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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 16-01-23

The south west of England Lerwick Club

On the 21/8/22 the SWELC was back at Coventry with the young birds and the convoying team got the 1,700 birds away at 08.00am into a light south west wind.  The top open twenty positions in the club are as follows, taking 1st & 2nd spot having a tremendous old bird season and now excelling this way into the young bird season was the 3 Amigos of Steve and Phill Walker & Stuart Luff they also claim 1st & 2nd Nailsworth NRFC flying 65 miles with 2 x young hens flown on the Darkness system flying back to the perch these two came together and finished together on the trap the first to clock the winner a blue chequer hen being 100% Van Den Bulk and her grandparents being Kittoxeter (Little special Blackpool) and the Elluminator their second being a Lambrechts blue pied hen being bred by Chris Templar of Bristol via Adam Wealthall and Stuart Innett lines and was purchased at the New North Road Amal’s Futurity YB sale their velocities were 1349 and 1348.749.

Steve Walker

Steve Walker

3rd, 4th, 5th & 19th open was Dave Ford and also claiming 3rd & 4th Nailsworth NRFC flying 70 miles and all four scoring birds are Herman Cuesters bred from lines of Jackpot Den, Euro Olympiad 003, Spider-Man, and birds purchased from Belgium imports and A & D Gregson of Preston all blended together all were flown on the Darkness system and left together naturally Dave’s velocities were 1348.479, 1348.233, 1344.310 and 1295.315.

Dave Ford

Dave Ford

6th and 8th open plus 1st and 2nd Cheltenham parklands club was David Caudle flying 46 miles doing 1336 and 1332.638.

7th, 11th ,13th and 17th open was Ray Bevan flying 52 miles and also achieving 1st and 4th Longford NRFC Rays first to clock a dark hen being a Rudy Van Reeth cross Yves De Wit were these originate from Jamie Bradley stock birds obtained his second a blue cock bred from off a brother and sister mating of Yves De Wit Tornado lines crossed Rudy Van Reeth and Rays next two birds being brother and sister nest bowl mates of Dave Peeters crossed Dirk Van Den Bulk all were flown naturally back to the loft and perches Rays velocities were 1333, 1331.413, 1329 and 1319.

9th, 10th, 12th and 20th  open was Ken Tovey flying 50 miles and also achieving 2nd and 3rd Longford NRFC Ken’s first being a blue cock of a Dirk Van Den Bulk cross Alex Docx the second a blue cock being bred from off a grandson off Harry when paired to a great granddaughter off Snowball the third bird being a grizzle hen being bred off a grandson off 777 when paired to a Alex Docx hen and the fourth being a chequer pied cock being bred off a great grandson off Messi crossed a great granddaughter of the famous Kittel with velocities of 1332.408, 1331.737, 1331.068, and 1295.260.

14th, 15th, and 16th open was Mike Bullingham flying 60 miles and all three scoring birds being Wall Lunt & Green lines crossed Mikes successful Leo Hermans of Blue Leo’s all were flown on the darkness system flying back to their perches Mikes velocities were 1325, and 2 x 1324.

18th open was David Bullingham flying 59 miles with a blue pied hen being a Gaston Van Der Wouwer flown naturally to the loft her velocity was 1298. The top twenty well done everyone.

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