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North West Classic Prize Presentation 2016 22-02-17



North West Classic Prize Presentation

The annual prize presentation for the North West Classic was held at the Kinderton Hotel, Middlewich when 41 sat down to an evening meal. I have to say the chef put on a different menu and I did enjoy it as did others but not all. The one I felt sorry for, no I must say the two because Rob Bebbington picked the three courses for his better half Amanda and chose three things she would not normally eat. The first two courses she swapped with Rob's brother Geoff who cleared his plate so must have enjoyed them, bit much when brother fly's the flag for you Rob. Not the best of starts for a new relationship Rob so this goes down as a, must try harder next time. It is always hard sorting out a menu for anyone and even three courses can be ones that some do not normally eat. I think next time we would be better going for a more traditional menu because the week before we had the Middlewich presentation and that went down well, mind you it was more of a Sunday roast held on a Sunday lunchtime.

This was the last presentation for the outgoing secretary Mark Cliffe who had a few words to say and he did finish by saying the club was in good hands for the future. I must also add that most of the speeches were not heard by many with this being the noisiest night I have ever known at the Kinderton and it had to fall on our presentation evening. As well as most of Mark’s words being missed that was also the case for chief guest Bill Lewis because he had some good things to say that were limited, sorry about that Bill but beyond our control. Although I did hear most of their speeches because I was not far away from either of them the majority didn't which is always a shame. Handing the trophies out was not a long job because there were not many more than a handful of the winners present, as we know not many fanciers attend the functions nowadays and it is hard work for the organisers. In fact I would go as far as to say there are nucleuses of fanciers who attend more than one presentation over the winter months and keep them going. 


Bill Lewis and Laura

Below are the fanciers who drew cards in the 2016 season I am not going to go into what they won it takes up too much space:

 Ron Woodward, Ted Carson, John Brocklehurst, Brian & Gary Smith, Kevin Tagell, Roger Sutton, Brian Lee, Mark & Heather Smith, Tom Howarth, Heather & Mark Smith, Mr & Mrs R Higham, Crehan & O Connor, G Holker & Sons, C W Lindop, Simon Chaisty, J W Peever, A Williams, James Smith, Ray Bullen, Mr & Mrs G Smith, P Hardman, Malone & Wragg, Smith & Eastwood, Mr & Mrs N Shaw, D Benn, S Radcliffe, R J Davies & Son, Garnett Moore & Withers, W Mellor & Son. Bren Withers, Derek Rooney, Mr & Mrs DG & I M Niblett, E G Mackay, H Bratt & Son, Eric Taylor, DJ & CJ Wilkinson, D Cullinane & Son, Jimmy Hinchcliffe, Eddie Bell, John Allbutt, Mr & Mrs Carl Rowledge, R & B Smith, T W Carr, Jason Lambert, Jones Bros & K Jones, Mellor Bros, G Jones.



Brian and Gary Smith      -      Brian Lee



Mark Cliffe      -     Mark Smith with Allison Clements


Rita OHare     -         Joyce Latham


Allison Clements     -     Elizabeth


Liz McGuinness     -     Sue Lee


Ron Wignall     -     Roger Sutton


Tom Howarth     -     Mike Ohare

Mark Smith & Beryl Lewis

As you can see there are some good well known fanciers amongst them and fanciers who are regular winners but prefer to keep it all to themselves. After the trophies were presented there were flowers presented to Beryl Lewis, Laura who has worked hard with Mark to keep the club afloat. Rita O’Hare who helps out during the marking nights. Liz McGuiness who is the landlady at the club headquarters. Joyce Latham had a box of chocolates because she has asthma and flowers do not do her all that good, Joyce is always helping out with the local clubs and as with all helpers it is much appreciated. Flowers also went to Shaun Devanny for his better half Maureen. And last but not least Elizabeth had flowers; I think someone said they were for putting up with me, probably right on that one.

We left earlier than most because we were up at 5am the following morning and off to Belgium for a break and also to see the Fugare Show. With this happening I did not get the chance for any real feedback and as I type these notes I am sitting in the hotel after a mornings shopping, as the saying goes “There’s no rest for the wicked” sure that cannot be me. What I will add is we need to look at the venue because with the Kinderton not having a separate function room we are a little stuck. There is a wall separating most of the restaurant but not enough to drown the noise of what was a very noisy evening in the other side. The problem with organising these events we have to book in advance and you never know what size of room you need to get because we never know how many are likely to attend. We will have to have a sit down and think about it, if we had a microphone on the night we could have made those who gave speeches heard. We did all hear Mark Smith calling the winners up, so they were not missed. I would like to thank all those present for attending what turned out to be not what the NWCC normally have, it worked out the wrong menu for the majority of the people who attended especially our guests. Also the unexpected noise from the other half of the venue, it will be sorted for our next presentation wherever it will be held. We have to thank Mark & Laura for keeping the club going through difficult times due to illness with them both, they never gave up on the club and we wish them all the best.

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