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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 02-08-022

The South West of England Lerwick Club

Well it’s been a long time since I last produced an article after reporting on the first two old bird races in this season I stopped due to some unforeseen issues in my life as you never know what’s around the corner in life so with this and myself in a bird flu avian restriction zone pigeons were at the back of the to do list unfortunately for a while but hopefully now things are getting there so I will finish what I started and all race reports will get started and completed and better late than never I’m now catching up so the third old bird race of the season to report on now for the club was being flown from Ashbourne in Derbyshire at the base of the beautiful Derbyshire Dales and Peak District hills base the liberation site is on a disused WW2 air landing field and is wide open fields at the rear end of a busy industrial estate, this was held on the 14/5/22 and at 09.00am into a light south west wind.  The 1,949 birds sent by 120 members were liberated on their way the top twenty positions in the open club result were as follows claiming 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th open was David Caudle of the Cheltenham Parklands club flying 75miles with velocities of 1469, 1460, 1459.963 & 1457,

4th open was Raymond Barlow also of the Cheltenham Parklands club flying 75 miles with a velocity of 1459.507.

6th, 8th and 20th open was Ray Bevan of the Longford club flying 79miles Rays first bird a blue yearling hen flown on the roundabout system all this old bird team are flown on the roundabout system her parents were both bred by Raymond Moleveld and were obtained through Stuart Wilcox Rays second bird a 4y blue white flight hen won Carentan over the channel as a young bird on the south road route for Ray and also Fougeres as a 2y before being turned north road and she is a Andy Parsons distance family strain and Rays third bird a 3y chequer hen that has previously scored a 8th north west section in the central southern classic club from Ilkeston in 2021 again she is of the Andy Parsons strain base Rays velocities were 1444, 1437.938, & 1420.418.

7th, 9th, 10th & 11th open was Fred Caruana of the Longford club flying 78 miles with 4 x widowhood flown Hens that were all bred by Fred’s son Adam Caruana and are all Dirk Van Den Bulks originating from the late John Bates stock crossed with Ray Hunt birds with velocities of 1437.989, 1437.740, 1436.994 & 1436.000.

Adam Caruana

Adam Caruana

12th open was Trevor Cooke of the Longford club flying 78 miles with a 3y blue chequer cock that was a gift bred bird given from fellow club mates of Andy & Loraine Butler and is a Jansen cross Bushart were the Busharts originate from Andy’s fathers old Faithful strain and the Jansens from Win Jenkins of South Wales stock he was flown on the chaos system doing a velocity of 1435.

Trev Cooke

Trev Cooke

13th open was David Fox of the Nailsworth club flying 87 miles with a traditional natural flown 2y Red cock which is a Stan Dangerfield old distance strain bird with a velocity of 1426.317.

14th & 15th open was A & D Collins of the West Bristol club flying 112 miles with 2 x 2y hens flown on the roundabout system and both being Herman Cuesters originating from the Premier stud stock lines their velocities were 1426.008 & 1425.

A D Collins

A & D Collins

16th open was the partnership of Luff & the Walker Brothers of the Nailsworth club flying 90 miles with a 1y blue hen and being a late bred bird that was never raced as a youngster but trained plenty at the 30 mile mark her Sire was bred by Formula one lofts direct from Simply the Best crossed with Top jewel containing all the best of Franz Zwols and her mother being bred by Stuart Wilcox from champion Nosey crossed with Murford Lady the best of Brian Milkins famous Jansens of Bristol responsible for National flying club high performances her velocity was 1422.698.

17th & 18th open was Chris Templar of the South Bristol club flying 113 miles both Chris’s birds are widowhood flown hens his first a 2y chequer pied Stuart Innett Lambrecht’s followed by a 1y white Adam Wealthall Lambrecht’s hen with velocities of 1422.010. & 1421.

19th open was Ivan Hofton of the Longford club flying 78 miles with a 1y Lambrecht’s widowhood flown blue hen that as a young bird flying south road for Ivan topped the South Birmingham south road federation before turning her north road Ivan’s velocity was 1420.438. That’s that one done until next week all the best.

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