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South West of England Lerwick club Ilkeston

race winner

This weeks race winner

The third old bird race now to report on for the South West of England Lerwick club  was flown from Ilkeston in the central midlands situated in the middle of Nottingham and Derby the race took place on Sunday the 14th of June as Saturday the regular racing day was forecasted a wash out day ,so the race was put back 24 hours this was the 100 plus mile mark race point for most members. 43 members sent 728 birds that were liberated at 9.35 am into a light north east the top twenty now maintaining his time sitting in the thrown as the winner for the second week running was Alan Meacham of the Brislington NRFC Bristol with his family of Dirk Van Den  Bulck widowhood cock team Alan took 1st and 20th his winner was a 2y chequer widowhood cock his other bird was his previous Coventry topper a 2y Dirk Van Den Bulck widowhood cock Alan flew 119 miles with velocities of 1495 and 1457.048. Chasing Alan’s tail to take 2nd,3rd,12th and 14th club is Dave Smith of Thornbury NRFC he flies 108 miles his old bird race team are flown on the roundabout system his first bird is a 1y chequer Soontjen hen his second a Powell Jansen blue cock that was purchased as a young from Jody McKay of Bridgewater his third a Gabby Vandenabeele 1y chequer pied cock that was purchased as a young bird from Wesley Sellway of Bridgewater his fourth a home bred 1y blue Soontjen hen velocities of 1491.649,1491.456, 1475.763 and 1473.494 4th,6th and 9th was A & R Smith of the Sodbury Vale NRFC flying 112 miles with his natural flown team of old birds of Frank Tasker line bred birds his first a 1y blue chequer hen sitting a young bird in the nest his second a 1y blue pied hen sitting eggs his third a 1y blue hen sitting eggs velocities of 1485.675,1482.903 and 1478.856.taking 5th,7th and 13th is Mr & Mrs Ken Davey of little Stoke Bristol in the Sodbury Vale NRFC flying 112 miles his first bird a natural flown 2y blue cock sent sitting one egg in the nest in which his hen had just laid he is a Gabby Vandenabeele from Dave Fare of Bristol birds and he has previously won 2 x 1st Sodbury Vale club wins their second a 3y blue Jansen cock in which they have raced and kept this family of Janssens for years he was sent sitting pot eggs the third bird is a 5y blue Jansen cock that has been a very reliable constant bird for the partnership and scoring many prizes for them he was also sent sitting pot eggs their velocities of 1483.510,1481.483 and 1474.706. 8th and 11th is John Cole of Sodbury Vale NRFC flying 112 miles with 2 x 1y chequer hens doing 1478.998 and 1477.898 10th and 17th is Luis Palacious-Ribes of Yate town flying 108 miles his first bird is his Thurso cock that has achieved  great performances in club and amalgamation success he is a 4y chequer Jansen X Staff Van Reet roundabout flown cock his second bird a 4y roundabout flown blue Jansen X Grondelier hen that has achieved many wins for Luis velocities of 1477.901 and 1465.238.15th and 16th was C & J Adams of Bristol in the Sodbury Vale NRFC flying 112 miles both their birds were Van loon 2y widowhood hens doing 1467.689 and 14.783. 18th club was Percy Hatherell of Hampton Cotterill in the Sodbury Vale NRFC flying 111 miles with a 1y blue chequer White flight cock on the Natural sent sitting pot eggs he is of a Busschaert X Jansen and the stock birds originate from Des Powell of Caldicar South whales velocity of 1458.018.well that’s the top twenty done on a ending note the committee myself and all the members of the Bridgewater NRFC would like to congratulate their this week’s clubs winner from Ilkeston that is Sheldon Horn as this is Sheldon’s first win on the north road route as this was only his third race flying north with south road flown turned around pigeons as this is Sheldon’s new club and route of racing a great performance Sheldon and with you all at the Bridgewater club flying some 30 plus miles further than most other clubs and members in the organisation. Thanks everyone take care.
The Rat Man.

lib site

Transporter being garded at the lib site and below the water system

water on

dave smith first bird

Dave Smith's first bird

sheldon horn

Sheldon Horn getting his wallett out for a round of drinks and remembered the bar was shut.