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Bella Grand Club


The Bell a Grand Club

A couple of weeks ago I attended The Bell's Annual Prize Distribution which was held at the Club's Headquarters. Nothing remarkable about that I'm sure you are thinking but what is pretty impressive is the number of members who come and support the Club with this year’s figure of 64 people is very out of the ordinary in this age when even big clubs are struggling to get 'bums on seats'. At 'The Bell' the problem is where to seat the people who attend. I believe the reason for this is the fact that this is a very happy club and place where members enjoy both the racing and the social side of the sport. Without a doubt it is a pigeon club that the members have every right to be very proud of. 




After a wonderful meal with a wide choice of menu to suit all tastes Dave Harris introduced this year's guests including John and Norma Preece who were chosen to present the many trophies and awards that had been flown for in 2018. John and Norma are a huge credit to the sport and look after the fanciers of the Telford area by running the Clock Stations for all of the National and Classic Clubs. Yes, people such as the Preeces are a true gift to the pigeon fraternity and goodness knows what would happen if they were to desert us. Likewise, Dave and his good lady who do the secretarial duties would be a very hard act to follow.



Guests John & Norma celebrating 60yrs

Before I write the list of trophy winners I feel that it would be a big mistake if I failed to highlight the fact that in the last season the majestic figure of £3,000 was paid out in prize and Nomination money which considering the fact it is country pigeon club is damned impressive in my book and perhaps the reason why so many wish to join its ranks as it is one of those rare breed of organisations whose membership is growing. Well done to all concerned.



Kyle Harris



On top of the list this time are Dave & Kyle Harris who won the O.B. Combined, Young bird and combined points trophies and the champion O.B. award and £783 in cash




Second highest winner was Steve Faux who won the Young bird points and Champion Y.B trophies and the impressive amount of £655




Gary Lewis enjoyed a wonderful season winning a plethora of Average awards including the Combined Aves and the trophies for winning the Carentan and Messac races. Gary lifted over £628 for his efforts.




Dennis Matthews lifted the Carentan Y.B. trophy and £300 in prize money.


Next up were the whole family team of Richard Lutner & Co who won the Channel points trophy and £250 in cash.


Jim Roper won the Fougeres race and a cheque for £82.



 John Whittingham £77,

Chris Whittingham £66 and who has a good hen that won him over £600 in 2018 so well-done Chris my old mate.


Craig Chetwood £61,


Graham Baker £42 and it should be remembered that Graham and his brother owned and raced the legendary 'Meritman' who won the Diploma of Merit for his owners for his numerous fine performances from Pau.



Mick James £26,


Paul Locklin £10,



Steve Brown £8 and finally Jim 'Tag' Whittingham with £5 but who like many other workers helps out on marking nights.




Dave Harris withn Karen and her bouquet.


Thanks for another grand evening spent in good company and hopefully I can get my act together this coming year and send to more races with my team of trainers.

Mike Lakin


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