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The South West of England Lerwick club - 02-02-23

The South West of England Lerwick club

The SWELC was increasing its young bird milage with a visit to Yorkshire and the transporter was at Wetherby Racecourse in West Yorkshire and the liberation by the convoying team took place on the 2/9/22 at 08.30 am into a north east wind. The race was underway, the top twenty open positions in the club are as follows; winning 1st open and 8th open was Chris and John Adams flying 173 miles and also achieving 1st and 4th Sodbury Vale NRFC their winner a Wall Lunt & Green based blue hen and their second a Coreman Van Loon crossed Wall Lunt & Green Grizzle cock, both were flown on the Darkness system flying back to the perch with winning velocities of way in front of 1487 and 1372.

Chris John Adams

Chris & John Adams

2nd and 12th open was Peter Harkness flying 177 miles plus also 1st and 3rd Thornbury NRFC. Pete’s first a Jos Soojen blue hen and his second an own created strain white grizzle hen being a home created strain bred bird from being bred directly out Pete’s race team section both being on the Darkness system flying back to the perch naturally in the young bird loft Pete’s velocities were 1395 and 1315.

3rd open was Rodney Herbert flying 180 miles, Rodney also achieved 1st West Bristol club his bird a Herman Cuesters blue hen being bred off a pair of Ponderosa stud stock birds that Rodney obtained from the late Roger Drew and this pair has bred other club winners for Rodney she was flown on the Darkness system flown naturally to her perch and section within the loft her velocity was 1384.

4th open is Mr & Mrs Kenny Davey flying 173 miles and also 2nd Sodbury Vale NRFC with a dark pied hen doing 1379.431.

5th open was Ken Whittingham flying 173 miles and also 3rd Sodbury Vale NRFC with a blue hen doing 1379.417.

6th open was Dave Ford flying 162 miles plus 1st Nailsworth club with a Blue Franz Zwols cock being bred by Des Reece of Sharpness in Gloucestershire and was raced on the Darkness system just starting to pair to an old hen in the young bird section his velocity was 1374.

Dave Ford

Dave Ford

7th open was Robert Organ flying 166 miles and 2nd Thornbury NRFC with a natural flown Bushart chequer pied cock doing 1373.

9th and 11th open was D & K Bullingham flying 155 miles and also achieving 2nd and 3rd Nailsworth club their first a Jan Arden chequer hen followed by a blue white flight Gaston Van De Wouwer hen both being flown naturally with velocities of 1347 and 1330.

10th open was Mr & Mrs Henry Wells flying 178 miles plus also achieving 1st Oldlands & District NRFC with a blue cock being bred by John Scott of the Grantham & District NRFC and was purchased at the new north road amalgamations 2022 Futurity young bird auction he was sent sitting a 14 day old nest youngster sent naturally with a scoring velocity of 1339. 13th open was Roger Flew flying 174 miles with a blue chequer hen doing 1301.

Henry Wells

Henry Wells

14th and 15th open was Ken Tovey flying 143 miles and also achieving 1st and 2nd Longford club with two Van Den Bulk blue hens on the Darkness system flying back to the perch with velocities 2 x 1296.

16th and 17th open was Dave Smith flying 169 miles plus also achieving 4th Thornbury NRFC with darkness birds left together to pair his first a Herman Cuesters Dark cock sitting 5 day old nest eggs and being bred by Kevin Williams of Newport this was purchased as a youngster from the new north road amalgamations Futurity young bird sale his second a blue hen also sitting nest eggs tightly being a van Den Bulk bred from stock birds from Jody McKay of Bridgewater Dave’s velocities were 1281 and 1276.

18th open was Ian Vaughan flying 172 miles with a blue hen doing 1274.

19th open was Tim Gould flying 131 miles and also achieving 1st Evesham club with a Tony Reed of Loughborough Huysken Van Riel blue hen flying back to the perch doing 1262.

20th open was John Morefield flying 146 miles and also achieving 3rd Longford club with a blue pied Gurnicx cock on the Darkness system flying back to the perch the cocks older brother when flying south road has topped and achieved many federation cards for John in the Birmingham feds and combines and now are also scoring on the north road for John his velocity was 1223.

The Rat Man.