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Homers Odyssey Archive - 13-04-21

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Homers Odyssey Archive

George Lyons wins fast Kings Cup from Rennes –

In July 1977 the Ireland’s Saturday Night reported on A Winner by George! Pensioner George Lyons has a hunch that the baby pigeon finely marked in chequered blue with an elegant white flight was born to be a champion. So he asked his nephew 22 year old Carson to dream up a suitable name for their prize bird. Carson a foreman on the ground staff at the Maze Racecourse, near Lisburn christened the cock, bred for high flying racing as “Jubilee King”. I had my thoughts on Jubilee Year and the biggest prize of all in pigeon racing the Kings Cup he recalled today. It’s just two years since George and Carson agreed on the name and now the prediction has come true.

georgelyons 13 04 21
Mr George Lyons of the Maze with his pigeon “Jubilee King” which won the Kings Cup race worth £1,500 and a new car to the happy owner.

“Jubilee King” swept home to victory ahead of a field of 1,750 birds in the Blue Riband of pigeon racing earning £1,512 in prize money and a new car for his proud owners. Not only that “Jubilee Kings” flight across 480 miles from Rennes in France took less than nine hours 10 minutes, or at a speed of 1526 yards per minute which is a record for the Kings Cup. Note – This record stood until 2015 when H & C Thorpe of the Boyne Valley club recorded a winning velocity of 1632ypm.

lyonscar 13 04 21
Nelson Corry (l) Chairman of the INFC presenting the keys of a new Ford Escort car to George Lyons winner of the INFC Kings Cup race from Rennes, plus the car.

He could have been even faster only we had difficulty tempting him back into the loft to be timed and we lost about nine minutes said George at his home in Knockmore near Lisburn. Uncle and nephew have been grooming “Jubilee King” for the biggest race of his life for many months. He has already been involved in five big inland races and one across the sea. We might have won them all except for that bad habit of refusing to get into the loft until it suits him said Carson. The Kings Cup Champion has a price on its head. The Lyons reckon he is worth a cool £3,000 and already there are requests for his services at stud. “Jubilee Kings” racing days are over – From now on he will have to be content with an occasional 30 mile exercise flight once or twice a week and a hop into the air with the other 50 Lyons pigeons daily.

So keen were the Lyons to groom the bird they bred and trained at the Maze – home of a different kind of racing – for Kings Cup fame that often Carson took him home in a cage and slept with “Jubilee King” in his bedroom so that no harm could come to him. Now the bird coveted by pigeon fanciers the world over is heavily guarded in a special loft. He is too valuable to risk again on a long and arduous race, explained Carson. It is impossible to get insurance for pigeon’s so we have decided to retire him permanently. But the happy pair are hoping one day that he will father another Kings Cup Champion and make them once again the envy of every fancier in Ireland. It had always been my ambition to win this Irish OB National – it is a once in a lifetime business, George told me.

“Jubilee King” has the famous Delbar bloodlines – the grand sire and grand dam were obtained from Davy McNeilly of Ballyclare. The Newtownabbey partnership of Jones & McKinstry were runner-up in the cup race with a two year old blue chequer pigeon which contains bloodlines from neighbouring fanciers T Dempsey & Son. The partners call their near champion “Bill’s Gift”. She was basketed for the OB National sitting four days on eggs, and slipped a 14 day squeaker. Text Eddie McIlwaine.

jubileeking 13 04 21
Blue Cheq w/f cock “Jubilee King” 1st Open INFC Rennes 1977 and Kings Cup. Bred and raced by George Lyons, Hillsborough, County Down, Northern Ireland. Photo Millar McAllister.

INFC Kings Cup Rennes 938/1750 flown Saturday 2nd July 1977 and liberated at 5.45am in a South SW wind. Top 25 – G Lyons Lisburn 1526, Jones & McKinstry Newtownabbey 1524, N Stewart & Son Lurgan 1520, Adair Bros Lurgan 1515, Mr & Mrs Gregg Dublin 1506, J McGall & Son Kells & Dist 1506, G Brady Portadown 1505, J Lester Portadown 1502, H Elliott Lisburn 1493, Reynolds & Creighton Dollingstown 1487, A A Webster Newry 1483, J F McAllister Ballymena 1480, E Shaw Cookstown 1479, Houston Bros Lurgan 1477, O A Totten Shaws Bridge 1475, J F McAllister Ballymena 1472, J Gamble Coleraine 1471, J Murdock Lisburn 1470, N Higginson Ballyclare 1469, Hamilton & Burke Portstewart 1469, D Kerr Ballymena 1469, S Mulholland & Son Moira 1468, P McCabe Lurgan 1468, J Livingstone & Sons Portadown 1466. Moulds Bros Dunmurry 1466.

As usual in my race review from the years past I have the following penned by the late James Martin in his Ballymena Guardian column. High velocities in the Irish National from France –

The Blue Riband event of Irish racing took place at the weekend when more than 1,700 birds of the Irish National Flying Club were liberated to compete for the much coveted Kings Cup in the final old bird race of the year from Rennes in France. The distance to Mid Antrim was approximately 500 miles. With a helping wind the race proved to be a great success,. The winning pigeons in contrast to previous years recorded high velocities, in numerous occasions when prizes were not won until the second or third day. All the money for this National event was won on the day of liberation – approximate velocities.

The winning fancier veteran George Lyons from the Maze in Lisburn clocked a fancied two year old velocity 1526 pooled to £2 Open & Section, also Nominated plus the Car Nom and is expected to win “2,000. 2 Jones & McKinstry Newtownabbey 1524, 3 T Stewart & Sons Lurgan 1520, 4 Adair Bros Lurgan 1515, 5 Mr & Mrs Gregg Dublin 1509, 6 J McGall & Son Kells & Dist 1506, 7 G Brady Portadown 1505, 8 J Leater Portadown 1502, 9 H Elliott Lisburn 1493 all pooled Open & Sect, 10 J F McAllister Ballymena 1487, 11 A A Webster Newry 1483 and 12 J F McAllister Ballymena 1479. The above are the first twelve positions, and again the local lofts, especially that of Jim McGall & Son, J F McAllister with the above two birds and another one in the prizes approx. 74th. Sammy Smyth also had three good pigeons to finish approx. 30th, 32nd and 42nd, D Kerr Ballymena & Dist is 20th with McClintock Bros Ballymena & Dist 50th. McCartney & Perry from Ballymena Championship are in the Top 50 timing the same pigeon as the year previous, with the Kells partnership of R T Service & Sons & French being 35th. McClintock Bros racing to Princess Street were 1st Sect B & 22nd Open in the NIPA Dinard Derby.

To all the above this column congratulates you on your fantastic performance, and do remember, irrespective of weather conditions the French races are not at the door.

Edgar1 13 04 21

Edgarstown HPS from years back, big time racing in Portadown.

Edgar2 13 04 21

From a few years back the top winners in Edgarstown.

Edgar3 13 04 21

Prize-winners and officials of Edgarstown HPS at a prize presentation from years back.

Fancier brings top honour to Ballymena –

Ballymena and its surrounding district has always had a big following when it comes to pigeon racing, and recently a fancier from the Borough brought to it for the first time one of the sports most coveted awards in Ireland. Drinks Wholesaler and Solicitor Mr Shaun McAllister was presented with the award at the annual dinner and prize presentation of the Irish National Flying Club by Sir Robin Kinahan, the former Lord Mayor of Belfast.

The award the Harkness Perpetual Challenge Rose Bowl is open to any pigeon racer in the whole of Ireland. Mr McAllister had some stiff competition for this year’s honours in the form of 1,750 other hopeful contestants. To win the Harkness Rose Bowl the competitor had to clock the best 2 Bird Average in the Old Bird National which this year was run from Rennes in France. For his average of 12th & 16th Open Mr McAllister flying 506 miles collected prize and pool monies for a bonus of around £450.  

jfmcallister 13 04 21
J F McAllister from Ballymena with the coveted Harkness Rose Bowl, Best 2 Bird Average Kings Cup Rennes in 1977. 

AntrimAmal80 13 04 21
Members of the Antrim Amalgamated gathered in the Halls Hotel in Antrim in the winter of 1980 for their annual dinner and prize presentation. Included in the sea of familiar faces are Ron Whann, Billy McVeigh, Mr Close, Noel McKee, Bobby Hill, Alfie Murray, Victor McDonald, Colin Close, Tommy McMillen, Robert Mailey, Mr Hannan, Jim Carson, Norman McKeague, Jim McKeague, and Robert Patterson. Doesn’t time fly?Houston Bros at the Lisburn Marking Centre for the Irish Nat FC

Kells & District Awards 2009

The presentation of the season’s cups and trophies for Kells & District HPS was held in the local Buffs Social Club. Mid Antrim Combine Secretary George presented the club with the MAC Points Shield for Old Birds and Young Birds probably both won for the first time in one season, and showing just how consistent the club members were during the 2009 season.

Scott & Clements were presented with the MAC Inland Average trophy and if that was not enough they won Highest Prize-winner in Kells & Dist for the first time. What an achievement that is for a partnership not long racing. Mid Antrim Combine was topped a massive seven times with four diplomas going to George McDowell and one each for B Swann & Son, Surgenor Bros, Brian Swann & Son, T & M Morrow and Harry Boyd.

Kells 4 13 04 21
Top winners at Kells & Dist HPS during 2009 and winners of 1st Mid Antrim Combine, from (l) Harry Boyd, Brian Swann, Geoff Surgenor and George McDowell. 

Special guest Mrs Herron presented the cups and trophies to the winners, plus the prize money and show specials amounting to close on £1,150. The leading lofts were: Scott & Clements, Surgenor Bros, Harry Boyd, George McDowell, T & M Morrow and B Swann & Son. The cup and trophy winners were:

Scott & Clements won:- Highest Prize-winner, Transporter Cup Talbenny (2), Best Ave Talbenny (1) & (2), OB Inland Average, T Shanks Memorial Cup (Old Bird of the Year).

William McClure won:- G Herron Memorial Cup (Best Position in Kings Cup), D Graham Memorial Trophy (Best Position in any INFC Nat), Spar Cup (Best Ave OB Nat NIPA & INFC).

Surgenor Bros won:- M Smyth Cup (Best Ave 1st & 2nd OB Races), R Service Cup (Best Ave 1st & 2nd OB & YB Races), Old Bird Nat (NIPA St Malo), Young Bird Nat (NIPA Talbenny), Adair Cup (Best Ave YB Nationals NIPA Talbenny & Rosscarbery), Young Bird Average, Buffs Cup (Best Ave all Nationals NIPA), J Wright Cup, T Morrow Memorial Cup, Tramore Cup.

B Swann & Son won:- Yearling National Cup, OB Knock-Out Cup, YB Knock-Out Cup.

George McDowell won:- R Logan Cup (Clonmel (1) & (2) Ave), N McFarlane Cup, YB Inland Nat NIPA, Young Bird Points Cup, M Morrow 2 Bird Award, Boddy & Ridewood Cup (Young Bird of Year).

Before looking at racing in general I will cover the races where the club members won 1st Mid Antrim Combine. Clonmel was the fourth race of the old bird programme, Harry Boyd timed the winner doing almost a mile a minute at 1753 and won 1st Comb 123/3,388, and 3rd Sect B with 4,945 birds competing. Next best T & M Morrow, G McDowell and B Swann & Son all made the MAC Top 10. We had to wait until the end of the old bird programme for the next success, it was the Yearling Cock Nat flown on 27th June when T & M Morrow had the early bird to win 1st Combine 46/153, 1st Sect B 70/255 and 17th Open NIPA 346/1,337 doing velocity 1348. Harry Boyd was next best doing 1325 finishing 3rd, Comb, 5th Sect & 33rd Open NIPA. The young birds were a bit more productive and what a result for Surgenor Bros in the opening liberation from Mullingar on 18th July. They had 1st, 2nd & 3rd Combine 82/1,756, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sect B and 1st, 2nd & 3rd Open NIPA 124/2,859. The leading two birds were recording velocity 1315. From Clonmel on 15th August George McDowell was best, doing velocity 1646 he took 1st Combine 112/2,329, and 5th Sect B with 3,353 birds competing. Others well placed included Harry Boyd and Surgenor Bros. From Tullamore on the same day as Talbenny the club had another top result with the leading positions in the MAC. B Swann & Son were the winners doing velocity 1697, followed by Surgenor Bros and Scott & Clements. The winner finished 5th Sect with 1,943 birds competing. A fortnight later George McDowell done the double from Fermoy, doing velocity 1679 he took 1st Combine & 5th Sect B in the 5 Bird and in the ordinary race 1st Combine 71/877 and 10th Sect B with 1,730 birds competing.

Now my usual very quick review of the rest of the racing, first race of the year flown from Tullamore on 11th April was won by Alan Barkley & Son doing velocity 1878, the season started with a fast one and that was a feature over many races. The loft finished 5th Comb, 8th Sect B with 2,226 birds competing. Back at Tullamore for the second week, a race not favourable for Mid Antrim was won by Surgenor Bros doing velocity 1384 to finish 6th Comb, 21st Sect B with 3,763 birds competing and 118th Open NIPA 1133/24,924. Moving on to Roscrea the winner was H Fullerton & Son recording velocity 1794 to finish 10th Comb, 28th Sect B and 124th Open NIPA 1223/27,770. Mid Antrim lofts improved at Clonmel, 1st Combine won by Harry Boyd, a 4 year old bird that must have a host of positions. At Clonmel for the second time Harry is well placed again but just beat by Surgenor Bros on velocity 1396 to finish 3rd Comb & Sect and 63rd Open NIPA 1164/26,870. Racing from Tullamore for the third time the best bird was timed by B Swann & Son on 1922 placed 6th Comb, 8th Sect and 43rd Open NIPA 626/11,897. Next best were H Boyd and Scott & Clements, both lofts consistent all season to date. The first big race the Rosscarbery Inland National was next and the early bird was timed by Harry Boyd, doing velocity 1855 to finish 6th Comb, 8th Sect and 142nd Open NIPA 907/7602. Surgenor Bros were next best followed by a second arrival for Harry Boyd.

Fermoy was the final event prior to the channel racing, Harry Boyd wins for the second week doing velocity 1943 another fast one, his loft finished 9th Comb, 15th Sect and 99th Open NIPA 848/17,067. Talbenny in South Wales was the venue as usual for the opening cross channel race the NIPA had just short of 20,000 birds competing. Alan Barkley & Son had the best bird to finish 14th Comb, 25th Sect B and 86th Open NIPA 1143/19,942, doing velocity 1712. Liberation was delayed in the next Talbenny until Monday, in the meantime we had a Saturday race from Fermoy on 6th June, the Surgenor Bros were just ahead of Scott & Clements who had a good card. The Surgenor team doing velocity 1053 finished 6th Comb, 11th Sect and just outside the NIPA Top 100 with 4,768 birds competing. On Monday from Talbenny Scott & Clements were best doing velocity 1221, the loft finished 26th Comb, and 30th Sect B Swann & Son who won the YB Nat from here were next best. Harry Boyd was at the top again from Bude doing velocity 1574 he took 19th Comb, 27th in Sect B and 124th Open NIPA 771/7,060. Flown on the same day the Mallow 5 Bird Harry Boyd completed a winning double ahead of three good birds for Scott & Clements. Harry was to record velocity 1737 finishing 2nd Comb, 6th Sect and just outside the NIPA Top 100. Penzance, the race just before France was a different day altogether with the winner A Barkley & Son doing velocity 893 to finish 27th Comb, 36th Sect followed by H Fullerton & Son.

The Old Bird Nat from St Malo in France was a fantastic race flown on Thursday 25th June, early arrivals timed across all the NIPA including Mid Antrim. Best in Kells was Jeff Surgenor who has a very good record from France, doing velocity 1123 Surgenor Bros finished 7th Comb, 9th Sect B and 33rd Open NIPA 575/1,904. Others placed included Harry Boyd 154th Open, William McClure 168th Open and H Fullerton & Son 172nd Open. The final NIPA races were the Yearling Nat flown from Rosscarbery on Saturday 27th June, T & M Morrow as I had mentioned earlier won 1st Combine in the Yearling Cock. Harry Boyd was next best with two early birds timed to finish 3rd & 8th Comb and 5th & 12th Sect, Scott & Clements and McFarlane & Agnew were also listed. Harry Boyd was best in the Yearling Hen, with two arrivals doing velocity 1301 and 1297 he finished 6th & 7th Comb, 10th & 12th Sect B. bringing the old bird season to a conclusion.

A lot of the young bird season will have been covered already in the earlier report covering 5 x 1st Combine performances. The first race from Mullingar, an area liberation on 18th July was a fantastic result for Surgenor Bros who had the three best birds ahead of the big card that day for Martin Graham in Ballymena. The second race was from Tullamore the day Danny Dixon had the Card of the Day, McFarlane & Agnew had two good birds to finish 12th & 13th Comb, and 23rd & 24th Open NIPA with 4,826 birds competing. Tullamore was the venue again in the third area release, the Mid Antrim Birds did not feature in the NIPA Results dominated by East Antrim lofts. The Kells winner was Surgenor Bros doing velocity 1834 followed by McFarlane & Agnew to finish 7th & 8th Combine 2,479 birds competing. Roscrea flown on 8th August was the first mass liberation, 28,663 birds were released at 12.15pm. Harry Boyd had the early bird, recording velocity 1622 he finished 2nd Combine to John Getty (Broughshane), 5th Sect & 161st Open NIPA 1082/28,663. The club had a good result from Clonmel on 15th August, George McDowell took 1st Combine on velocity 1646 and finished 5th Sect B 156/3,353. Others well placed included H Boyd 3rd Comb & 8th Sect, Surgenor Bros 4th Comb & 10th Sect, Surgenor Bros 6th Comb & 13th Sect and a second bird for Harry Boyd as well finishing 7th Comb & 15th Sect. The next week Fermoy was another race not suited to Mid Antrim, and there were plenty of those. Winner again was George McDowell doing velocity 1603 to finish 3rd Comb, 16th Sect 151/3,386 and followed by Henry Turkington.

Surgenor Bros had 1st Club in the Talbenny YB Nat doing velocity 974, in the Tullamore race on the same day Brian Swann & Son had the early bird doing velocity 1697 to take 1st Comb & 5th Sect B 108/1,943. Others placed included Surgenor Bros, Scott & Clements and George McDowell. Fermoy and the duplicate 5 Bird were flown on 5th September, George McDowell had 1st Combine in both races doing velocity 1679. In the ordinary race with two birds George had 1st & 3rd Comb, 10th & 15th Sect B 117/1,730, Surgenor Bros were next best with two birds together. In the Fermoy 5 Bird he finished 1st Comb and 5th Sect B 54/256. George McDowell maintained his good form and was best again in the final event, Rosscarbery National. Doing velocity 1199 he finished 6th Comb and 13th NIPA Sect B 79/526.

Finally a look at the racing with the Irish Nat FC, starting at the Yearling Nat flown from Sennen Cove where Brian Swann & Son timed the best club bird to finish 113th North Sect & 169th Open INFC 786/4,134 flying 326 miles and doing velocity 1077. In the Kings Cup race flown from Plaudren/Vannes William McClure who I well remember was runner-up in the race when my hair was a different colour, had the best local bird. He was 3rd best in the Mid Antrim Combine, 38th North Sect & 46th Open INFC 770/2,619 flying 510 miles and doing velocity 1314. Cash winning were £435 and added to that he finished 4th in the Single Bird Challenge and lifted a further £150. The former OB Derby winners with the NIPA from France, T Shanks & Son finished 119th North Sect & 143rd Open and William McClure had a second bird placed at 125th North Sect & 156th Open. I should have mentioned that T Shanks & Son were also placed in the Single Bird Challenge. The Penzance YB Nat was a difficult race and Henry Turkington was well placed finishing 2nd Mid Antrim Combine, 93rd North Sect & 122nd Open 459/2,120 flying 324 miles and doing velocity 410.

McGarryJanssen 13 04 21

From a few years back New Kid on the Block Steve McGarry in the famous chair at Janssen Bros of Arendonk. Loft visit while we were at the Olympiad in Lille. Photo by Homer.

Randalstown HPS Awards 2009

Randalstown HPS continue to lift top prizes sitting half-way between Antrim and Ballymena for the past number of seasons they have competed in the Mid Antrim Combine now with nine clubs and getting as big as a few Federations. Tom McMillan was a top competitor in the Chimney Corner where he won numerous 1sts up to 1st NIPA Section B. He was the leading loft in 2009 and I can remember before that A & S Bell, Mr & Mrs Magill and Tom Cotter to just mention a few that have reached the top. The Magill Family won Nationals with the INFC and had some Golden Years, and of course the great “Champion Sean” won a Hall of Fame and the Kings Cup for the late Arthur Simpson. Other great gentlemen who are long remembered include Bob Bell the long-time secretary, long-time chairman John Kyle was a past President NIPA and there were many others. Randalstown is a place I know quite well having stayed during many school holidays and probably spoiled by Granny Wallace in Daisy Hill. How the whole place has changed since those days when the Old Bleach was the place of work for most residents and they had a train station. For this year once again the NIPA have appointed myself alone as Press Officer to look after and cover the publicity, as far as possible, for all member clubs. The job does cover some small reward, having been done on a voluntary basis for well over 30 years. It is not the case now nor never has been the more you pay the better you get covered, that’s just idle chat. A number of clubs have a news contact, many do a fantastic job full of total dedication. I would say to my regular contacts, keep the news coming and for the rest. Remember what I mentioned before, if you are not getting covered I am not getting either the news or the result.

Now some quick racing performances in the old bird Tullamore T McMillan had two birds together to win 6th & 7th Combine and 9th & 10th Sect B, a fast day with his winner doing velocity 1872. Stewart Bros were best in Roscrea (1) 7th Comb, 24th Sect & 115th Open NIPA 1223/27,770, again over a mile a minute. In Tullamore (3) secretary John Millar had two birds together to win 11th & 12th Comb and 14th & 15th Sect, the winner doing velocity 1891. From Clonmel (1) Tom McMillen was a good 2nd Comb, 5th Sect 183/4945 on 1746 and Stewart Bros were best in Clonmel (2) finishing 9th Comb, 10th Sect & 149th Open NIPA 1164/26,870. Stewart Bros were best again in the Rosscarbery Inl Nat on another fast day doing velocity 1878 they finished 1st Sect & 27th Open NIPA 907/7,602 and were beat for the MAC by Jimmy Smyth of Ahoghill. They had the winner again from Fermoy doing vel 1948 the loft finished 5th Comb, 9th Sect & 74th Open NIPA 848/17,067. David Logan had a super result from Talbenny (1) taking 1st Comb, 1st Sect & 7th Open NIPA with almost 20,000 birds competing in the first cross channel race. He had the top three birds the next week in the comeback Fermoy all three well placed in Comb & Sect. At Talbenny the second time it was top success for the consistent Houston Bros finishing 4th Comb, 4th Sect & 81st Open NIPA 1038/14,664. David Logan continued the good form and was best again from Bude, three more early arrivals 6th, 8th & 10th Comb, 7th, 10th & 12th Sect and 42nd, 52nd & 64th Open NIPA 771/7060, his winner doing velocity 1612. The members had a great race from Penzance, the most difficult of the season to date. Stewart Bros doing velocity 941 finished 10th Comb, 14th Sect & 145th Open NIPA 866/9054. Also well placed were Houston Bros, D Logan (2 birds) and Tom McMillen. Stewart Bros were best in the duplicate OB Classic finishing 11th Sect & 96th Open NIPA 501/3,491. Houston Bros had the early arrival from St Malo in France, doing velocity 1161 the loft finished 3rd Comb, 4th Sect & 20th Open NIPA 575/1,904, others with day arrivals included Hugh Boyd and Campbell Shaw.

shawboyd 13 04 21
Getting the clocks checked at Cullybackey Centre in the St Malo OB National Campbell Shaw (l) and Hugh Boyd.

Moving to young birds John Millar on 1546 was a yard ahead of Stewart Bros in the Area Liberation from Tullamore, Tom McMillan had 1st Roscrea. Simon Millar was the winner at Clonmel doing velocity 1619 he finished 8th Comb, 20th Sect B 156/3,353. In the Talbenny YB Nat the best bird was timed by W & W Gilbert, doing 1135 the loft finished 5th Comb, 10th Sect & 65th Open NIPA 624/4,183. The loft is getting back to the show scene at the INFC Belfast Show in December had BOS, Best YB and Most Points. Simon Millar had all the early birds from Fermoy, a good card presented won 19th, 24th, 31st, 33rd and 36th Sect B 117/1730. One week later in the Rosscarbery YB Nat Simon Millar had the early birds again 4th & 5th Comb, 11th & 12th Sect and two other birds well placed.

simonmillar 13 04 21
New Secretary in Randalstown HPS Simon Millar, had a weekend to remember at the recent Blackpool Show of the Year. This performance will be hard to beat.

Racing with the Irish Nat Flying Club Tom McMillan was best in the Yearling Nat flown from Sennen Cove, on vel 1111 and flying 323 Miles the loft finished 51st North Sect & 92nd Open INFC 786/4,134 plus £200. Campbell Shaw finished 79th North Sect & 130th Open INFC and the consistent J McNeill & Son also made the result. The Kings Cup was flown for the first time in three seasons and Hugh Boyd was best placed finishing 63rd North Sect & 73rd Open doing vel 1288 flying 505 Miles. J McNeill & Son were next best followed by Houston Bros and Stewart Bros who just got in to qualify for the highly prized Hall of Fame Diploma.

stewartbros 13 04 21
Stewart Bros had a season to remember winning the INFC Hall of Fame award for the second time.

halloffame 13 04 21
The late INFC President Ken McConaghie presents the Hall of Fame Diploma to Randalstown brothers Eric and Ian Stewart.

Three times in the Kings Cup result with the same bird, 54th Open Messac in 2004, 64th Open Vannes in 2006 and 246th Open Plaudren in 2009. In a very unique position the Stewart Bros win a second diploma with birds the same way bred, a first for that. John Millar had the only bird from Penzance, his old hen finished 2nd Comb, 24th North Sect & 30th Open INFC flying 321 Miles doing velocity 599, real hard going.

johnmillar 13 04 21
Secretary John Millar had a good bird in the INFC Old Hens National.

1. T McMillan: Kyle Cup Av 2 Tullamore races OB, Millar Trophy Ave Roscrea & Clonmel OB, Mr & Mrs Magill Cup Most Points Old Birds, Old Bleach Cup 1st bird INFC Yearling National.

2. Stewart Bros: Marrion Cup Lowest Velocity OB, Inland Ave Cup, Bell, Kyle, Simpson Cup Penzance, Gribben Cup Penzance OB Classic, BOCM Cup Rosscarbery OB Nat NIPA, McKay Cup Ave 1st & 2nd YB Races, McComb Trophy Fermoy, Houston Trophy Best Old Bird 2009.

3. Simon Millar: W J Bell Cup Rosscarbery YB Nat NIPA, Mr & Mrs Magill Shield Most Points YB, Davis Trophy Best Young Bird 2009.

4. John Millar: Young Bird Average Cup.

David Logan: Kissick Cup Ave Bude & Penzance, Millar Cup Bude (1st Mid Antrim Combine), Shaw Cup 1st Talbenny. Houston Bros: J Boyd Cup Ave 2 Talbenny, Bude & Penzance, Clanmore Cup St Malo OB Nat NIPA, Castledawson Trophy 2nd Talbenny. Hugh Boyd: Simpson Shield Ave OB & YB NIPA, D Bell Cup OB Nat INFC Kings Cup Plaudren. W & W Gilbert: R Adair Shield Ave Talbenny & Rosscarbery YB Nat NIPA, J McKeown Cup Talbenny YB Nat NIPA, S McCausland Trophy Lowest Vel YB Races. Campbell Shaw: Old Bird Average Cup 2009. S Murphy: Simpson Trophy Best Novice 2009.

iananthony 13 04 21
Ian Stewart (l) with Anthony McNeill at the Muckamore Clock Station.

Congratulations goes to Simon Millar on winning in the racing pigeon classes at the BHW Show of the Year in Blackpool. He also won the Show Series in the Club Shows 2009 and I hear he has filled the position of Secretary for 2010.

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