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North West Classic Club - Fougeres


The quality of the club is reflected in the result.


1st & 7th section A 1st & 8th Open plus £250, see another red card from this club going to R J Davies & Son from Chorlton. This is keeping up their run of winning the top spot in this club in recent years. Let’s look at the breeding details of the winner and the pigeon in 8th open is her yearling sister. They only sent 6 pigeons to this race and they were sent to the last Carentan race which was a head wind and they were a little behind but looked well afterwards. So, that is why we decided to send them to Fougeres, the hens only had 2 races as young birds and have had six inland races prior to being sent to the classic. Their 1st open NWCC winners’ parents are both from their good friend John Crehan. She is impeccably well-bred; the sire is a son of the amazing “Prodigy” winner of 4 x 1st federation races and 3 x 1st Central Lancashire Combine race with up to 4,000 birds.  RPRA award winner and bred by Jan Hooymans of Harry fame in the Netherlands who John races pigeons for here in the UK. The dam of the classic winner is again a gift and bred by John Crehan from the nest brother to “Prodigy” who is named Olympic Jan. He was a UK Olympiad pigeon in the 2017 Olympiad. The mother of the dam to the Classic winner is Olympic Jeannette. Again, an Olympiad pigeon in the young bird cat in 2017 so 2 Olympiad pigeons paired together. Incidentally “Prodigy” has only been put to stock since 2019 and in this time he has already bred 1st Open North West Grand National, 1st Open Central Lancashire Combine 4,200 birds, 1st Central Lancashire Combine 1960 birds and now a grandchild has won 1st Open North West Classic. A cock I think we will be hearing a lot more of in the future. 

rab davies

Rab Davies 1st Open and below his winner 

r davies 2

2nd & 5th section A 2nd & 5th Open go to G Holker & Sons of Swinton, a loft who are never far away and collect £491.


Tony Holker

3rd section A 3rd Open is won by Stuart Goldstraw who also won £155 and is from Congleton, who has changed from the distance to sprint and middle-distance racing. I have known Stuart a long time and he was always a fancier who preferred the longer races and was excited about the Pau National. At that time, he was more known for his Dordins, and his connection with Derek Lawton from Crewe who was also an out and out Dordin fanatic. Here are some details of the hen that was 3rd Open. She is from the Ann Smith, Derbyshire stock. Her sire being a grandson of Drum and Gerrie, who had won 2 x 1st prior to me getting him. The dam also from Ann and is a Vandenabeele out of a cock that had won 4 x 1st, 3 of these being in the Fed. So, they are her breeding details. This hen was second club 24th Fed, 1,857 birds two weeks prior to the Classic at Carentan with North Staffs Fed. Stuart added that on landing he thought she was at her limit falling over and cramped up, battling the strong west north west winds all the way. Taking this into account Stuart left her out of the Messac race just gone and I am glad I did. It was a real tough weekend with many struggling and will nearly be finished for this year.

goldstraw eye  goldstraw pigeon wing

Eye and Wing of Stuart Goldstraws pigeon

4th & 6th A section 4th & 7th Open go to B & G Smith also from Congleton and on this occasion collect £355. The birds that finished 4th & 7th Open from Fougeres for us were a pair of yearling nest mate Hens. Their sire is bred from a pair of stock birds we brought direct off Roger Lowe of Reading and they are De Rauw Sablon’s from the “Freddy” & “Limoges” lines. Their dam was bred by John Jackson of Redruth, she is a Heremans-Ceuster from their New Diamond x Dark Debbie lines. The blue Hen that finished 7th Open finished 2nd Open Midland National last year missing out by 3 seconds on winning it.

b g smith

B & G Smith & Daughter

1st sec B 6th Open sees Graham McKay picking up £105, another top winning fancier from Swinton, one who has been one of the most competitive in this club for many years.

8th section A 9th Open is won by yet another Congleton fancier, this time Kevin Tagell with £39, the quiet man in the town. Kevin saw home a blue cock which is a late bred 16. This is like many more of today’ winner a Lambrecht raced on the widowhood system and was bred by B. Jones from his Brian Dearn stock. He has won many prizes inland but never a 1st always beaten by loft mates. Then in 2019 Kevin tried him over the water and he won 2nd club 3rd fed 10th Cheshire Combine Carentan. So, this year Kevin decided to send him to the NWCC where he was his 1st pigeon back winning 7th sect 11th open Carentan. Now that he had the pigeon at the races that looked good for him Kevin then sent him to this race from Fougeres where he finished 8th sect 9th open.

k tagell pigeon

Kevin Tagell's prizewinner

2nd & 3rd section B 10th & 11th Open are Mr & Mrs Nigel Shaw winning over £500. In these races we start to see the better than average pigeons shine and that is what has happened in this race. The first pigeon for this partnership in this last is the same that won the last race from Carentan and in this race was their all pooler. She has been very consistent for the team as a yearling winning 1st club 1st Sect 1st Open North West Classic, 2nd sec 10th Open in this race. In between these races she was 12th Mid Cheshire fed Mangotsfeild and 5th N West Section MNFC. She has great breeding as can be expected as she was bred by the Macaloney’s. They had another hen arrive just behind her which is a Ceuster hen bred by their very good friend David Sara. Nigel is a big believer in bringing in young birds to race each year and by doing this he has come across some very good pigeons.

1st & 2nd section C go to John Mcgenity who first in the clock is a 4yo dark chequer cock bred by Nic Morris he was racing back to chipping eggs. This pigeon has previously scored a 4th and a 2nd section in the North West Classic in 2018 and now this year he has topped the section. When Nic gifted John this pigeon he was very confident in saying “This pigeon will do you some good lad” by hell he was right, he is proving to be a good pigeon. 2nd section C was a dark chequer yearling cock bred by Stuart Knowles and was also racing back to chipping eggs. This pigeon topped the section from the first race from Carentan and now got a second from Fougeres with him only being a yearling John is looking forward to seeing how he progresses over the next few years with him being bred from Stuart’s very special distance pigeons that were gifted to John. To prepare the birds for the classic races this year john was extremely fortunate to be able to put the birds on the works van wherever it went on deliveries. They were then jumped straight into the channel races. This year they have mainly been fed on wheat and beans from my local farm. In the drinkers it is mainly fresh water but every other week they are given garlic for a few days. The North West Classic is a brilliant club its full of top fanciers they are all very welcoming and all willing to help you out if you are in need. I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who works within the Classic club for doing a fantastic job and to the convoyer for caring for the birds they always come back in good health

mcgenity 1st sec    mcgenity 2nd sec pict

John McGenity's 1st section C                                            John McGenity's 2nd section C


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