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The South West of England Lerwick club - 16-03-23

The South West of England Lerwick club

The last race of the 2022 season to report on now with all races held by the organisation now reported on this being the last young bird race at the 250/ 300 plus mile mark for its members being flown from Alnwick rugby club in Northumberland on the 17/9/22 at 10.00am the birds were liberated alongside with the entries of the international championship north road flying club the top twenty open positions are as follows, finishing yet another successful flying season with another win plus 12th open and 1st & 2nd Sodbury Vale NRFC flying 270 miles was Chris and John Adams their open winner a blue hen being a wall Lunt & green based bred bird and her mother being on loan to the partnership from Mike Bullingham of Stroud of the Nailsworth club their second also a blue hen being bred from birds of Joe Thompson of Bristol both were flown on the darkness system flying back to the perches with velocities of 1593 and 1276.

the Adams brothers 16 03 23

The Adams Brothers

2nd and 9th open was Andy George flying 277 miles and taking 1st and 3rd south Bristol club his first a blue cock bred from Brin Cotterill of Bristol distance stock and his second a blue hen being of Andy’s own created strain flown naturally with velocities of 1577 and 1353.

Andy George 16 03 23

Andy George

3rd 4th and 5th open was Robert Organ flying 263 miles and also securing 1st 2nd and 3rd Thornbury club with 3 x natural flown Bushart based birds doing 1534, 1533 and 1521.

6th open was Szmaglik & Humphries flying 268 miles and also claiming 4th Thornbury club with a pencil blue cock being a Raw De Sablon X Desmet Mathers flying back to his perch doing 1507.

7th open was Peter Harkness flying 273 miles with a chequer pied cock of his Soojens Leon Bores and Jan Thealans doing 1479.

8th open was Steve Moseley flying 278 miles plus claiming 2nd South Bristol Club with his Wildesmersch X Franz Zwols and van Dykes blended in doing 1416.

10th open was Barry Chaplin flying 271 miles and claiming 4th south Bristol club with a Dark chequer cock being a Van Dyke X Mr/Mrs Kirkland stock bred from birds from Steve Lilas of Bristol he was flown naturally doing 1330.

11th open was Peter Allen flying 274 miles and achieved 1st Oldland & District FC with a natural flown paired up blue Bushart cock doing 1304.

13th, 18th and 20th open was Sheldon Horn flying 297 miles and also achieving 1st and 4th Bridgwater NRFC his first being a chequer cock and his sire being son off the one and only X Nellies Lelly double granddaughter of the Nellie 1st Barcelona bird paired to a Bruggerman race hen of Sheldon’s race team being his mother his second a blue Bushart cock and his third a chequer hen being a P & D stud Van Den Bulk all flying the 300 mile mark flying back to their perches Fed on super junior uk mix then prior days to marking a Irish mix Sheldon’s velocities were 1250, 1159 and 1146.

14th and 17th open was the furthest flyer of the event David Paul flying 305 miles and also claiming 2nd and 3rd Bridgwater NRFC his first a chequer hen were her parents both come from local area fanciers the father a bird from Sheldon Horn and the mother a bird from Wesley Selway his second being a home bred little red hen both flown on the natural system back to their perches Dave’s velocities were 1249 and 1224.

David Paul 305 miles YB scorer 16 03 23

David Paul 305 miles YB scorer

15th, 16th and 17th open was Dave Smith flying 266 miles his first being a dark cock of Soojen X Bushart sent sitting 10 day old nest eggs and his next two birds being a blue chequer cock and a blue hen both being bred and gifted to Dave from Shaun Pilgrim of Hucknall Nottinghamshire from his Lambrecht’s and Herman Cuesters all flown on the Darkness system Dave’s velocities were 2 x 1246 and 1152.

Well that’s every 2022 old bird and young bird race that the SWELC held reported on I am a believer that if you start something you must finish it! So now all is done we finally got there and before we know it we will be starting on the 2023 season report articles the organisation welcomes its new clubs and members for the 2023 season and now has 3 x pigeon transporters ready to go on the road for the 2023 season and its members has plenty to look forward to on the north road with its regular SWELC racing and classic events plus the New North Road Amalgamations events the New North Road Amalgamations triple chancer Futurity scheme the international Championship clubs events the South Bristol show race event old bird and young bird the Longford Hexham breeder buyer the SWELC gold ring and the SWELC breeder buyer so plenty to dig into good luck everyone

The Rat Man.