins                                         Roger Sutton & Geoff Kirkland

On the night everyone appeared to be happy with the meal and most stayed rather late in the evening which is also a good indicator of how things have gone.

 President Mark Smith did his usual speeches and the presentation, but this year was a bit quiet. He said that he had a bad neck, but I am wondering what his lovely better half Ruth has done to him. I think more or less everyone enjoyed the change of menu from last year, it was good and plenty of it that was well presented. We could go on with a list of prize winners, but a few photos speak for themselves.

What I must say is that we have some good sponsors in the club and I will be communicating with those in the next few days and including them in the next article which will be based on the AGM. Kim was saying that we have had some good presentations or nights where pigeons are concerned over the years. She said about the pea and pie suppers we have had and when the late George Stubbs of Sandbach said, “That’s the best bit of lobby I have ever had” yes, they were good, Elizabeth is a good cook. We used to roll the pound coin up to the bottle of whiskey that was a good earner. Considering the number of evenings, we had, the only flop I can remember was at the Garswood club when hardly anyone turned up.

I was talking to Chris Knowles about the plans I have for 2018, I cannot remember word for word, but it was something like,

“The club is good value for money on what you pay out against returns”

Thank you to all those who attended and to all those who have worked to make the evening a success.

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