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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 30-01-23

The South West of England Lerwick Club

Well the new year is well in advance with January nearly ended and it’s been already busy with AGM meetings, shows, Futurity ring orders, Bristol show race events and regular meetings with plenty of opportunities on the table. I still have a few last races to report on for the organisation of 2022 so catching up and nearly all completed.

The SWELC was racing from Ilkeston in Derbyshire in the central of the midlands on the 27/8/22 at 11.15 am the 1,527 birds were liberated into a light north east wind the top twenty open positions in the club are as follows; taking 1st and 2nd open was Ken Tovey flying 81 miles Ken also claimed 1st & 2nd Longford club both scoring birds being hens the winner a blue pied hen being a Van Den Bulk with both parents to her from out Ken’s race team and both parents are winners and are Fed scorers of a 1st Fed and 3rd Fed the second bird a blue hen also being a Van Den Bulk and both parents being purchased from Ray and Darren Hunt both were flown on the Darkness system flying back to the perch Ken’s velocities were 1504 & 1503.

Ken Tovey 1st open Ilkeston

Ken Tovey 1st open Ilkeston

3rd open was Chris & John Adams flying 112 miles and claiming 1st Sodbury vale club with a blue Wall Lunt & Green cross Coreman line bred cock doing 1500.

Chris Adams

Chris Adams

4th,5th and 19th open was Percy Hatherell flying 111 miles and also achieving 2nd and 3rd Sodbury Vale club with 2 birds together doing 1486 and 1457.

6th and 18th open was Dave Smith flying 108 miles and also claiming 1st and 2nd Thornbury NRFC both Dave’s birds were sent paired up and sitting on the darkness system the first a Blue van Den Bulk hen sitting 10 day old nest eggs the second a Blue chequer Herman Cuesters cock sitting a 10 day old nest baby their velocities were 1484 and 1458.

7th open was Alan Meacham flying 119 miles plus also achieving 1st South Bristol NRFC with a red pied hen being a Van Den Bulk and her sire has achieved many win’s including 2 x 1st opens SWELC and her mother achieving 2 x 2nd open SWELC wins this partnership has now bred 7 x individual winning birds now for Alan his velocity was 1481.

8th open was T Ball flying 114 miles and also achieving 4th Sodbury Vale club with a blue cock doing 1477.

9th, 15th and 16th open was Adrian Bishop flying 117 miles and also achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd Oldland & District NRFC his first a chequer hen being a Sheldon Leonard of Ireland crossed a Kees Bosua bred by Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins secretary of his local club and the next two arrivals being a blue pied cock and a blue hen and are birds bred down from obtained birds from Richard Wyatt of Paulton Bristol these were flown naturally with velocities of 1476, 1461.814 and 1459.404.

10th open was Mike Bullingham flying 93 miles and also achieving 1st Nailsworth club with a darkness flown dark cock flying back to the perch being a Andre Drapa and has the famous poker face and Champ lines bred through its breeding being obtained stock birds through the famous Wall Lunt & Green partnership Mikes velocity was 1466.

11th open was Steve Moseley flying 120 miles and also achieving 2nd South Bristol club with a darkness flown chequer cock being bred from his successful Wildesmersch, Franz Zwols and Kirkland birds blended together with a velocity of 1464.

12th and 13th open was Rodney Herbert flying 120 miles and also claimed 1st and 2nd West Bristol club the birds both being brother and sister their mother being a hen obtained from Jason Bateman and the father a cock obtained from the Daniel and John Baptist of Newcastle his first a blue hen followed by a blue cock both flown on the Darkness system flying back to just their perch they both clocked tightly together on 1462.

14th and 17th open was Andy George flying 119 miles and achieving 3rd and 4th South Bristol club his first a blue hen being bred by Brin Cotterell from out his late brothers distance family of birds and his second a home bred own strain breed of a blue cock with velocities of 1461.882. And 1459.183.

20th open was Chris Templar flying 120 miles with a darkness flown blue Lambrechts hen doing 1451.

The Rat Man.