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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 04-08-22

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC held its fourth old bird race of the season from Pontefract race course in West Yorkshire just of the M62, were 115 members sent 1,710 birds to the event these were liberated at 09.30am into a west south west wind on the 21/5/22. The top twenty positions in the open result were as follows winning the race plus also achieving 7th open was Ken Tovey of the Longford club flying 128 miles his winner a 1y mealy hen flown on the roundabout system she is bred from a mealy Dirk Van Den Bulk cock paired to a direct Alex Dockx mealy hen Ken’s second bird a 2y blue roundabout flown hen is a Pitbull line bred bird bred and purchased from Matthew Munslow Ken’s velocities were 1256 and 1224.675.

first SWELC Pontefract

First SWELC Pontefract

2nd open was Chris Templar of the South Bristol club flying 166 miles his bird a pretty 1y Grizzle Lambrecht’s hen flown on the widowhood and Fed on Bayers corn her velocity was 1246.

second SWELC Pontefract

Second SWELC Pontefract

3rd open was Andrew Stanowski of the south Bristol club flying 166 miles with a 2y dark chequer hen flown on roundabout her father is a Gabby Vandenbeale from Miro Chwedoruk near Yeovil and her mother a Polish hen from U & K Mazepa of Poland which is a Leon Bores crossed Kellens strain her velocity was 1244.

4th and 18th open was the successful partnership of Luff & Walker Brothers of the Nailsworth club flying 143 miles their first bird a 1y blue chequer chaos system flown cock his father is the partnerships best stock cock called Hardy 79 which is a direct son off champion Hardy winner of a 1st and 4th section from Tarbes he is also a half-brother of two cocks that are both Section winners in the Classics his mother was bred by Astbury & Horton partnership and being a granddaughter off Gino Clicque Golden princess 308 and Golden Gabriella and Harry Hooymans and a full brother to John Gladwins Guernsey Futurity race prize pot bagger in the North and Eastern Counties Futurity event race. Their second bird another 1y chaos system flown blue chequer cock his father being bred by formula one lofts from their Cor De Heijde bird crossed Mark Gilbert’s Kanniballe Barcelona lines and his mother a Jelle Jellema from Dean Pallett of Leicester their two velocities were 1236 & 1209.

5th open was A & K Bedford of the west Bristol club flying 165 miles with a 4y blue cock doing 1226.

6th open was Dave Smith of the Thornbury club flying 155 miles with a 2y blue Soojen roundabout flown cock which is already a cash pot prize winner in the Lerwick club championship races international Championship Club and New North Road Amalgamation race events his velocity was 1224.696.

6th open SWELC Pontefract

6th Open SWELC Pontefract

8th and 9th open was Percy Hatherell of the Sodbury Vale club flying 157 miles with velocities of 1224.653 and 1214.

10th open was Dave Ford of the Nailsworth club flying 148 miles with a 2y blue Herman Cuesters roundabout system flown hen she is already a prize card winning hen on the south road route before Dave turned her north road. Her velocity was 1213.186.

11th, 16th and 17th open was Chris and John Adams of the Sodbury Vale club flying 158 miles with their team of widowhood flown cocks their first bird a 2y dark Wall Lunt and Green cock followed by 2 x blue Coreman cocks with velocities of 1213.127, and 2 x 1210.

12th open was David Bullingham of the Nailsworth club flying 140 miles with a 2y blue Gaston Van De Wouwer cock flown on the widowhood system with a velocity of 1212.979.

13th and 20th open was Steve Bennett an individual member to the SWELC flying 157 miles with 2 x 1y blue cocks doing 1212.570 and 1204.

14th open was Alan Meacham of the South Bristol club flying 165 miles with a 3y blue widowhood flown Dirk Van Den Bulk cock doing 1211.668.

15th and 19th open was Mr & Mrs Baker of the Bridgewater club flying 184 miles with 2 x 2y cocks doing 1211.108 and 1206.

The Rat Man.