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2nd January 2017

To all members of the North West Classic Club.

Look at 2017 as a fresh start.

As the secretary elect of the NWCC and having been a past secretary to the club I have my own views on what we should or should not do for the 2017 season in the best interest of the club and its members.

We have now received notification of the agenda for the AGM and obviously, there will be members who have their own thoughts on the way forward for the club.

My view is we do not need to be too hasty with propositions, we need to step back and look at the potential of the NWCC and where the club can go in 2017.

With that in mind I think that propositions for change are going to be the making or breaking of the club and I don’t aim for the later. In 2017 I personally don’t think we should make unnecessary change via the rule book. Through the committee let’s take a closer look at the club for 12 months and then come back to our members with changes that we think are the best for the club, that is of course if we do need any at all.

To help the club I am going to do the job and will take no fees at all and I feel that money should go towards advertising the club results. The sponsors have already put money into the club for prize money therefore it would only need a limited amount towards this aim.

Why is it important to advertise in the fancy press, well primarily all members need to see a result and if we don’t advertise we need to send them all a result. All members whether they enter a race or not are entitled to see the result, that is where their communication with the club comes from. In the long term, it is cheaper to advertise in the fancy press than to send results out via post. Yes, I am fully aware that we have the email system but that is not for everyone. With running my own business I am fully aware of the cost of send a letter out and I can assure you it is not just the cost of a stamp and emails are not totally free, everything we do in life costs one way or another.

Having spoken to most of the sponsor’s this is the proposed guaranteed prize money for the channel races in 2017.

For the section and open in all channel races there will be £100 guaranteed prize money at a rate of;

1st £40

2nd £30

3rd £20

4th £10

So, each race will carry £400 guaranteed prize money. If there is only one pigeon clocked they will only get the sponsors guaranteed prize for that position. However, if there is an excess of entry fees for the section’s or open’s that will all be paid out because it is not guaranteed by sponsor’s.

You can send your subscriptions for the 2017 season to the above address. This also applies to applications for the club.

I look forward to a very good racing season in 2017.

Kind regards

Mr L J Parkinson