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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 06-10-22

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC was racing from Ashbourne Derbyshire on the 9/7/22 and at 07.00am into a light north west wind the pigeons were liberated on their way the top twenty open positions are as follows; winning the event of 1st open SWELC plus also achieving first Nailsworth club was Paul King flying 93 miles with a 1y blue cock being a home bred Mark Caudwell  Staff Van Reet being flown on the roundabout system his mother has also  achieved many prizes for Paul his winning velocity was 1616.

Paul King

Paul King

2nd and 10th open was Dave Ford flying 95 miles and also achieved 2nd and 3rd Nailsworth Club his first a 1y blue cock and his second a 1y blue pied hen both being flown on the roundabout system and both being Herman Cuesters bred down from Olympiad 003 and De Jan Dave’s velocities were 1612 and 1539.

3rd and 14th open was C & J Adams flying 105 miles also achieving 1st and 2nd Sodbury Vale NRFC with their Wall Lunt and Green and Coreman widowhood flown old bird team with velocities of 1610 and 1530.

Chris john Adams

Chris & John Adams

4th, 8th, 19th and 20th open was Ken Tovey flying 75 miles and also achieved 1st Longford NRFC Ken’s birds being four pretty mealy and red pied and a blue pied his first a mealy cock being bred off a direct Alex Dockx pair his second a red cock being a Dirk Van Den Bulk bred from a great grandson off Goede Rode paired to a great granddaughter back to Goede Rode his third bird a red pied hen being a Alex Dockx crossed Dirk Van Den Bulk and his fourth arrival a blue pied  cock being a Rudy Van Reeth crossed Pitbull lines from the famous 777. Ken’s birds were flown on the widowhood system with velocities of 1580, 1546, and 2 x 1513.

5th and 9th open was Ray Bevan flying 79 miles and also claiming 2nd Longford NRFC his first a 1y red cock being a Jan Theelan crossed Vandenbrande and his second a 1y mealy pied cock being a Dirk Van Den Bulk bred from a pair obtained from P & D Stud Rays birds were flown on the roundabout system with velocities of 1567 and 1544.

6th, 11th, 12th and 13th open was Freddy Caruana flying 78 miles and also claiming 3rd Longford NRFC Fred’s scoring birds were all yearling Dirk Van Den Bulks on the widowhood with velocities of 1558, 1536 and 2x 1535.

7th open plus 4th Longford NRFC was Andrew Harker flying 80 miles with a 1y chequer cock doing 1552.

15th open plus 3rd Sodbury Vale NRFC was Mr & Mrs Kenny Davey flying 105 miles with a 1y dark pied cock doing 1528.

16th open and 4th Sodbury Vale NRFC was JH Cole flying 105 miles with a 2y blue hen doing 1524.

17th open and 1st Thornbury NRFC was Dave Smith flying 102 miles with a 3y chequer pied Staff Van Reet crossed Gabby Vandenbeale cock bred by Gregg Johnson flown on natural with a velocity of 1519.

18th open and 1st West Bristol club was Alan Stutt flying 112 miles with a 1y blue cock doing 1515.

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