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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 18-12-22

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC had its second visit to Stratford upon Avon race course in Warwickshire with the young birds on the 15/8/22 at 07.20am into a south west wind the 1,302 birds were liberated by Peter Mathews and Jordan Smith.  The top 20 open positions in the club are as follows claiming 1st, 3rd and 20th open was A & K Bedford flying 64 miles and also achieving 1st and 3rd West Bristol NRFC their winner a blue cock being a Herman Cuesters and a second round bred one his father originating from John Gerard and his mother being a daughter out the partnerships best race cock that was bred by Jason Bateman that has won the partnership 6 x 1st prizes the 2nd a Chequer white flight hen being Herman Cuesters based bred from out again the good Jason Bateman cock when paired to a Dave Atkin hen from the Gem Princess lines the third bird being a chequer hen of Herman Cuesters bred from Nigel Templar stock from out his south road combine winning Cuesters all were flown naturally with velocities of 1274.923, 1274.442 and 1250.

1st open SWELC Stratford 18 12 22

1st open SWELC Stratford

2nd, 5th and 11th open was Rodney Herbert flying 64 miles and also claiming 2nd and 4th Bristol west NRFC with his darkness system flown left together young bird team flying back to their perches the first a blue Dirk VanDen Bulk cock bred from Jason Bateman stock the 2nd a blue pied cock also a Dirk Van Den Bulk from Ray Hunt of Wonder Lofts stock bred and the 3rd a Blue cock also a Dirk Van Den Bulk bred from Jason Bateman sock Rodney’s velocities were 1274.839, 1270.545 and 1263.315.

4th open was Daganis & Finn who also claimed 1st South Bristol NRFC flying 63 miles with a chequer cock doing 1270.789.

6th and 7th open was Steve Moseley flying 65 miles and also achieving 2nd and 3rd south Bristol NRFC with his darkness system flown young birds left together his first a Blue hen being a Van Dijk crossed Geoff Kirkland breeding the second a blue cock being a Van Dijk Steve’s velocities were 1267 and 1266.

Steve Moseley 18 12 22

Steve Moseley

8th, 9th, 10th and 12th open was Dave Smith flying 53 miles and also claiming 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thornbury NRFC the young birds on darkness system flying back to their perches the first a blue chequer Dirk Van Den Bulk hen the next a dark cock being bred down from the syndicate loft Drum bird line breeding the next a blue Herman Cuesters hen and finally a Dirk Van Den Bulk mealy hen Dave’s velocities were 1265, 1264, 1263.903 and 1262.

13th and 17th open was Michael George flying 63 miles that also achieved 4th South Bristol NRFC his first a blue hen being a gift bred bird given to Mike by Steve Palmer the second being a chequer cock which is of Mike’s own created strain of bird flown naturally Mike’s velocities were 1259 and 1252.677.

Micheal George 18 12 22

Michael George

14th and 15th open was A & D Collins flying 63 miles with two birds sent paired up and sitting nest eggs their first a chequer Gilbert Heijnen cock followed by a Shaun Pilgrim bred Herman Cuesters chequer hen their velocities were 1257 and 1253.

16th open was Paul Kennington flying 64 miles with a Van loon crossed Jansen dating back to the silver shadow, gladiator and night rider faithful lines from the ponderosa stud and James Bond Jansen lines being a grizzle cock flown naturally to his perch with a velocity of 1252.911.

Paul Kennington 18 12 22

Paul Kennington

18th open was Chris Templar flying 65 miles with a darkness flown blue cock being his own based bred as both his parents are of Chris’s old bird race team birds out the race section a combination of Chris’s breeding his velocity was 1251.340.

19th open was R Hicks & Son flying 63 miles with a home bred strain chequer cock doing 1251.044.

The Rat Man.