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Super Old Bird National from Saint Malo 

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Super Old Bird National from Saint Malo 

In a season of many ups and downs and a late start to racing the NIPA managed a restricted programme that included cross channel events from Talbenny and Bude and ended the season at the end of July with a very good entry for the Old Bird National and a fantastic race from Saint Malo in France.

Early birds in Northern Ireland were being timed from the early afternoon and although conditions at the home end were not perfect a large number of birds came through and all the major positions were filled on the day of liberation. Race marking as usual took place early on Tuesday and with restricted travel arrangements and our usual route not available the birds ended up being transported direct to France. The convoy were one day earlier on site and a Thursday was available for liberation, the forecast had it as the best day and some 4,000 birds were released on Thursday 30th July at 6.30am in a helping South East wind., Irish Homing Union members were competing for the famous Millar Gold Cup.

The overall winner was among the first birds clocked, Diamond Carson had the big early arrival in Banbridge around 2.12pm to record what was an unbeatable velocity of 1682ypm. Diamond is in the birds a lifetime, racing with hid dad they won the Blue Riband Kings Cup from Rennes in 1989 recording velocity 1087, he joins a very select few of the sport that have won both OB Premier events in both INFC and NIPA. Diamond has been an outstanding worker for the sport for many years, has held many positions, former NIPA Committee member and a Past President.

Section B filled the runner-up spot for the second year, last year in a hard race Mr & Mrs Sempey from Cullybackey had the best bird on the second morning, interesting enough a bird the same way bred was timed by their good friend Tom McAlonan getting placed in Cullybackey HPS result. This year R & J Parke of the Windsor Social in Coleraine timed their first bird at 3.20pm in terrible weather conditions flying just short of 500 miles into Bushmills home of the famous Irish Whiskey.

Sent a message to Jason and got the following: Hello William, details of

“St Malo Queen” - This wee hen has had a few minor prize card's from a young bird to a 2 year old but was always a steady wee hen. She was raced on Roundabout up to two weeks before Telbenny when she was repaired back to her cock, she was starting to show form, and became very keen sitting tight on her eggs. I was setting her up for Penzance but I was away that day as it was last minute decision by the NIPA to go early. I missed sending that day for what was intended the Penzance race. We all know now the birds were returned from Penzance on the Friday and released in Fermoy Co Cork on Saturday. I decided to send her on to St Malo instead, she had been sitting eggs 12 days and was a lot more keen, as the days went on. She had been getting short training tosses up till 2 days before the race basketing. Her breeding is Herman Ceusters which was from gift birds we obtained from my good friends Andy & Mavis Boyle. Kind Regards R &J Parke.

NIPA Open St Malo OB National 479/2714 –

1-1G R Carson & Son Banbridge 1682, 2-1B R & J Parke Windsor Social 1655, 3-1E G Buckley & Son Annaghmore 1651, 4-2E Ron Williamson Bondhill 1649, 5-3E R McCracken Markethill 1633, 6-1C Armstrong & McAllister Ligoniel 1628, 7-4E David Calvin Bondhill 1625, 9-5E J Geary & Son Portadown & Drumcree 1621, 9-6E C J & B Ferris Lurgan Soc 1620, 10-2G A McAteer & Sons Ballyholland 1610, 11-7E Larkin Bros Portadown & Drumcree 1610, 12-8E Larkin Bros 1608, 13-9E J McGeary Loughgall 1604, 14-1A G Quinn Coalisland 1601, 15-2C G & R Lawrie Ballyclare 1599, 16-10E J McGeary 1597, 17-11E P Boyd Annaghmore 1595, 18-2A Sean Hughes Coalisland 1594, 19-12E M Robinson Bondhill 1593, 20-3G R Carson & Son 1592.

Best in each NIPA Section:

Section A 46/216 – G Quinn Coalisland 1601, Sean Hughes Coalisland 1594, J McConaghie Ballymoney 1591.


Jason Parke from the Windsor Soc holding his winner of 2nd Open NIPA St Malo.


“St Malo Queen” the winner of 1st Sect B for R & J Parke, Bushmills.

Section B 68/318 – R & J Parke Windsor Social 1655, Harold Cubitt Rasharkin & Dist 1589, Sam Murphy Muckamore 1570.,

Section C 75/402 – Armstrong & McAllister Ligoniel HPS 1628, G & R Lawrie Ballyclare 1599, J & D Braniff Wheatfield 1580.

Section D 48/340 – Jeff Greenaway Hillsborough & Maze 1544, Johnston Bros Colin HPS 1516, R Topping & Son Lisburn & District 1511.

Section E 110/771 – G Buckley & Son Annaghmore 1651, Ron Williamson Bondhill Social 1649, Richard McCracken Markethill 1633.

Section F 25/99 – McCartan & Woodsides Killyleagh & District 1519, C Healy Killyleagh Central 1378, Smyth Family Loft Kircubbin 1354.   


Blue hen raced by R Carson & Son from Banbridge now has added 1st Open NIPA St Malo OB National to its CV.

Section G 58/407 – R Carson & Son Banbridge 1682, A McAteer & Sons Ballyholland 1610, R Carson & Son 1592.

Section H 38/102 – T McBride Strabane 1527, Liam Miller Limavady 1495, Raymond Monteith Strabane 1453.

Best in each NIPA Centre:

Banbridge Centre – R Carson & Son Banbridge 1682, R Carson & Son 1592, W McDowell & Son Drumnavaddy 1534, E McAlinden & Sons Drumnavaddy 1500, Rev TAB Sawyers Banbridge 1486, T Mallon & Sons Banbridge 1476, Mark Ewbanks Banbridge 1471, Rev TAB Sawyers 1456, C & G Quinn Drumnavaddy 1445, J Brush Drumnavaddy 1442.

Coleraine Centre – R & J Parke Windsor Soc 1655, L Miller Limavady 1495, A McDonnell Coleraine Prem 1486, M/M A McKergan Coleraine Prem 1379, J Hanson Coleraine Prem 1374, R Gage Windsor Soc 1359, R Gage 1272, R McCook Windsor Soc 1270, P O’Connor Coleraine Prem 1254, S Diamond Coleraine Prem 1242.

Ligoniel Centre – Armstrong & McAllister Ligoniel 1628, J & D Braniff Wheatfield 1580, T Longman Ligoniel 1579, C McManus Ligoniel 1577, R Taylor & Son Ligoniel 1573, J & D Braniff 1503, C McManus 1484, Bingham & Seaton Ligoniel 1418, J & D Brasniff 1387, Bingham & Seaton 1379.

Newry Centre – A McAteer & Sons Ballyholland 1610, C O’Hare & Daughter Ballyholland 1583, Donnelly Bros Newry City 1565, Ron Williamson Newry & Dist 1551, C O’Hare & Daughter 1547, B Havern Millvale 1544, G Hughes & Son Newry & Dist 1527, D Carroll Millvale 1516, C O’Hare & Daughter 1513, D Carroll 1496.

Doagh Centre – G & R Lawrie Ballyclare 1599, D & J Campbell Eastway 1575, D & J Campbell 1517, Grattan Bros & Speers Eastway 1516, H Weir Ballyclare 1482, Wilson & McCullough Doagh & Dist 1479, J & R Blair Ballyclare 1475, A Thompson Ballyclare 1472, J & R Blair 1464, J Stewart & Son Doagh & District 1461.  

Ballymoney Centre – J McConaghie Ballymoney 1591, H Cubitt Rasharkin 1589, A Gage Ballymoney 1552, J McConaghie 1522, D & H Stuart Ballymoney 1512, D Dixon Ballymoney 1485, J Connolly Ballymoney 1470, J McConaghie 1463, C McCook Ballymoney 1461, A C & T Tweed Rasharkin 1461.


Best in the Muckamore Centre who had a great race, Sam Murphy who is now a member of the NIPA Committee.

Muckamore Centre  -  Sam Murphy Muckamore 1570, S & N Maginty Muckamore 1537, Sam Murphy 1525, K Carson & Son Crumlin 1514, S K Watson Castledawson 1486, Alan Steele Muckamore 1446, McConville Bros Crumlin 1420, K Carson & Son 1411, Magill & Lavery Muckamore 1224, S & J Bones & T Yates Muckamore 1133.  

Derry Centre – T McBride Strabane 1527, R Monteith Strabane 1453, D Farrell Foyle 1427, J White Strabane 1377, C & C Reid Mourne & Dist 1364, E McGettigan Strabane 1359, J Diamond Derry & Dist 1292, D W Lofts Foyle 1242, D Farrell Foyle 1054, Very well done to all the lads who timed in today’s St Malo race. Congratulations all.


R H Clements kept up his good OB Nat record 1st Club in Harryville and best in the local Harryville Centre.

Harryville Centre – R H Clements Harryville 1518, Harry Boyd Kells 1509, Henry Turkington Kells 1483, D Houston & Son Broughshane 1481, Harry Boyd 1321, McFarlane & Agnew Kells 1210, 1163.


Best in the Ahoghill Centre was former Chairman of the NIPA Alan Darragh from Cullybackey.

Ahoghill Centre – Alan Darragh Cullybackey 1518, J McNeill & Son Randalstown 1485, J Smyth & Son Ahoghill 1451, John Millar Randalstown 1427, M/M Robinson Ahoghill 1387, J Eagleson & Sons Ballymena 1362, A Darragh 1346, M/M Robinson 1344, John Millar 1343, Martin Graham Ballymena 1307.

Carrickfergus Centre – G McMaw Carrick Soc 1428, M/M R Reid & Son Carrick & Dist 1422, S McGarel & Sons Horseshoe 1413, S Beattie & Daughters Ballycarry & Dist 1402, D & P Harvey Larne & Dist 1379, J McMaw 1354, J McMaw 1354, O O’Neill & Son Glenarm & Dist 1352.

NIPA Race/Date

Saint Malo (France) OB National – Thursday 30th July 2020, Lib 6.30am wind South East

NIPA Sect A Clubs


Gerry Quinn had the best bird in Coalisland & District, 1st Sect A & 14th Open NIPA St Malo.

Coalisland & District – G Quinn 1601, Sean Hughes 1594, L & W Bleeks 1590, R Corey 1555, D Carolan 1500, L & W Bleeks 1483.

Coleraine Premier HPS 14/61 - A McDonnell 1486, M/M A McKergan 1379, J Hanson 1374,  P O’Connor 1254, S Diamond 1242, D Coyle & Son 1202. Well done to Old Hand Anthony McDonnell former Kings Cup winner with Champion Bann King, wins the Old Bird Nat with the NIPA for the third year in a row.

Castledawson – Sam Watson 1486.

Dungannon – Kieran Shannon 1496, 1468, 1432, 1410, 1375, 1372. Well done Kieran on taking the first 6.

Windsor Social – R & J Parke 1655, R Gage 1359, 1272, R McCook 1270, R & J Parke 1228, 1218. Congratulations to Roy and Jason Parke on timing their 2 year-old chequer hen at 15.20hrs from St Malo, flying just short of 500 miles. Breeding is from Ceusters of Andy & Mavis Boyle and was sitting on eggs. Hopefully the bird will be well up in the Open and Section, in fact it finished runner-up. Well done Jason.

NIPA Sect H Clubs


William McCloskey had the only arrival in Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart – William McClockey 834. Congratulations to William McCloskey on making it a clean sweep of the channel races, by winning all three. William clocked his game wee bird early this morning to win St Malo, adding to his previous wins from Talbenny and Bude. A terrific achievement for the youngest flier in the club.


A happy Jim Diamond with his bird from France, best in Derry & District.

Derry & District 4/14 – Jim Diamond 1292. Super performance by Jim Diamond, 1st Club, 1st City of Derry Fed and 8th Section H.  

Foyle RPS – D Farrell 1427, D W Lofts 1242, D Farrell 1054

Limavady – Liam Miller 1495, Henderson Crawford 1215.

Maiden City 4/8 – Pat McLaughlin 1007, 572, B Ogilvie 499. The Club Secretary takes the top position with a 3yr old Cheq hen flying over 14 hours on the day, and also fills runner up spot with a second day pigeon. Billy Ogilvie takes 3rd Club to maintain his consistent record from the premier race Congratulations to all the local fanciers who timed in this year’s French National, well done to you all.

Mourne & District HPS – C & C Reid 1364.


Tom McBride topped ther result in Strabane & Dist and finished 1st Sect H and best in the Foyle Valley Combined.

Strabane & District –- Tom McBride 1527, R Monteith 1453, J White 1377, E McGettigan 1359, 1044, D Mullan 770.  This is the race we all want to win and Tom did just that today with a super wee hen, massive well done to you Tom and all who clocked great club performance - Congratulations all.

NIPA Sect B Clubs

Ahoghill Flying Club 3/18 – J Smyth & Son 1451, Mr & Mrs Robinson 1387, 1344, J Smyth & Son 1096, W Livingstone 1001. Brooke Supplies 2 Bird Club – M/M Robinson 1344. Jimmy Smyth timed from France for the first time in last seasons Friendship Nat, now he has 1st Club St Malo.

Ballymena & District HPS 7/23 – J Easgleson & Sons 1362, Martin Graham 1307, J Eagleson & Sons 1235, Martin Graham 1208, Blair & Rankin 1160, R Service & Son 1134. Johnston Eagleson & Sons who are twice overall winners of this race have the winner in the club. The 2 year old blue w/f Lambrechts hen was sitting on eggs. The dam was "Channel Queen" 1st Combine Talbenny YB National and 1st Combine & 6th Open INFC Penzance YB National. "Channel Queen" was one from a kit of youngsters from Jackie Steele of Rasharkin in 2017.

Ballymoney HPS 20/110 – J McConaghie 1591, A Gage 1552, J McConaghie 1533, D & H Stuart 1512, D Dixon 1485, J Connolly 1470.

Dervock RPS 6/38 – D & H Stuart 1512, C McCook 1462, D & H Stuart 1448, D & G McMullan 1427, D & H Stuart 1276, W & L McCaw 1226.

Broughshane & District HPS – Davy Houston & Son 1481.

Cullybackey HPS - A Darragh 1518, 1346, C & R McIntyre 1293, J & J Greer 1252, A Darragh 1230, McAlonan Bros 1158.

Crumlin & District K Carson & Son 1514, McConville Bros 1420, K Carson & Son 1411.

Harryville HPS – R H Clements 1518. The best bloodlines of Ron Williamson, Roy has been scoring with these birds for several years, the Old Bird Derby from France was always a favourite. The Cheq hen contains the bloodlines of Millenium Superstar and she won 1st Club Penzance last season finishing 6th Sect & 37th Open NIPA, sent feeding a big youngster this time to France. The bloodlines are similar to his own 7th Open NIPA St Malo.

Kells & District HPS – Harry Boyd 1509, Henry Turkington 1483, Harry Boyd 1321, McFarlane & Agnew 1210, 1163.

Muckamore HPS 8/30 – Sam Murphy 1570, S & N Maginty 1537, Sam Murphy 1525, Alan Steele 1446, Magill & Lavery 1224, S J Bonnes & Yates 1133. Sam Murphy had a dream race timing four birds in the early afternoon, will it ever be as simple again? Their winner of the Muckamore Centre was bred by good friends Paddy and William McManus of Ahoghill.

Randalstown HPS 5/30 – J McNeill & Son 1485, J Millar 1427, 1343, H Boyd 1297, 1274, Stewart Bros 1218.

Rasharkin & District HPS – Harold Cubitt 1589, A C & T Tweed 1461, 1388, 1300, Trevor Whyte 1049. Danny Dixon – 1485.080, 1368.59, 1330.63.

NIPA Sect E Clubs

Annaghmore – G Buckley & Son 1651, P Boyd 1595, 1584, G Buckley & Son 1566, J & E Calvin 1566, 1554.

Beechpark Social – H Lynch & Son 1437, S & J McCullough 1434, G McEvoy 1304.  

Blackwatertown HPS – R G & G Donaldson 1528, 1518, 1468, Collins & Douglas 1444, 1435,

Bondhill Social – Ron Williamson 1649, David Calvin 1626, Malcolm Robinson 1593, Ron Williamson 1589, 1588, Capper Bros 1577.


Jim Robinson had 1st Club in Edgarstown (Portadown), a very consistent racer.

Edgarstown 12/85 – J Robinson 1580, R Cassells 1548, P Hope 1537, O Forde 1533, R Bell & Sons 1498, R Cassells 1491. A big well-done Jimmy on taking the top spot from the derby! A man never too far away in the big races well done to all in the result.

Gilford & District – Rafferty & Toman 1581, C & H Beattie 1545, Fitzpatrick & Hyde 1530, 1454,

Laurelvale – Dowey Bros 1585, J Dowey 1522, G & C Topley 1496, J Dowey 1466, J Serplus 1433, S & N Lester 1420,  

Loughgall – J McGeary 1604, N Weir 1589, 1553, 1539, J McGeary 1466, 1402.

Lurgan Social – C J & B Ferris 1620, Keelie Wright 1448, 1448, E Wright & Son 1426,


Richard McCracken from Markethill, sent 4 and clocked four including the winner of 1st Club, 3rd Sect E & 5th Open NIPA.

Markethill – R McCracken 1633, 1548, B & P Baird 1504, J & H Muldrew & McMurray, R McCracken 1409, 1282. Very Well done to Richard on a top result out of St Malo France who sent 4 and clocked all 4. Well done to the rest of our members who timed in.


The winning bird for Keith Allister in Monaghan HPS from St Malo.

Monaghan – K Allister 1548, P McFadden 1539, 1511, P Tierney 1305, K Allister 1301, P McFadden 1289. Nom won by Patrick McFadden. St Malo 2020 449 miles to my loft this yearling cock recorded a velocity of 1548.367 with 8.5 hrs on the wing to take the red card in the Monaghan Pigeon Club also finishing 31st Section & 53rd Open. Both parents by Peter Fox Syndicate Loft’s - Sire is g/son Drum while dam Amulet + sister Sphinx. Congratulations to Keith Allister taking the Red Card today in Monaghan H.P.S from St Malo, also to Patrick McFadden who clocked 4 of this team and to all that timed.


The winning bird for John Geary, 1st Portadown & Drumcree, 5th Sect E 7 8th Open NIPA.


John Geary timed 3 out of 3 winning 1st Portadown & Drumcree and topping the Portadown Centre.

Portadown & Drumcree – J Geary & Son 1621, Larkin Bros 1612, 1610, P Matchett 1567, J Geary & Son 1562, P Matchett 1537. A big Congratulations and a very well-deserved win for John Geary today from St Malo! John timed 3 pigeons out of 3 and topped the Portadown Centre and will no doubt be well there in the NIPA Open result.The sire was the best long-distance lines of Tom McKinstry and the dam was from James Cleland of Castlewellan in Co Down. Also well done to the other members for timing today this was a brilliant result for the club! ‘BLUE JAY’ ST Malo 2019 (North West Wind) winner of 1st Club, 11th Section E & 64th Open Only 79 bird’s home in 3 days. Talbenny 2020 (North West Wind) winner of 1st Club, 9th Section E (3,888 birds) & 18th Open (14,232 birds).St Malo 2020 (South East Wind) winner of 8th Club (timed at 3.14pm), 57th Section E & 100th Open (2,734birds). Jay and my-self timed this wee hen from St Malo race on Thursday at 3.14pm. We have had a super couple of seasons with the old birds and to finish this OB Season we achieved a ‘Bronze Award’ for timing this super hen out of France (in the prizes) in two consecutive years.


The Larkin Family had a big result in the Lurgan based Wilton Cross

Wilton Cross – Alan Larkin 1575, H T & J Larkin 1533, Alan Larkin 1505, G Douglas 1504, M Duggan & Son 1488, 1450. Absolutely delighted with the team performance today from St Malo. I would like to thank Allan McDonald for giving me the winner when I started racing on my own, she is a gran- daughter of Clan 357 his Penzance Classic winner and a daughter of Clan Ryan. Superb channel bloodlines.


Harold Cubitt has won 6 old bird races in Rasharkin to complete a best season, also 1st in ther Mid Antrim Combine.

Harold Cubitt tops Mid Antrim from St Malo -

Best bird in the Mid Antrim Combine was timed by Rasharkin fancier Harold Cubitt. Harold's only entry in the race was timed at 15.25pm after flying the 483 miles to the lofts on the Finvoy Road in Rasharkin. The winning 2 year old blue chequer cock was feeding chicks just hatched two days before basketing. The cock had four races as a young bird and three races as a yearling. Before the derby it had Talbenny were it was placed 4th club. The sire was a gift from John McConaghie of Ballymoney and the dam another gift bird from Harry Richmond of Ballymena. The winning bird also wins 2nd Section B and 24th Open NIPA National 2714 birds. Harold a small team racer was winning his 6 x 1st of the season.

H Cubitt Rasharkin 1589, R H Clements Associate 1518, Harry Boyd Kells 1509, D Dixon Rasharkin 1485, J McNeill & Son Randalstown 1485, H Turkington Kells 1483, D Houston & Son Associate 1481, A C & T Tweed Rasharkin 1461, J Smyth & Son Ahoghill 1451, John Miller Randalstown 1427, A C & T Tweed Rasharkin 1388, Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1387, D Dixon 1368, J Eagleson & Sons Ballymena 1362, Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 1344, John Miller 1343, D Dixon 1330, Harry Boyd 1321, M Graham Ballymena 1307, A C & T Tweed 1300, Hugh Boyd Randalstown 1297, Hugh Boyd Randalstown 1274, J Eagleson & Sons 1235, Stewart Bros Randalstown 1218, McFarlane & Agnew Kells 1210, M Graham 1208, Stewart Bros 1177, McFarlane & Agnew 1163 Blair & Rankin Ballymena 1160, McAlonan Bros Associate 1158.

Danny Dixon of Rasharkin is the new winner of the Mid Antrim Combine OB Points Fancier of the Year. Top Ten - D Dixon Rasharkin 206, J Rock Associate 147, J Eagleson & Sons Ballymena 136, Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 135, Harry Boyd Kells 108, Blair & Rankin Ballymena 85, R H Clements Associate 80, John Miller Randalstown 68, A McBride Associate 63, R Service & Son Ballymena 55.

Mid Antrim Combine K/O Diploma - At long last the members names were gathered up and listed for the seasons Old Bird Knock-Out competition. I sorted out the names into a list and PO Mervyn Eagleson supplied the numbers as matched pairs for the competition. It was the best arrangement available in the season’s unusual circumstances. I hope to shortly publish the details used for the Champions League. As far as the OB Knock-Out goes we used four inland races, Tullamore, Gowran Park, Corrin (1) and Corrin (2). With the Penzance birds brought back we used Talbenny for the semi-final and then Bude for the final.

Just short of 64 lofts competed and after two rounds we had the following for the Lat 16 at Corrin (1).  Gary Gibson v Danny Dixon, Houston Bros v Blair & Rankin, Young McManus & Sons v J Millar & Son, R Service & Son v Harold Cubitt, Allen McBride v Jimmy Rock, F & J & G Dickey v Stewart Bros, J Smyth & Son v R H Clements, John Millar v W & J Smyth. For Corrin (2) quarter final the matches were Gary Gibson v Blair & Rankin, J Millar & Son v R Service & Son, Allen McBride v Stewart Bros and R H Clements v W & J Smyth. The semi-final was flown from Talbenny Blair & Rankin v R Service & Son and Allen McBride v W & J Smyth. The final from Bude turned out a hard race and not much between the finalists, Blair & Rankin vel 923 v Allen McBride vel 978. The winner for 2020 was Associate Member Allen McBride, well done and a great competition.

Coleraine Triangle St Malo – R & J Parke Windsor Soc 1655, A McDonnell Coleraine Prem 1486, M/M A McKergan Coleraine Prem 1379, J Hanson Coleraine Prem 1374, R Gage Windsor Soc 1359, R Gage 1272, R McCook Windsor Soc 1270, P O’Connor Coleraine Prem 1254, S Diamond Coleraine Prem 1242, R & J Parke 1220, R & J Parke 1218, R Gage 1215, D Coyle & Son Coleraine Prem 1202, S Diamond 1180, Diamond Bros & G McLaughlin Coleraine Prem 1158, R Gage 1149.

 Foyle Valley Combined St Malo - Tom McBride Strabane 1527, R Monteith Strabane 1453, D Farrell Foyle 1427, J White Strabane 1377, E McGettigan Strabane 1359, J Diamond Derry & Dist 1292, D W Lofts Foyle 1242, D Farrell Foyle 1054. Very well done to all the lads who timed in today’s St Malo race. Congratulations all.

City of Derry Federation St Malo - D Farrell Foyle 1427, J Diamond Derry & Dist 1292, D W Lofts Foyle 1242, D Farrell Foyle 1054, Pat McLaughlin Maiden City 1007, W McCloskey Amelia Earhart 834. Very well done to all the lads who timed in today’s St Malo race.


Allen McBride who races in Harryville, won the Old Bird Knock Out in the MAC.


Annie and Christopher Tweed put three birds in the Rasharkin result from St Malo.

blue jay

“Blue Jay” Bronze Diploma winner for J Whitten & Son in Portadown & Drumcree.


Jay Whitten with the lofts Bronze Diploma winner from St Malo. See text.


Congratulations all.

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