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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 16-05-22

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC held its second old bird race of the season moving up the road further to Coventry in the midlands where 117 members sent 2043 birds on the 7/5/22 that were liberated at 10:30am into a north wind. The top twenty two positions were as follows in the open winning the race plus claiming 13th, 14th & 15th was Dave Smith (Mr Lerwick club) Dave puts a lot of time and effort into the organisation behind the scenes and in the scenes as race advisor transporter maintenance manager midweek trainer services operator and many, many other things he does going above and beyond as the same as most organisations you always get hard devoted workers let’s hope they all get appreciated as in this hobby most are not but that’s another story in the world of pigeons and politics what destroys the sport we love.  The SWELC have a fantastic team with Secretary Corrine and the committee.  Over to Dave’s scoring birds now that are all flown on the roundabout system his winner a 2y blue white flight Soojen hen which is very tame when away from her cock she is paired to Dave and is always landing on him when around the loft and even in the garden around the loft externally his second scoring bird a 2y dark pied Bushart Cross Soojen hen followed by a 1y blue cock which is a Dirk Van Den Bulk from Jody McKay of Bridgewater which was followed in by a 2y blue Soojen hen with Dave flying 76 mile Dave’s velocities were 1729, 2x 1717 & 1716.

first open Coventry

1st Open Coventry

2nd, 3rd, 8th & 10th open flying 79miles was Chris & John Adams these are the Bristol North Road flying Brothers that are always in the shake up I’ve never hardly done a report were I don’t mention these two chaps other the years now I’ve done this role pure dedication they give their four scoring birds all being widowhood cocks of the loyal Wall Lunt & Green based birds blended with some Coreman lines their velocities were 1728, 1727, 1722.447 & 1722.125.

4th, 5th, 6th & 9th open was A & R Smith flying 80 miles with their scoring birds being natural flown Frank Tasker & Dave Smith Soojen based with velocities of 1725,1724, 1723 & 1722.307.

7th open was K Gilmore & D Green flying 87 miles with a round about system flown 1y chequer hen that was purchased last year in a kit of 12 babies bred by John Short of Caldercruix in Scotland of his Performance pigeon Stud , Keith informs us when she was a young bird last season when flying in the South West of England South Road Combine on its half a season flying north road achieved a 1st, 3rd & 4th in the Bristol City West FC and also scored in the Combine her velocity was 1722.592.

11th open was Barry Chaplin flying 82 miles with a 1y blue natural flown cock sent feeding two big youngsters and also sitting two nest eggs also were his hen has laid again he was bred by Steve Lias and Garth Wile of Bristol for Barry his scoring velocity was 1721.

Barry Chaplin

Barry Chaplin

12th, 16th, 19th & 20th open was Paul Gudge flying 86 miles with his own created old bird team which are of his own creation being mainly Bushart Based flown on the roundabout system and previously flown south road last season bar a few young birds he flew north road last season with the SWELC his velocities were 1720, 1715.953, 1713 & 1711.

17th open was Colston Long flying 88 miles with a 2y Dark cock being from the best of Les Nichols Garrett pigeons Crossed Brian Milkin’s birds his velocity was 1715.000.

18th open was Peter Harkness flying 85 miles with a 2y blue pied round about system flown hen being a Leon Bores Crossed Soojen her velocity was 1714.

21st open was Mike George flying 86 miles with 1y blue pied cock flown on roundabout that was bred by fellow club mate Roy Bedford and this Bonny cock being Roy the Boy his velocity was 1709.663.

22nd was S Bennett flying 79 miles with a 1y chequer cock doing 1709.631.

The Rat Man.