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The South West of England - Lerwick Club 15-09-20

The South West of England - Lerwick Club

The South West of England Lerwick club on the 18/8/20 saw the day of the organisations third young bird race of the season flying from back at Coventry (2) at 08.00am the birds were released and on their way home into a light south west head and side wind.

the morning at Coventry

The morning at Coventry

The top twenty lofts now, extending their good fortune and the fresh apple not falling far from the tree of quality was the A & R Smith partnership again were they achieved 1st, 2nd ,3rd & 11th open in the Lerwick club & 1,2,3 in the Sodbury Vale NRFC with two Frank Tasker line bred birds a Dave Clark Jansen and a Dave Smith bred Soojen flying 81 miles with velocities of 1255, two birds together on 1254 & 1216.

4th ,8th,9th & 10th open Lerwick Club & 1st Thornbury NRFC was Dave Smith with his family of Soojens with velocities of 1246, two birds together on 1224 & then 1219.

5th & 15th open club was Ken Whittingham with a blue cock of his own created strain over the years and a blue white flight cock which is bred from a pair of stock birds gifted to Ken from Mike Lewis these are the old distance strain of the Steels of Uttoxeter strain flown on natural with velocities of 1243 & 1201.

6th,7th, 16th & 17th open was Peter Hatherell flying 78 miles doing 1230, 1229, & two birds together on 1201.

12th & 15th open & 1st & 2nd in the Oldland NRFC was Steve Robbins with a blue hen bred and a gifted bird from Alan Tanner out his Tumbley loft stud stock birds. His next bird a Blue Van Lint cock bred from Brian Oliver and Adrian Bishops birds velocities of 1214 & 1206.

13th open & first Brislington NRFC is Alan Meacham his bird a blue pied Dirk Van Den Bulks  her older two sisters have won the open Lerwick club three  times for Alan she is bred off Micky Collins and Border Lofts Van Den Bulks stock birds her velocity was 1209.

Alan Meachams Van Den Bulck hen

Alan Meachams Van Den Bulck hen

18th & 20th open was T Ball flying 81 miles with a blue chequer & a blue cock doing 1196 & 1183.

19th open & 1st Bridgewater NRFC was Terry Baker flying 109 miles with a chequer Lambrecht’s cock doing 1190.

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