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NIPA Sect A, B, E & H Report by Homer - 13-07-21

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NIPA Sect A, B, E & H Report by Homer

Ronnie Williamson - 3 Times the Winner!

The Premier Old Bird National for the Mighty NIPA was flown again from St Malo in France, turned out another extremely hard race with around 140 birds timed in the race time of three days. Pride of place goes to the record breaker Ron Williamson who adds another 1st Open NIPA to his ever-growing list of winners, it was the lofts 3rd time to lift this 1st Nat from France, two in Newry & District and the first one at Bondhill, and, added to that he has another 3 x 1st Nat from France which includes the Blue Riband Kings Cup.

williamson 13 07 21
Ron Williamson from Newry & District holding his latest 1st Open NIPA winner, it’s the third time he has won the Premier OB National with the Mighty NIPA.

The consistent Spence Bros from Lisburn & District finished the runner-up timing at 10.24am on the second morning this 4yo black cheq cock was 7th Sect D last season and will qualify for a Bronze Award.

spencebros 13 07 21
Spence Bros from Lisburn & District took 1st in Sect D and finished 2nd Open NIPA, their bird collects a Bronze Diploma after finishing 7th Sect D last year.

NIPA Open St Malo OB National 419/1980 sponsored by S G Briggs & NIPA -

1-1G Ron Williamson Newry & Dist. 817, 2-1D Spence Bros Lisburn & District 772, 3-1B J Connolly Ballymoney 762, 4-1E W G Neill Annaghmore 736, 5-1C G McNeilly Ballyclare 734, 6-2E R Telford Annaghmore 729, 7-2B McAlonan Bros Cullybackey 725, 8-2C W O’Boyle Ligoniel 723, 9-3B A Darragh Cullybackey 719, 10-3E P Hope Edgarstown 718, 11-3C A & N Lewis Doagh & Dist. 709, 12-4E Capper Bros Bondhill 705, 13-2G C O’Hare & Son Ballyholland 704, 14-4C B & M Gilmore Doagh & Dist. 702, 15-5C A Thompson Ballyclare 700, 16-1H D W Lofts Foyle 696, 17-6C C McManus Ligoniel 695, 18-3G Donnelly Bros Newry City 690, 19-5E G & C Topley Laurelvale 686, 20-7C Mr & Mrs R Reid & Son Carrick Social 686.

Best in each NIPA Section:

Section A 38/170 – Eamon Bleeks Dungannon 564, Kevin Carolan Coalisland & District 554, Sean Hughes Coalisland & District 544.

eamonbleeks 13 07 21
Eamonn Bleeks from Dungannon scored a super 1st in Section A and finished 56th Open NIPA.  

Section B 59/241 – John Connolly Ballymoney 762, McAlonan Bros Cullybackey 725, Alan Darragh Cullybackey 719.

conolly 13 07 21
John Connolly of Ballymoney timed his big favourite and all pooler to win 1st in Section B and finish 3rd Open NIPA plus £1,200.

Section C 73/384 – Glen McNeilly Ballyclare 734, W O’Boyle Ligoniel 723, A & N Lewis Doagh & District 709.

Section D 37/172 – Spence Bros Lisburn & District 772, Brown & Gardniner Harmony 542, A Hughes & Sons Lisburn & District 540.

Section E 102/564 – W G Neill Annaghmore 736, R Telford Annaghmore 729, Paul Hope Edgartown 718.

Section F 19/63 – J McMurrough & Son Corrigs 550, McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar 541, McCartan & Woodsides 521.

Section G 19/215 –Ron Williamson Newry & District 817, C O’Hare & Daughter Ballyholland 704, Donnelly Bros Newry City Inv 690.

Section H 53/159 – D W Lofts Foyle 696, A McCrudden Derry & District 582, Tony Bradley Foyle 573.

DWLoftsbird 13 07 21
D W Lofts from the Foyle RPS in Derry were best in Section H and finished 16th Open NIPA, fantastic result at the distance for Darren & Willie Hamilton.

Best in each NIPA Centre:

Newry Centre St Malo – Ron Williamson Newry & Dist. 817, C O’Hare & Daughter Ballyholland 704, Donnelly Bros Newry City 690, C McArdle & Sons Newry City 613, Donnelly Bros 600, C O’Hare & Daughter 594, G Hughes & Son Newry & Dist. 592, A McAteer & Sons Ballyholland 578, Ron Williamson 521, D Carroll Millvale 518.

Ballymoney Centre St Malo - J Connolly Ballymoney 762, W & L McCaw Ballymoney 596, A C & T Tweed Rasharkin 578, C McCook 378, D & H Stuart Ballymoney 360.

Doagh Centre St Malo – Glen McNeilly Ballyclare 734, A & N Lewis Doagh & Dist. 709, B & M Gilmore Doagh & Dist. 702, A Thompson Ballyclare 700, T H Gibson Ballyclare 522, S & A Leitch Doagh & Dist. 403, A Thompson 391,

Ligoniel Centre St Malo – W O’Boyle Ligoniel 723, C McManus Ligoniel 695, R Francey Eastway 655, A Taylor & Son Ligoniel 576, T Longman Ligoniel 564, D McElhone Eastway 551, McMurray & Anderson Ligoniel 512, J Smyth Ligoniel 492, J Ward Glen 472.

Harryville Centre St Malo – McAlonan Bros Cullybackey 725, Alan Darragh Cullybackey 719.

Foyle Centre St Malo – D W Lofts Foyle 696, A McCrudden Derry & District 582, Tony Bradley Foyle 573, John White Strabane 423, John White 392, A McCrudden 366.

Ahoghill Centre St Malo – M Graham Ballymena & Dist. 570, W Livingstone Ahoghill 533, M Graham 424, M Graham 397, Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 390.

Muckamore Centre St Malo – Sam Murphy Kells 409.

Coleraine Centre St Malo – Paul O’Connor Coleraine Prem 401, Sean Diamond Coleraine Prem 371, Liam Miller Limavady 369.

All 1st Section winners should ensure I have a photo of them over the weekend of the race to ensure publication in that race report. In the major races I can also take best in Centre pics. Don't miss out, send to my phone or e-mail to address at tail of this report.

NIPA Race/Date

Saint Malo (France) OB National Thursday 1st July 2021 – Liberation 11.30am, wind Lt Northwest

NIPA Sect A Clubs

Coalisland & District – Kevin Carolan 554, Sean Hughes 544, Kevin Carolan 537, Danny Carolan 379.

Coleraine Premier HPS - Paul O’Connor 401, Sean Diamond 371.

Dungannon – Eamon Bleeks 564.

NIPA Sect H Clubs

Derry & District 10/30 – A McCrudden 589, 319, 286. Derry & District St. Malo OB

outstanding performance by Anthony McCrudden timing 3 arrivals, congratulations Anthony super racing.  

Foyle RPS – D W Lofts 696, Tony Bradley 573.

Limavady – Liam Miller 369.

Strabane & District – J White 360, 338. Strabane HPS result for St. Malo 2021. After an exceedingly difficult race one man came up with an absolute cracking result clocking two birds in race time. John White really deserves this as he has set his stall out for this race the whole year, very well-done John. He has written this piece and would like to make a few mentions. This is my 4th year racing old birds I would like to thank the men that gifted the parents of the birds to me when I started with the birds. The red is Kenyan/Busschaert Danny Farrell gifted me both sire and dam of this bird many thanks Danny top man. The red pied the father was gifted to me by Iggy Deasley this was gifted to him by Gerard McCauley. Iggy was a big help to me when I started, thanks Iggy. The mother of the red pied was gifted to me from the French King himself Gerard McCauley, both parents are Tom Marshal best breeding lines. Without these men, I wouldn't have had the day I had yesterday thanks a million men. The dark check hen is my 4th Section from St Malo last year who has been paired to the red pied all season.

johnwhitestrabane 13 07 21
Distance enthusiast John White is only racing 4 seasons and this year has the only two birds in Strabane & District.

NIPA Sect B Clubs

Ahoghill Flying Club – William Livingstone 533, Mr & Mrs Robinson 390. Just the two arrivals long distance specialist William Livingstone ahead of, the ever consistent either on the land or across the water Mr & Mrs Robinson who won the Champions League the race previous from Penzance.  

Ballymena St Malo 8/45 - Martin Graham 570, 424, 397. Martin timed the only 3 arrivals in the club at 17.46pm on the second day and 08.04am and 10.15am on the third morning. His winner a 2-year-old blue cock was sitting on eggs 12 days. It had two races from Fermoy with the NIPA and they privately trained in preparation for France. This cock won the hard Bude last season and was placed 2nd Mid Antrim Combine. He was bred by Danny Dixon of Rasharkin. The sire being the "Belgie Cock" and the dam was in fact purchased by Danny for £900 at a sale of Martins and she is a direct daughter of "The Big Hen" Martins second bird is a daughter of the blue cock he timed as a yearling in the 2018 Kings Cup smash finishing 57th Open that year. This hen also had the hard Bude last season and was sitting 11 days on eggs. His third bird a 2-year-old blue chequer cock sitting eggs 12 days was 2nd club in St Malo last season as a yearling. This one is a half-brother of "Brenda Anne" on the sires side while the dam was bred by another top distance flyer Hugh Boyd of Randalstown. "Brenda Anne" was the only bird in Section B and placed 7th Open for Martin in the St Malo smash of 2017. Martin's three arrivals were placed 50th, 100th & 109th Open NIPA National. Another top French performance for a man who puts a lot of time into his pigeons. Well done Martin.

Ballymoney HPS 12/51 – J Connolly 762, W McCaw 595, C McCook 378, D & H Stuart 360. I’d like to say a massive well done to John Connolly and wife Colleen on timing their good dark cheq hen from St Malo today at 12:24:05, great fly John and Colleen.

Dervock RPS 4/14 - W McCaw 595, C McCook 378, D & H Stuart 360.

Cullybackey HPS – McAlonan Bros 725, Alan Darragh 719. Former top prize-winners who had a good distance record especially out of France, McAlonan Bros timed at 12.22hrs to top the club from St Malo, getting ahead of the former Kings Cup winner Alan Darragh who has dominated in recent years and timed his arrival at 12.15hrs. Just the two birds recorded in the club, and these were the only two arrivals in the Harryville Centre.

tomalan 13 07 21
The top two in Cullybackey HPS, 1st Club Tom McAlonan (r) with Alan Darragh, the only two arrivals in Harryville Centre.

Kells & District HPS – Sam Murphy 409. Only bird in the club timed by new member Sam Murphy, this one was the only bird into the Muckamore Centre.

murphy 13 07 21
Sam Murphy of Kells & District had the only bird in Muckamore Centre.

Rasharkin & District – A, C & T Tweed of Rasharkin & Dist. Christopher (left) is holding a blue cock winner of Bude 2020 & 2021. This bird is also the winner of Penzance 2021 he contains blood of our old prize winning cock, “Blue Thunder” who is now 16 year old being held here by Anne (right). In 2006 he was combine bird of the year, after winning 2 Talbennys and well up in the classic winning over £700.

tweed 13 07 21
A C & T Tweed have a super record racing in Rasharkin & District HPS, and for years before that in Ballymoney, see text.

Tommy is holding the dark hen clocked from St Malo, 488 miles from race point to loft. Dam is a mealy hen purchased from BHW scribe Joe Murphy and it contains the best of Scottish long distance lines. Sire is a black cock gifted to ourselves 2 years ago from our good friend Rudi Gage, Windsor. The dam is a Cheq Hen from Robin Duddy and a red cock from F Simpson.

NIPA Sect E Clubs

Annaghmore – W G Neill 736, R Telford 729, P Boyd 606, J & E Calvin 527, W G Neill 340, H Cordner 340, G Buckley & Son 308.

Blackwatertown West End HPS - 1st - Mullen Bros 609, 2nd Joe Brown 515.

mullanBros 13 07 21

The young Mullen Bros break Novice Status in Blackwatertown WE in St Malo Nat.

What a race to win for your first ever winner, and Novice Status smashed! 

The Mullen boys winning the Club from St Malo, France. The boys clocked a Yearling Red cock on the 2nd day at 15.04hrs, as their single entry. Their winner was bred by clubmates R G & G Donaldson, from their successful Walkingshaw stock crossed with a Jan Aarden hen.  The boys started their first full season racing with 14 old birds and have sent to every race finishing up the OB Season in style. Big Joe Brown is never too far away and clocked on the 2nd day to take the runner-up 2nd spot, with his single entry as well. A tough race from France with only handfuls clocked over the 3 days of the overall result. Everyone in the club wishes the Mullen Bros many congratulations, Hopefully the first of many to come, maybe they could gift their uncles a pair of youngsters for a bit of sport next season. Gary PO.

Bondhill Social – Capper Bros 705, M Robinson 609, Capper Bros 537, Davy Calvin 515, 294.

Edgarstown HPS – P Hope 718, J Robinson 606, R Bell & Sons 589, J Trotter 541, S & E Buckley 518, P Dunlop 429, O Forde 393, G & C Simmons 389, S Craig 380, R Cassells 366. A massive well done to Hopey on another fine win from an extremely hard race. A big well done to all who timed great club performance form all the lads Three of the 10 gallant pigeons timed achieved NIPA Bronze Diploma award.

paulhope 13 07 21
Man of the moment Paul Hope 1st Edgarstown in Portadown, 3rd Sect E & 10th Open NIPA.

Gilford & District – R Moffett & Daughter 575, T Wilson 518. Well done Rodger Moffatt and daughter winning an awfully hard race and to Tam Wilson clocking as well. Gilford RPS and District St Malo result 1st C&R Moffett 4.04.50 2nd day, 2nd Tom Wilson 6.44.08 2nd day.

Laurelvale – G & C Topley 686, S & N Lester 618, 593, R K Abraham 578, J Funston 572, John Dowey 565, 564, S & N Lester 545, R K Abraham 542, J Serplus 356, C Duke & Sons 332, G & C Topley 298.

Loughgall – Nelson Weir 369.

Lurgan Social – K Henderson & Son 399, J P Nelson 382, D & B Lyness 335, E Wright & Son 296. Lurgan Social HPS St Malo. Confirmed arrivals all on day 3.

Well done one and all.

Monaghan – Cooney Bros 591. Monaghan HPS results for St Malo, congratulations to Cooney Bros on winning an exceedingly difficult and hard French National, and also to Keith Allister taking second place. Well done to two lofts that each had a fantastic season. Cooney Bros 15.40pm second day and Keith Allister 6.10am third day.

Portadown & Drumcree – Larkin Bros 598, 597, J Geary & Son 541, J Whitten & Son 487, Larkin Bros 434. 2 Bird Club - 1. J Geary & Son, 2. J Whitten & Son. Well done to Larkin Bros on another great performance timing 3 birds from France. Well done all members who timed on an exceedingly difficult race. Jason PO.

HTJ Larkin 13 07 21

The young H T& J Larkin team from Wilton Cross in Lurgan holding “Big Blue£ clocked this morning from St Malo 10.24am. “Big Blue” was 67th Open St Malo 2020, and this year 121st Open on a velocity of 377ypm, not bad for a Staf van Reet sprinter! Another Bronze Diploma winner.

Wilton Cross – H T & J Larkin 377.

 Tom McAlonan Tops Combine from Tough St Malo OB National

The final NIPA old bird race of the season was the St Malo old bird National from France. Birds were liberated on Thursday 1st July at 11.30am in light variable winds. As expected, no birds were recorded on the first day due to the late liberation. The first fancier to record a second day arrival in the Mid Antrim Combine was 76 years old, Tom McAlonan of McAlonan Bros who timed at 12.22pm on Friday afternoon. This game 2-year-old dark chequer hen sitting 12 - 14 day eggs had a hard 481 mile fly to the lofts. This year it had most inland races and had 1st Talbenny before being sent to the National.

TomMcAlonan 13 07 21
McAlonan Bros had the big winner in the Mid Antrim Combine from St Malo, Tommy McAlonan holding the winner was delighted with the result.

The hen is bred down from birds Tom got from Campbell & Francey and is from a father and daughter pairing. Tom only concentrates on the channel racing and has an excellent record in this OB National event. This latest 1st Combine, 2nd Section B and 7th Open NIPA can be added to his recent list of positions including 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 10th Section B plus 9th, 13th, 17th, 24th, 29th, 33rd, 42, 44th, 45th and 70th Open NIPA and has also won 1st Section B & 17th Open NIPA Penzance OB Classic.

Next best and runners up in the Combine were Rasharkin fanciers A & C & T Tweed who finished 5th Section & 43rd Open NIPA. Other lofts to time arrivals were Martin Graham of Ballymena & Dist. at 17.46pm on the second day and a further two more on the third morning at 08.04am and 10.15am. Martin's three birds were placed 6th, 8th & 10th Section and 50th, 100th & 110th Open NIPA. Martin is another fancier who only concentrates on the National events and has had many big results including 1st Open INFC Sennen Cove Yearling National in 2017, 1st Open NIPA Skibbereen Inland National 2004 and 2nd Open NIPA Lamballe OB National in 2003. William Livingstone had the best bird in Ahoghill timing at 19.34pm on the second evening and placed 7th Section and 72nd Open, Sam Murphy timed the only bird in Kells & Dist. on the third morning at 09.27am and placed 9th Section and 104th Open and Mr & Mrs Robinson of Ahoghill who have had a super channel season clocked on the third morning at 10.50am and finished 11th Section B and 116th Open NIPA National. Mervyn Eagleson PO.

graham 13 07 21
Martin Graham had the only three arrivals timed in the big Ballymena & District HPS.

Mid Antrim Combine St Malo OB National 38/146 - McAlonan Bros Associate 725, A & C & T Tweed Rasharkin 578, M Graham Ballymena 570, W Livingstone Ahoghill 533, M Graham Ballymena 424, S Murphy Kells 409, M Graham Ballymena 397, Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 390.

Mid Antrim Combine OB Points Fancier of the Year Top 10 - Young McManus & Sons Ahoghill 327 J Eagleson & Sons Ballymena 284 D Dixon Rasharkin 142 Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill 141 H Boyd Kells 104 J Rock Associate 85 W & J Smyth Ballymena 83 S Murphy Kells 72 Surgenor Bros Kells 65 J & M Milliken Rasharkin 59. Paddy & William McManus of Ahoghill are the 2021 OB Points Fanciers of the Year. They had an excellent old bird season topping the Combine on 5 occasions.

2021 MA Combine cups to date.

OB Inland Average - J Eagleson & Sons Ballymena, OB Knockout - Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill, OB Champions League (Ahoghill) Mr & Mrs Robinson, Bryan Eagleson Memorial cup best average first four channel races - Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill, William McIlhagga Memorial cup 1st Combine in NIPA OB National - McAlonan Bros Associate, Meritorious Diploma for best single bird average Talbenny & Penzance - W & J Smyth Ballymena & District HPS 1314 (Ken-Aird Lad).

Foyle Valley Combine St Malo – D W Lofts 694, Anthony McCrudden 589, Tony Bradley 573, John White 360, John White 338, Anthony McCrudden 319, Anthony McCrudden 286. What a way to finish the old bird season for these fanciers, absolute stunning result for every fancier that clocked in this marathon race into the northwest. Darren & Willy Hamilton takes the Red Card this week and also winning 1st Section with his blue w/f cock which is now 6 times across the channel. Dennis Dall I had a son of Rowena 1st open Niort, John Traill I had one off Nancy 1st open Niort and one off Traills Spark 1st open Nantes, Dale Newcombe Region cock and was paired to Kardale  Regatta she was a Gold Award winner had a son off that pair, a bird off Arthur Rigby Barcelona lines, G Taylor birds, these birds were all blended together with some local birds via Cassidy’s were put in through them. The survivors in the channel year after year were bred off and put to one side, survivors stay and are bred off. This family of birds are 30 years in the making, no fancy birds just survivors.  It was also a great fly from Anthony McCrudden clocking 3 very gallant pigeons, then we have John white clocking 2/2 which is unbelievable. John started racing 4 years ago and his main aim was France and for the second year running he has clocked in, a great achievement. Tony and Helen Bradley finished off their fine season with a very game pigeon very well done.  Eddie McG PO.

City of Derry Federation St Malo National – D W Lofts Foyle 695, A McCrudden Derry & Dist. 589, T Bradley Foyle 573, A McCrudden Derry & Dist. 366.

Coleraine Triangle St Malo - Paul O’Connor Coleraine Prem 401, Sean Diamond Coleraine Prem 371.

kennymorton 13 07 21
Kenny Morton & Sons from Cookstown topped the NIPA Section A from Penzance. 

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