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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 07-10-21

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC started its 2021 young bird programme off for the season from Stratford Upon Avon race course in Warwickshire and they warmly welcome the newly joined club of Longford FC in Gloucestershire who have joined for the young bird season with the SWELC so on the 9/8/21 at 11am into a west north west wind Convoyer Peter released the birds on their way. 

The top twenty positions in this race were as follows, taking top spot plus 2nd, 3rd & 4th open was Dave Smith flying 53 miles with his team of darkness flown young birds all left together to do as they please his winner a gift bred young bird by Shaun Pilgrim of Hucknall Nottingham which was a Dave Hazel Van Koppen cock from Gregg Johnson crossed with a direct granddaughter out of the Drum which Shaun has also Dave’s 2nd & 4th open birds were Bred by Shaun Pilgrim as gifts his second bird 2nd open was an egg gifted to Dave to rear from Shaun and is a Grandson off the Drum crossed with one of Shaun’s successful Jan Grondelier’s Dave’s other bird from Shaun scored 4th open which is a Herman Cuesters X Jan Grondelier Dave’s 3rd open bird was Bred by Jody McKay of Bridgewater from his Dirk Van Den Bulk’s Dave’s velocities were 1262, 1261 & 2x 1260.

Shaun Pilgrim breeder of 1st 2nd 4th SWELC07 10 21
Shaun Pilgrim breeder of 1st, 2nd & 4th SWELC

5th, 6th, 7th & 8th open was A & R Smith flying 57 miles with 4 x purchased young Birds Andy obtained bred by Dave Smith & these are all of Dave’s Soojen Family of Paul Stobbs based with velocities of three birds trapping together on 1256 & 1255.

A R Smith 07 10 21
A & R Smith

9th open was A Stanowski flying 64 miles with a blue cock doing 1199.736.

10th & 11th open was David Fox flying 37 miles with two darkness flown natural left to pair young birds his first a Stan Dangerfield Red cock followed by a blue chequer hen bred off a gift pair of birds from Duncan Cook of Newent Gloucestershire David’s velocities were 1199 & 1197.

12th open was Mr & Mrs Kenny Davey flying 57 miles with their Jansen based family of birds of a young blue pied hen doing 1175.

13th & 15th open was S Bennett flying 56 miles doing 1173 & 1169.28.

14th & 18th open was Phill Luff & the Walker Brothers flying 42 miles with their team of darkness flown young birds separated on the sliding door system their first bird a Dark pied cock of Jel Jellema breeding being a half-brother to their 2nd open winning Lerwick bird 2021. Their 2nd bird a Dark cock being a Dirk Van Den Bulk X Sagan line bred bird with velocities of 1171 & 1169.

16th, 17th, 19th & 20th open was Phil Stevens flying 34 miles with his Darkness flown young birds not yet separated of sexes birds until later on in the season his first bird a Dark chequer hen which is bred from a Mark Gilbert Bird crossed with a Northern Ireland based family of birds Phil has obtained and kept his 2nd bird a blue hen bred from the Irish decent imports the 3rd bird a blue cock which is a George Slaven Gabby Vandenbeale X the Irish family & finally their 4th bird a mealy cock which is bred from off the Irish imports Phil’s velocities were two birds on the pad together on 1169, & then another two birds together on 1168.

Phill Stevens wife07 10 21
Phil Stevens & wife

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