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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 07-12-22

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC was at Coventry in Warwickshire for its second young bird race of its Callander schedule on the 7/8/22 in a no wind on liberation site Peter Mathews and Jordan Smith liberated the birds at 07.30am the top twenty open positions were as follows taking the top 3 open positions was Mr & Mrs Kenny Davey flying 80 miles and also achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sodbury Vale NRFC with 3 x hens being a chequer pied and then 2x blues with velocities of 1493,1492 and 1490.

4th, 10th, 12th and 13th open plus 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th West Bristol NRFC was Keith Gilmore & Green flying 87 miles with their darkness flown youngsters being left together to do as they please their first a blue white flight cock being bred off obtained birds from John Short of Scotland from his performance birds their second a blue cock being a Jansen crossed Dirk Van Den Bulk were the Bulks originate from Ray Hunt of Birmingham and their next two scoring birds were both bred by the House of Arden Stud as Keith obtained 12 youngsters from the stud to try and race of 6 x Franz Zwols and 6 x Martin De Kluffs in which the stud also has the first one a blue Franz Zwols hen then a Martin De Kluff blue cock their velocities were 1487, 1467.750 1467.281 and 1467.057.

Keith Gilmore

Keith Gilmore

5th and 7th open was Peter Harkness who also achieved 1st and 2nd Thornbury NRFC flying 85 miles with his darkness flown left together birds the first a Jan Thealan crossed Soojen chequer white flight hen followed by a blue Soojen hen with velocities of 1483 and 1473.742.

Peter Harkness

Peter Harkness

6th and 8th open plus 1st and 2nd Nailsworth NRFC was the Luff & Walker partnership flying 65 miles their first a blue hen and her father was purchased at Rob Kerr of Gloucester at his Entire Clearance sale and her father is the sire to Robs 2021 central southern classic 1st section winner from Berwick and her mother being the partnerships own successful Blue 44 bird winner of 6th section 22nd open Bergerac NFC 1st club 7th WESRC Bergerac 2nd WS section 9th open BICC Poitiers 5th section 75th open NFC Pau. Their second a blue chequer hen being bred from a cock obtained from Leon Halls entire clearance sale from his Leo Hermans and her mother being bred by Mark Gilbert of Windsor from his Jan Hooymans both these were flown on the Darkness system flying back to the perch their velocities were 1475 and 1473.457.

9th open plus 1st South Bristol NRFC was Jim Monks flying 88 miles with a blue cock doing 1468.

11th, 14th, 15th and 17th open was Ian Vaughan flying 81 miles doing 1467.413, 1466, 1465 and 1464.917.

16th open was the Britnell Brothers flying 87 miles with a natural flown Gabby Vandenbeale blue hen doing 1464.961.

18th and 19th open was Adrian Bishop who also achieved 1st and 2nd Oldland & District NRFC flying 84 miles his first a chequer hen being bred by fellow club mates of Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins being a Kees Bosua crossed Sheldon Lenard of Irland strain and his second being a chequer pied hen being bred down from birds from Richard Wyatt of Paulton Somerset Adrian’s young bird team are on the traditional natural system and are trained and raced both north road route  and the south road route  and are all switch routes regularly Adrian’s velocities were 1464.409 and 1457.952.

20th open was Mike Bullingham also claiming 3rd Nailsworth NRFC flying 60 miles with a mealy hen being a Dirk Van Den Bulk bred down from P & D Stud obtained stock flying back to her perch on the Darkness system with a velocity of 1457.863.

The Rat Man.