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Team Tilbury 2018



Team Tilbury

By Demolition Man

I write for you the 2018 season highlights of Tilbury South Road F.C. Firstly I would just like to say what a fantastic club to be part of. Tilbury members are always there for one another, whether that is helping each other building lofts, repairing vans swapping or training birds you can always rely on a Tilbury members help. They also like a few drinks in the bar and a bit of banter. But most of all if one member wins we all win with no jealousy just pure congratulations. The aim of Tilbury members is the ultimate goal, to win the National or a Combine. I know this is everyone’s dream but in Tilbury club racing although competitive is sacrificed and mainly used for training. This year sending with the Thames North & Eastern Counties Tilbury had their own separate liberation in 50% of the liberations in the hope to improve their bird’s line of flight for National & combine racing you may ask did it work. Well I will leave you to make your own mind up on that once you read a few of their 2018 results. However before we look at the member results in Nationals It never stopped a Team Tilbury member becoming top prize winner in the Thames North & Eastern Counties, which is some result when you consider we only competed in 50% of the racing. Which now leads me onto Robbie & Andrew Wilton flying as D.Wilton & Son! Robbie & Andrew fly the widowhood system both cocks & hens with the young birds raced on the dark. Asking Andrew for results was like getting blood out of a stone, because he told me they had very little highlights in 2018. Past winners of 2 x 1st National several 2nd Nationals 8 X 1st Combine & classic wins & Tarbes Merit award winners. I managed after a bit of digging  found some performances for 2018. I'll let you make your own mind up if you think they had very few highlights here go’s 1st sec 1st open London NR combine, 4 x 1st open TN&ECC FC & Premier Prize Winners 2nd Open LRPC Gold ring race, 13th 14th 15th & 17th open UBI combine Bordeaux, 8th 10th 12th 19th section 28th 31st 41st 55th open BBC National, 36th 37th 88th 117th 185th 212th section 88th 91st 263rd 342nd 551st 655th Open BICC National Alencon. 26th 45th 46th 49th 51st section 298th 369th 370th 376th 380th open BICC national Cholet. 18th 23rd 24th section 122nd 136th 137th Open BICC National Poitiers. 26th sec 64th open BICC National Agen. 7th 15th 24th 51st sec 16th 63rd 100th 184th open BICC National LeMans.  Great flying lads well done.


 D.Heywood & Son this partnership win nationals for fun flying the widowhood system again with both cocks & hens with the youngbirds on the dark. This partnership are past winners of 7 x 1st National 3 x 1st Combines 4 x 1st London & South East Southern Classic Club. Dave & Gary in 2018 added National win number eight to their CV. 1st & 4th Section 1st & 54th Open BBC oh National Fougeres. 10th 11th 13th 31st & 91st section 14th 15th 18th 65th & 269th Open BICC National Alencon, 11th section 217th Open BICC National Cholet, 2nd 16th 28th 86th section 51st 71st 110th & 356th Open BICC National LeMans.  Another great year lads well done.


Eric Guinchard who flies the widowhood system and past winner of the London North Road Thurso Combine, Unfortunately Eric had to pack up pigeons in 2018 due to ill health which is very sad because pigeons are Eric's life. Eric as always been one to watch and is a very good club and fed flyer and in 2018 racing in only three BICC nationals his results are nothing to be sniffed at. Alencon 9th 42nd 49th & 53rd Section 11th 113th 124th & 143rd Open. LeMan (2) 8th 17th Section 17th & 45th Open. Guernsey AA (1) 42nd 49th & 59th Section 64th 87th & 112th Open BICC National. Thankfully Eric is now doing much better.

Well done Eric.

Martin Jones past winner of the London North Road Combine Les Dudley Memorial Trophy for best average all combine races also the London North Road Combine Hall of Fame. In 2018 Martin flew his cocks on the widowhood system with a few old hens put on the dark with the youngbirds Martin wins 2nd Section 3rd Open BICC National AA. 30th 44th 74th 97th 104th & 105th Section 80th 108th 194th 262nd 278th 313rd Open BICC Guernsey 2 , 24th Section 29th Open AA .38th Section 107th Open BICC Guernsey 1. 47th 60th 94th Section 126th 161st 273rd BICC Alencon, Martin also had a couple of Tilbury marking Station wins. Next year Martin his racing in partnership with his Uncle well done and good luck Martin.


Brian Robinson new to south road racing and is enjoying it very much again flying oldbirds on the widowhood system with youngbirds on the dark past winner of the London North Road Combine Stonehaven & Berwick yearling. In 2018 Brian won 4 x 1st north road racing in the club then turned four birds south two of them did ok  with Tilbury on the south road, Brian then went onto racing very well with his youngbirds winning 1st & 9th Thames North & Eastern Counties breeder/buyer winning over £3,200 in prize money 2nd Section 3rd Open 59th Section 141st Open BICC National Guernsey one. 12th 50th 60th & 67th Section 26th 127th 150th 173rd Open Guernsey two. Brian then top the season off by winning 15th Open in the Algarve one loft race.  Well done Brian money go’s to money.


Tilbury's quite man Alan (Jacko) Jackson past winner of the London & South East Southern Classic Club Tarbes. This year Alan only raced a few birds and very little club racing. Alan wins 1st Section 134th open 66th section 451st open 76th Section 486th open Cholet. 22nd section 38th Open 28th Section 58th Open Falaise. 159th Section 481st Open 227th Section 715th Open Alencon. 15th Section 42nd Open Agen.

Well done Alan.



Dave Martin who races the widhowhood system in 2018 decided to try south road with his small team of 13 widow cocks these cocks had only previously flown North road, however they won 4 x 1st in the Tilbury club and also won 1st Thames North & Eastern Counties F.C from Chale 1508 birds So not a bad return for his first season south.

Well done Dave.

Bernie McDermott past winner of the 1st Open Essex Combine Berwick, The London North Road Combine Hall of Fame & Les Dudley Memorial Trophy best average all London NR Combine races. It was quite a year for Bernie 2018 he had a major operation and had to rely on club members to help him train and lift pigeon crates. However this never stopped him achieving a few position 3rd Open LRPC gold ring. Breeder of 9th Open TN&ECFC B/B. 77th 146th 228th 235th Section 235th 443rd 716th 737th Open National BICC Alencon. 73rd 112th Section 166th & 308th Open Bicc National Guernsey AA. 44th 92nd section 117th & 242nd Open National Bicc Guernsey YB. 21st section 57th Open Bicc Guernsey AA (2). 25th 78th & 177th section 51st 209th & 554th Open National Bicc Guernsey (2) Well done.



Keith Gosling & Micky Jarvis past winner of 1st Combine & 1st National race the widowhood system with very little interest in club & youngbird racing in 2018 they almost won the ultimate race Tarbes winning  2nd Section 3rd Open NFC Tarbes only sending two pigeons. Also 7th 8th 18th 20th 28th  Section 496th  505th  574th  598th & 649th Open BBC National Coutances. 11th Section 1947th Open NFC Coutances.  6th  17th  18th  20th  24th  28th  34th  Section 180th  244th  245th  256th  280th  301st  321st  Open BICC National Cholet. 23rd  Section 588th  Open NFC Messac. 2nd & 6th Section 6th & 73rd Open BICC National Poitiers. 1st & 2nd  Section 95th  & 102nd Open BBC National Fougeres. 40th Section 91st Open BICC Agen. BBC Fougeres 1st 4th 6th Section 89th 156th 176th Open BBC National BBC Fougeres. Well done lads another great season.



      Steve Wakerly of The Mr & Mrs Wakerly Partnership are past winner of 1st Open London South Coast Combine, Unfortunately Steve had a very heavy work load this year outside of pigeons and his racing results were not up to his usual standard, But this never stop the partnership winning many positions in the BICC, Team Tilbury’s also presented Steve with the secretary of the year award for all the hard work he puts in running the club to military precision. Thanks Steve and well done.


    Fred Ager past winner of the BICC National and another great asset to the club setting clocks and now chairman of the club but unfortunately Fred had very little raceing in 2018 but still managed a few minor BICC results. Well done Fred and congrulations in your new role as chairman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 








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