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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 21-02-23

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The second to last race of the 2022 season to report on now the SWELC was at Hexham race course in Northumberland the SWELC birds were joint liberated with the New North Road Amalgamations birds the International Championships clubs birds and the Ashby Gold ring classic birds for this event on the 11/9/22 at 10.17am respectively giving the two minutes silence for the passing of Queen Elizabeth the birds were liberated into a light south west wind.  The top open twenty positions were as follows; in the organisation claiming 1st open plus 16th open was Dave Ford flying 227 miles, Dave also achieved 1st and 2nd at his local club Nailsworth NRFC both his scoring birds were purchased at the online new north road amalgamations Futurity young bird sale and were flown on the darkness system flying back to their perches. His winner being a blue cock of a Sagan crossed Pitbull lines bred by Darren Hadfield of Selston Nottinghamshire and his second a blue cock being bred by Robert Organ of Thornbury being a Bushart bred from out Roberts good loyal Thurso scoring cock Dave’s velocities were 1046 and 856.

Darren Hadfield breeder of 1st open SWELC Hexham 21 02 23

Darren Hadfield breeder of 1st open SWELC Hexham

2nd and 10th open plus 1st and 3rd Sodbury Vale club was Chris & John Adams flying 238 miles with a blue hen flown on the Darkness system flying naturally back to the loft and perch being a blue hen bred from stock birds from the partnerships friend Joe Thompson of Bristol and their second a blue Herman Cuesters cock with velocities of 1043 and 946.

3rd, 5th, 8th and 9th open was Ray Bevan flying 214 miles Ray also achieved 1,2,3,4 in the local club of Longford FC All Rays birds being blue bars of three hens and cock flown on the Darkness system flying back to the perch his first a Dave Peeters crossed Luff & Walker Brothers bird the second a Franz Zwols crossed Bonoff the third a Jan Thealan crossed Lambrecht’s and the fourth a Andy Parsons line bred bird with velocities of 1020, 994, 964 and 957.

4th open plus 1st Thornbury club was Dave Smith flying 234 miles with a blue chequer cock bred by Kevin Williams of Newport sent feeding a large nest baby with a velocity of 1004.

Dave Smith 21 02 23

Dave Smith

6th and 14th open was Percy Hatherell flying 237 miles plus achieved 2nd and 4th Sodbury Vale cub with a blue cock and dark cock doing 970 and 880.

7th open was P Keedwell flying 230 miles plus 2nd Thornbury NRFC with a grizzle hen doing 967.

11th, 12th and 18th open was Trevor Cooke flying 213miles flown on the Darkness system his first a Platteeuw crossed Jansen blue cock the second a blue hen again a Platteeuw crossed Jansen and then the third a pure Platteeuw blue cock with velocities of 918, 909 and 840.364.

Trevor Cooke 21 02 23

Trevor Cooke

13th open was Andy George plus 1st South Bristol club with a darkness flown natural flown to its perch and loft blue hen being an Alan Cotterill distance family bred for Andy by Brin Cotterill with a velocity of 890.

15th open was Mr & Mrs Kenny Davey flying 237 miles with a blue hen doing 877.

17th open was Peter Harkness flying 240 miles and claiming 3rd Thornbury NRFC with his Soojen and Jan Thealan based chequer white flight cock doing 845.

19th open was Robert Organ flying 231 miles and achieving 4th Thornbury NRFC with a blue Bushart natural flown cock doing 840.041.

20th open was Adrian Bishop flying 243 miles and achieving 1st Oldland & District Club with a natural flown own strain Chequer cock which as young birds fly north road and south road routes changing weekly doing 825.

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