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Homers Odyssey - 02-02-21

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Homers Odyssey

Import of birds into Northern Ireland -

I must bring the following to your attention regarding the importation of pigeons into Northern Ireland. There is strong evidence that pigeons are being imported into Northern Ireland without the proper paperwork. This must stop immediately, if you are found out by the Dept and reported to us we will have no choice but to deal with you. I have no doubt the Dept is aware of this and will be making more thorough checks.

If you have the proper paperwork and completed correctly, and I mean correctly to the letter then of course you can import these pigeons.  If not, you are putting Our sport at risk, and I mean permission to race from Southern Ireland would be suspended and I am not scare mongering this could happen. We have enough problems to sort out, at the moment, we do not need to add to them.

I am appealing to you all to follow the legislation and do not try to import these pigeons without the proper paperwork. Regards F C Russell Secretary of NIPA. PS: This also applies to any entrants from the UK into the NCC One Loft Race.

Windsor Social Update for 2020 – Another very good season for the local club, with members competing in both the NIPA Section A and Section B and on the top of that Coleraine Triangle. Without doubt the result of the year was in St Malo with R & J Parke finishing 2nd Open NIPA. My thanks again to Mervyn Eagleson who uses the to very good use to research the various results for me and making my work load a lot easier.

Windsor Old Birds:

08/06/20 Tullamore 13/522 Kenny Glass vel 1396, 2nd Coleraine Triangle; 13/06/20 Gowran Park 14/495 – R & J Parke 1st & 2nd vel 1226, 5th & 7th Coleraine Triangle; 20/06/20 Corrin (1) 544 birds – T Scott & Son 1st & 2nd vel 1902, 4th & 5th Coleraine Triangle; 02/07/20 Corrin (2) 16/415 – A & M Boyle vel 1344, 2nd Coleraine Triangle; 06/07/20 Skibbereen Inland National K Glass vel 1250, 8th Coleraine Triangle; 11/07/20 Talbenny 10/188 – G Donaghy Son & Grandson vel 1261, 11th Coleraine Triangle; 15/07/20 Skibbereen Yearling National 8/88 – E Christie vel 1218, 5th Coleraine Triangle; 19/07/20 Bude 8/63 - C Morrow & Son vel 1032, 5th Coleraine Triangle; 25/07/20 Fermoy Comeback 9/93 A & M Boyle vel 1429 4th Coleraine Triangle; 30/07/20 St Malo OB French National - R & J Parke 1st, 5th & 6th vel 1655 1st Coleraine Triangle, 1st Section B 68/318 2nd Open NIPA National 479/2714.

jason parke 02 02 21

Jason Parke from Windsor Social result of the year with 1st Sect B & 2nd Open NIPA St Malo.

This year R & J Parke of the Windsor Social in Coleraine timed their first bird at 3.20pm in terrible weather conditions flying just short of 500 miles into Bushmills home of the famous Irish Whiskey. Details of “St Malo Queen” - This wee hen has had a few minor prize card's from a young bird to a 2 year old but was always a steady wee hen. She was raced on Roundabout up to two weeks before Talbenny when she was repaired back to her cock, she was starting to show form, and became very keen sitting tight on her eggs. I was setting her up for Penzance but I was away that day as it was last minute decision by the NIPA to go early. I missed sending that day for what was intended the Penzance race. We all know now the birds were returned from Penzance on the Friday and released in Fermoy Co Cork on Saturday. I decided to send her on to St Malo instead, she had been sitting eggs 12 days and was a lot more keen, as the days went on. She had been getting short training tosses up till 2 days before the race basketing. Her breeding is Herman Ceusters which was from gift birds we obtained from my good friends Andy & Mavis Boyle. Kind Regards R &J Parke.

stmaloqueen 02 02 21

St Malo Queen big winner from St Malo for R & J Parke, Bushmills.

Windsor Young Birds:

08/08/20 Mullingar Area Lib (1) 9/437 – Robert Montgomery 1st, 2nd & 3rd vel 1346, 8th & 9th Open NIPA 111/4025; 15/08/20 Mullingar Area Lib (2) 16/515 – R Gage vel 1298, 4th Coleraine Triangle & 4th Open NIPA 121/3876; 23/08/20 Roscrea 16/345 – K Glass 1st, 2nd & 3rd vel 1621, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Coleraine Triangle; 29/08/20 Gowran Park 8/222 – R & J Parke vel 1201, 1st Coleraine Triangle; 06/09/20 Fermoy (1) 4/109 – Kenny Glass 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th vel 1226, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Coleraine Triangle; 12/09/20 Talbenny YB National 3/14 – R & J Parke vel 1254, 1st Coleraine Triangle. Today's winner is a direct daughter down off the St Malo Queen hen that was 1st section B and 2nd Open NIPA from St Malo this year. The Talbenny bird was timed at 13.44hrs flying 245 miles; 12/09/20 Tullamore Comeback 3/64 – Kenny Glass vel 1864, 1st Coleraine Triangle.

rabMontgomery 02 02 21

Rab Montgomery with his winning pigeon from Mullingar. Rab had a good card winning the first 3 positions in the club as well as 8th, 9th and 16th in the Area Lib - Section B and part of Sect A (4025 birds).

talbbird 02 02 21

Winner from Talbenny YB National for Jason Parke, the bird that won 1st Centre is a direct daughter down of the St Malo Queen hen that was 1st Section B and 2nd Open from St Malo.

19/09/20 Fermoy (2) 3/68 K Glass 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th club vel 1210 1st, 2nd & 3rd Coleraine Triangle. Kenny's winning blue w/f hen was 1st Club, 1st Coleraine Triangle, 1st Sect B and 56th Open NIPA. She is off Kenny's good blue cock which has been 5th Open,7th Open NIPA. He is off Karl Murphy's NCC hotspot 6 winner 2012 and a daughter of the Armstrong hen. The dam of the Section winner has also won the Section herself; 19/09/20 Fermoy 5 Bird K Glass vel 1040 1st, 2nd & 3rd Coleraine Triangle, 3rd Section B.


Winner for Kenny Glass 1st Club, 1st Coleraine Triangle and 1st Sect B Fermoy.

2020 race wins and points in Windsor Social - 1st Kenny Glass 6 wins, 66 points; 2nd R & J (Jason) Parke 4wins, 37 points; 3rd Trevor Scott 1win, 18 points; 4th Andy Boyle 2 wins, 15 points; 5th Robert Montgomery 1win, 13 points; 6th Rudi Gage 1win, 11 points; 7th Cliff Morrow & Son 1 win, 7 points; 8th. Ernie Christy 1 win, 6 points; 9th Winky Donaghy 1win, 4 points.

kennyglass 02 02 21

Kenny Glass with his winner from Fermoy. The blue w/f hen was 1st Club, 1st Coleraine Triangle, 1st Sect B and 56th open NIPA. She is off Kenny's good blue cock which has been 5th Open,7th Open NIPA. He is off Karl Murphy's NCC hotspot 6 winner 2012 and a daughter of the Armstrong hen. The dam of the Section winner has also won the Section herself.

2020 Cross Channel Average:  1st. C Cliff Morrow 7 points; 2nd R & J (Jason) Parke 6 points; 3rd R Gage 5 points; 4th G Donaghy and son 4 points; 5th Robert Montgomery 3 points. Well done to Cliff Morrow winner of the Cross Channel average.

Young Birds season 2020: 1st Kenny Glass 44 points; 2nd R & J (Jason) Parke 11 points; 3rd. Trevor Scott 11 points; 4th. Robert Montgomery 9 points; 5th. R Gage 4 points. Well down Kenny Glass.

Inland Average Od Bird 2020: 1st. K Kenny Glass 22points; 2nd. R & J (Jason) Parke 20 points; 3rd. Andy Boyle. 12 points; 4th. Trevor Scott 7 points; 5th.  E Ernie Christy 6 points. Well done Kenny Glass winning OB Inland Average 2020.

Mid Antrim Archive –

In the early day’s photos were in short supply with dinner reports, the photographer had to be ordered in advance and not every time they turned up, weekends were very busy and it was not possible to cover everything. It did help a lot if the Mayor was in attendance and the late Sandy Spence was a great supporter of the fancy and attended numerous functions in my time. At one time we set up our own darkroom, it was some craic, and the finished article was usually not as good as the real thing. So different today in the era of the modern phone and newspapers are full of pictures from various functions.

Harryville HPS had a disappointing turn-out in 1976 for the annual dinner and prize presentation which took place in the Adair Arms Hotel on Saturday evening. I estimated only half of the membership thought the occasion merited their attendance. At the top table were the Chairman Davy Campbell and his wife, with principal guests Mr & Mrs Harper (Ballymena), Mr & Mrs EG Leckey (Cullybackey), Officer Gorman Chairman of Muckamore, James Martin for the local newspaper and not least Mr Billy McIlhagga the Harryville President with his wife Sharon who always gives the club his unlimited support.

The Chairman welcomed all who had attended and wished everyone an enjoyable evening, and he called on Mr Gorman to say grace. The meal could not have been bettered the service at the hotel is excellent, and sometime, in the near-future, this venue will accommodate the NIPA Ladies Night. With the dinner completed we all raised our glasses and drank the toast of The Queen who is Patron of the RPRA the parent body which our respective clubs are affiliated.

Since the band was itching to get underway the distribution was dispensed with in a most dignified manner by two of the lady guests – Mrs Harper handing out the cash awards and Mrs Leckey the silverware. Tommy Harper was prevailed upon to say a few words and had nothing but praise for the enthusiasm and endeavour of the Harryville HPS members. The will to win from the word go was much in evidence there and he wished the club every success in the future.

In replying for the visitors Officer Gorman, always good for a yarn, as well as some realistic thinking and facts, spoke in glowing terms of the incredible performance of Tommy Harpers birds during the past season.

Before the tables were pulled back to allow more room for dancing a presentation from Harryville HPS was made to Michael Reynolds whose departure for the USA on December 31st will leave a gap in pigeon circles that will be hard to fill. All Michael’s friends wish him well his help withy news items for this column has, been very much appreciated by me. I hope in the not too-distant future he will be able to avail himself of the opportunity to accept the sporting offer from Officer Gorman and try out the Van der Espt in Florida.

Although the past season had its ups and downs the successful run of Harryville club with its 32 members in Section B continued. At club level competition has been fierce with 24 lofts sharing the prize money. For the twelfth time in 15 seasons the ever-consistent partnership of Campbell & Francey are well out on their own with £63 cash. Second with £42 is another name That needs no introduction that of McMaster Bros. The brother’s performances during the past season are the acme of consistency. Third highest with £37 is the Mr & Mrs Swann partnership having a great season especially with their young bird team. Fourth highest prize-winners were J Houston & Son followed by Wray & McFadden, and Fred Swann who were 5th and 6th. Then came the challenge of the Slaght members of the club John Sinnerton and Tommy Cotter each receiving amounts in the region of £16. The total cash awards paid out during the season was £370.  

Hville76 02 02 21

Harryville HPS winners at the Adair Arms Hotel in 1976, from (l) T Cotter, D Campbell, J H Sinnerton, J Houston & Son, R H Clements, W Reynolds and J McMaster.

A brief summary of the seasons top performances at Club, NIPA and INFC level is as follows:-

Old Bird:- 1st Arklow J Eagleson 4th Sect; 2nd Arklow McMaster Bros 2nd Sect & 2nd Open; 1st Wexford Campbell & Francey 8th Sect; 2nd Wexford McMaster Bros 1st Sect; 1st Dungarvan Mr & Mrs Swann; 2nd Dungarvan J Eagleson; Haverfordwest J H Sinnerton 1st Sect & 3rd Open plus 1st Sect & 2nd Open CC;  Haverfordwest B Rankin & Son 3rd Sect & 4th Open; 2nd Haverfordwest Campbell & Francey 3rd Sect plus 1st Sect & 3rd Open CC £200; Okehampton Campbell & Francey 2nd Sect & 4th Open plus 1st Sect & 2nd Open CC £230; Dinard R H Clements; Rennes Kings Cup Wray & McFadden, Fred Swann and Billy Ramsey all in the money.

Young Bird:- 1st Dublin K Gillen & Son; 2nd Dublin J Houston & Sons; 1st Arklow McMaster Bros; 2nd Arklow J Houston & Sons 6th Sect; 1st Wexford Campbell & Francey 1st Sect; 2nd Wexford Wray & McFadden 4th Sect; Haverfordwest McMaster Bros 4th Sect & 10th Open £232; Penzance T Cotter 17th Open also F Swann, Wray & McFadden, J McFall & Son in the result; Dungarvan McMaster Bros; Skibbereen T Cotter 1st Sect & 26th Open £173, New North Dungarvan J Houston & Sons 3rd Open £42; Skibbereen Nat Mr & Mrs Swann 4th Open.

NIPA Dickson Trophy best average Okehampton & 1st Wexford YB won by Campbell & Francey. Michael Reynolds Secretary of the Mid Antrim 2 Bird Club presented the club trophy for the Best 2 Bird Ave Dungarvan Young Bird to Campbell & Francey.

Joint presentation for Randalstown & British Enkalon -

Randalstown & British Enkalon reported a full house for the annual dinner and prize distribution which took place in Halls Hotel in Antrim on Friday. Upwards of 200 fanciers and their friends turned out for this occasion which is one of the star attractions of the social season. The attendance was the best of any function I have attended this year and a great credit to the organising ability of the man who had all the arrangements on his shoulders, none other than the 74’ Kings Cup winner from Nantes in France Arthur Simpson. The principal guests of Randalstown HPS were local licensee Gerald Lynch accompanied by his wife, Mr & Mrs E G Leckey (Cullybackey) and for the local paper James Martin. For British Enkalon the manager of the Social Club W Addison who had been of great assistance in keeping the pigeon section in the limelight. Because the workers are from a wide area duplication is through their respective clubs, and therefore the British Enkalon HPS had members from most clubs in Sect B of the NIPA. I was pleased to see one of my Ahoghill Club members Tosh Bamber going up to the table for his share of the prizes.

The Randalstown distribution was the first to be carried out and with speeches being kept to the minimum from the Randalstown Chairman R Adair and President J Shaw the presentation was well under way with this pleasant task being entrusted to Mrs Leckey. The Randalstown HPS prize money is paid out immediately the racing season is over, an arrangement I would have no hesitation recommending to other clubs. Total cash paid out was £175 plus almost £250 in pools and DTW. Out in front once again as premier prize winners were the remarkable partnership of Bell & McDowell with nearly £33. Second with £16 are Joe Boyd & Son followed by Houston Bros £13 and in 4th spot the clubs good inland racer T Stevenson. Magill Bros and S McComb had over £10 each followed by A Simpson & Son, and a further 15 members sharing in the prizes of the 32 members who had raced – 25 had prize money to collect. An omen that competition is really-keen in the club.

Once again, the 1976 season has been one of outstanding success for Bell & McDowell who lifted most cups including Old Bird Derby Cup, Cross Channel Ave, Old Bird Ave, Best Ave OB & YB Derbies and Combined Average. With 14 Diplomas they were the club Ace Racers. T Stevenson always good down Ireland won the Inland Ave and a top result from Bude while Stewart Bros win the S Millar Cup. In the OB Nat Kings Cup from Rennes it was Eric Ross who kept his clubs name to the forefront with first bird timed and with it the Mr & Mrs David Bell Cup.

With the young birds the racing pattern changed and what an impact the partnership of J McKay & Son made on the racing scene winning the YB Average Cup in their first season full racing. Houston Bros had the best bird in the Skibbereen Derby and in the cross-channel Derby from Haverfordwest it was C Shaw who had the best local pigeon and well placed in Sect B. The G Lynch Shield was won by Sammy McComb for the Best Ave in the two Wexford races. Although a non-fancier the local licensee is keenly interested in the club and spoke in glowing terms of the newly acquired clubrooms but regretted that one of their new members James McAteer who had been a great help with his services in the renovation job was unable to be present owing to illness. All present wished Jimmy a speedy recovery to good health.

The Enkalon prizes were handed over by the manager of the Social Club and with the help of R Patton and R Goudy the presentation was efficiently dealt with and although previously mentioned the wide area from which the Enkalon HPS draws its membership the distinction of being top racer for the second successive season came to Ballymena – or should I say to the Harryville partnership of the now well-known McMaster Bros. Their achievements over the past two or three seasons in both Harryville and Enkalon are phenomenal and must rank as one of the top lofts in the NIPA. The other Harryville member Tommy Cotter also had his successes in the INFC Penzance YB Nat and followed up an outstanding performance from the NIPA Skibbereen YB Derby when the loft scored 1st Sect B & 29th Open plus £173. Enkalon prizes presented by Mr W Addison and his wife, cups and diplomas to the following members. Inland Ave & YB Average McMaster Bros; Dinard Cup and YB Knock-out Hanlon & Lavery; Haverfordwest YB Derby McMaster Bros; Best Ave YB Wexford and Skibbereen YB Derby T Cotter; Best Ave Okehampton & Weymouth Fears & Bell; OB Kniock-out R J Goudy. McMaster Bros emerged as top prize-winners for the second season in a row with nineteen awards, R J Goudy was second with sixteen prizes, R Patton third with ten prizes, T Cotter fourth with nine prizes and Hanlon & Lavery fifth with eight prizes. Chairman of British Enkalon HPS Mr R Patten thanked Mr & Mrs Addison on behalf of the club.

Ross Lodge is venue for Kells presentation -

Kells & District annual dinner and prize distribution was held last week in the Ross Lodge Hotel close to Ballymena and upwards of 100 members and friends joined the celebrations. There was a slight delay with the dinner, so the officials suggested that the cups and prize money be distributed first. The Chairman Mr W McClure in his introduction welcomed the members and guests. He introduced Mr Willie Reynolds from Harryville and Mrs I Ellis who was to present the prizes. After the toast to HM the Queen a toast was also made to all the ladies attending. Mr McClure then went on to thank all the members who helped with the club duties each week, particularly Secretary Roy McFarlane and treasurer George McDowell. At club level he congratulated all prize-winners especially top winners B Swann & Son and George McDowell who took five trophies each and novice William Warwick in his first full season who lifted three trophies.

A very special mention was made on the racing performances of the past season by member Joe Wright. On behalf of all the club members he congratulated Joe in keeping the club name well to the fore in Irish Nat FC events. Performances were from Vaux Usher Beauvais 8th Open (last year the loft finished 2nd Open), from the OB Nat Kings Cup Rennes 6th Open winning £963 (only three birds on the day) and from the YB National Penzance 8th, 46th and 121st Open collecting a cash total of £750 plus a Colour TV. He also clocked from Skibbereen and his average from here, Rennes and Penzance was good enough to lift the Erwin Trophy in the INFC an early day National Champion. The chairman suggested that Joe’s performances should not only put him well in the running for Irish Fancier of the Year but also that of British Fancier of the Year.

On a sad note, Mr McClure mentioned the tragic loss the club had suffered by the untimely death of Joe Ellis. A new trophy donated by the family The Joe Ellis Memorial Trophy will be competed for by club members each year from the Skibbereen Derby. Secretary Mr McFarlane then assisted Mrs I Ellis with the presentation. B Swann & Son had most cups including OB Inland Ave, YB Average, and Best Ave 4 Arklows. George McDowell list included Cross Channel Ave, Combined Ave, Dinard Cup, Combine Ave and Best Ave 3 Derbies. William Warwick won Haverford Derby, Beat Ave 2 YB Derbies, G & A Eagleson Best Ave 2 Haverfordwests, A Wilson Okehampton Cup, A Barkley J Ellis Mem Cup, D McCullough & Son OB Knock-out.

Top prize-winner was B Swann & Son followed closely by George McDowell who was also runner-up last year, Brown Bros, J Scott & Son top prize-winner for the last two years, T Shanks & Son, and Gregg Bros. In all two thirds of the members shared the prize money. J Scott & Son were presented with the RPRA Sect B Merotorious Award for 1975. His 1972 Blue Cheq was clocked in the money from Okehampton and Weymouth, and also from Dinard. A look at some of the seasons results show that in old bird racing only J Scott & Son had two winners Dungarvan and Haverfordwest. From the 1st Haverfordwest G & A Eagleson had a great result winning the club by over 100ypm. They also took 2nd Sect B & 4th Open NIPA with 20,000 birds competing. From Dinard Derby France (465 miles) George McDowell won 2nd Sect & 6th Open NIPA plus £320 when there were only 16 day birds. In the young bird programme Brown Bros and B Swann &N Son both won twice. In the Derby races W Warwick won 17th Sect from Haverfordwest and A Barkley took 2nd Sect B plus the Nom & 47th Open plus £370 from Skibbereen. Super text as usual from the late James Martin. 

Kells76 02 02 21

Kells & Dist members at the Ross Lodge Hotel in 1976, from (l) W McClure, R McFarlane, B Swann, G McDowell, G Eagleson, W Warwick and A Barkley.

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