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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 08-08-23

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC was at Leicester race course in the central midlands after some joint Scottish racing with the TNNRA and international championship club and other sending organisations on the 17/6/23 at 1300hrs into a light east south east wind the 650 birds sent by 83 members were liberated for a drop back race. The top twenty positions are as follows; claiming 1st, 11th and 12th open plus 1st Longford club was Fred Cauruna flying 69 miles with his winner a 2y blue cock being a Franz Zwols cross Jansen sent on the natural system sitting 12 day old nest eggs and this being his first prize card for Fred his winning velocity was 1524 plus 1476 and 1475.

Fred Cauruna 1st SWELC Leicester

Fred Cauruna 1st SWELC Leicester

With second bird a 2y blue cock of Herman Cuesters were his father was purchased from the RPRA one loft race the third a 2y blue hen being a Van Den Bulk both being flown on the widowhood system for this event 2nd and 3rd open plus 2nd and 3rd Longford club was Trevor Cooke flying 69 miles his first a 4y blue white flight clock being bred out the stock loft from the late Wyn Jenkins of South Wales Jansen based birds this cock this season has achieved 3rd Pontefract for Trevor the second bird also a Wyn Jenkins Jansen based bred 4y blue chequer cock who’s achieved a 1st club from Wetherby this season also they were both flown on the traditional widowhood system with velocities of 1511 and 1498.760.

4th, 5th and 13th open including a 4th Longford club was Ray Bevan flying 68 miles Rays first a 1y blue hen being bred from a brother and sister pairing of Ives De Wit Grizzles the second a 1y blue hen being a David Peeters cross van Den Bulk the third a 1y blue hen being a Raymond Moleveld strain obtained via from Stuart Wilcox and Rays fourth a 2y blue hen of pure P & D stud Van Den Bulk all were flown on Rays chaos system with velocities of 1498.378,1494, 1474 and 1462.

Ray Bevan

Ray Bevan

6th, 7th, 8th and 16th open was the Walker Brothers flying 81 miles and also achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd Nailsworth club their first a 1y blue chequer hen raced on the natural system sitting 5day old nest eggs and her sire being the partnerships top ten racing cock responsible for many many prizes of wins and cards including 2nd section 10th open NFC 4909 birds from Messac and her mother being their Stuart little girl again responsible for many many wins including 1st section 6th open CSCFC Messac 1714 birds being bred from the partnerships best breeder and racing cock called Hardy the second bird a 2y chequer natural flown hen sent feeding a 5day old nest baby and is bred from Mark Gilbert and Roger Lowe stock birds the third a 2y blue hen again on natural system and her sire being a double grandson from Van Den bulk when crossed with a Sagen the fourth a 1y blue natural flown hen of Mark Gilbert stock the brothers velocities were 1493, 1492, 1488 and 1460.

9th and 10th open plus a 4th club at Nailsworth FC was David Fox flying 77 miles with 2 x 1y natural flown cocks of David’s old Stan Dangerfield NFC distance strain birds blended with Tony Reid of Loughborough Huysken Van Riels Davids velocities were 1485 and 1480.

14th open was C Harding doing 1468 17th open was P King doing 1456.

18th and 19th open plus 1st and 2nd Thornbury NRFC was Dave Smith flying 92 miles with 2 x roundabout system flown Soojens of Paul Stobbs and Irish imports based Soojens with two together over the pad doing 1455.

20th open plus 1st Sodbury Vale club was Darren Moore flying 94 miles with a 2y chequer cock of van Den Bulk and bred by BooBoo Merkel of south Wales and flown on the roundabout system with a velocity of 1454.

Well that’s the top twenty for Leicester thanks for the ones who provided details.

The Rat Man.