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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 16-08-23

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC was at Workshop for its second to last old bird race of 2023 and being on the northern tip of Nottinghamshire on the south Yorkshire borders on the 1/7/23 at 12.30 into a west wind the birds were liberated on their way.  The top twenty to report on now out of 61 members sending 467 birds top spot and having a fabulous old bird season with double clotted Cornish cream on this season was the inform loft of Ray Bevan Ray claims 1st, 2nd, 5th and 20th open SWELC and 1st, 2nd and 4th Longford Club flying 110 miles his winner a 2y blue cock who I’ve reported on previously in the new north road amalgamation for achieving 3rd west section from Perth and 13th open SWELC Worksop (race 1) plus other club cards he being now named the dominator as he’s very aggressive and dominates his box and parts of the loft and it seems now he’s nominating the skies with his speed his breeding is of Rudy Van Reeth cross Gabby Vandenbeale Rays second bird a 2y blue hen being a Bonof cross Franz Zwols via Stuart Wilcox of Bristol  birds and she’s won for Ray on the south road route before switching north road the third bird a 2y mealy hen being a Dave Peeters crossed P & D Stud Vale Olympic Kittle line and winning from Coventry for Ray in 2022 season and his fourth arrival a 1y blue hen being bred from a pair of white grizzles that thrown this blue hen out their breeding being Ives De Wit all were flown on Rays chaos system Rays velocities were 1407, 1406, 1379 and 1343.

top of the tree Ray Bevan holding Dominator 1st open Worksop

Top of the tree Ray Bevan holding Dominator 1st open Worksop

3rd open plus 1st Cheltenham Parklands club was David Caudle flying 105 miles with a 2y chequer pied widowhood flown cock being M & D Evans line bred bird doing 1399.

4th open and 3rd Longford club was Trevor Cooke flying 110 miles with a 2y blue chequer hen and she was bred for Trevor by the late Wyn Jenkins of South Wales being a Jansen she’s carded in the club previously for Trevor she was flown on the widowhood system with a velocity of 1385.

6th open plus 1st Nailsworth club was the Walker Brothers flying 123 miles with a natural flown 1y blue chequer hen sitting nest eggs her sire being a May pigeon son of Optimus Prime Herman Cuesters and her dam being bred by Mike Steel down from mick Collins Musketeers cock and Donker Leo and she won on the road flying for Mike Steel and came in as a young bird stray to the Walker Brothers loft on one race day and she never left after being released several times near mikes so Mike gave her to the Walker Brothers were they tried her out and she’s carded and bred some other promising birds for the brothers her velocity was 1363.920.

7th, 11th and 15th open plus 1st, 3rd and 4th Sodbury vale club was JH Cole flying 138 miles doing 1363.271, 1352 and 1347.057.

8th and 13th open plus 1st and 2nd west Bristol club was R Herbert flying 145 miles doing 1360.572 and 1348.

9th open plus 2nd Sodbury vale club was Darren Moore flying 136 miles with a 2y chequer cock flown on the roundabout system and was bred by Boo Boo Merkel of south Wales being a van Den Bulk and has now had a string of 1st clubs this season for Darren his velocity was 1360.539.

10th open plus 1st Thornbury club was Dave Smith flying 134 miles with a 2y blue cock being a Soojen cross Syndicate lofts birds flown on the roundabout system with a velocity of 1354.

12th, 14th and 19th open plus 1st and 2nd south Bristol club was Alan Meacham flying 144 miles and are all van Den Bulk widowhood flying cocks and all three have all topped the SWELC open wins for Alan his first a 4y blue cock previously winning 1st open SWELC and 1st South Bristol for Alan his second a 3y blue pied cock previous winner of 4 x 1st South Bristol club and 2 x 1st open SWELC and his third a 4y grizzle cock being Alan’s most consistent bird this season and he’s previously won 1x 1st open SWELC and 1 x 1st Bristol South wins for Alan. Alan’s velocities were 1351, 1347.561 and 1344.

16th open and 3rd South Bristol club was Paul Kennington flying 145 miles with a 1y chequer hen being bred from 019 crossed Endeavour lines from the late famous Brian Ferris she’s already achieved in the South Bristol club a 2nd and 3rd card for Paul she was sent on the natural system sitting nest eggs with a velocity of 1346.

17th open plus 3rd west Bristol club was Mr & Mrs Bedford flying 145 miles with a 3y chequer cock being a Herman Cuesters flown on the widowhood system doing 1345.101.

18th open was Andy George flying 145 miles with a 1y blue cock that was bred by Ian Rockley of Nottingham and was purchased at the new north road amalgamations young bird Futurity sales last year he’s had cards now in the south Bristol club SWELC and TNNRA for Andy and won Andy and Ian £300 last season his breeding being bred down from the famous known flyer in Nottingham of George Bell of Calverton Nottinghamshire birds he was flown at Andy’s on the widowhood system his velocity was 1345.085.

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