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The South West of England Lerwick Club

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The South West of England Lerwick club held its sixth young bird race of their  young bird program from Pontefract race course in Yorkshire after the birds were watered from arrival at the site in the early hours upon till they were released and all the final line of flight checks were completed the birds were then liberated at 09.00hrs on the 6/9/20 into a south west wind.

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The top twenty positions, taking the honours and having a tremendous young bird season to win the open club plus 2nd , 5th and 9th open and 1st, 2nd and 4th club at Sodbury Vale was A & R Smith flying 158 miles.  Their first four birds are of their own bred created family which originates from the late Frank Tasker family of birds the young birds are flown on the natural flying back to just the perch their velocities were two birds coming together through the trap on 1313 then 1308 and 1297.

3rd and 16th open was Dave Tyrer flying 158 miles his first bird a blue chequer cock of his own created family which are bred down from Thomas Devine and Danny Kelly of Liverpool birds his second bird a mealy hen which is a Bushart and was bred by Ron Booth of Bristol 1312 and 1280.

4th, 7th, 14th and 15th open was Dave Smith also achieving 1st Thornbury Club flying 154 miles his first two birds being Soojens his third a silver pied cock which is a Peter Van Der Meir his fourth a Gabby Vandenbeale X Soojen chequer pied cock with velocities of 1310, 1306 and two together on joint 1286.

6th, 10th,11th and 12th open was Chris & John Adams flying 158miles their first bird a very consistent and already a previous high scoring in both the Lerwick club and the Sodbury Vale club of their young red cock which is a Coreman X a David Cowan Talbot bird their next two birds were Van Loons followed by a blue hen of a Wall Lunt & Green Jansen X Coreman their velocities were 1307, 2 x 1294 and 1293.

8th open was Robert Organ flying 151 miles with a Blue Chequer Bushart cock doing 1305.

13th open was Luis Palacious-Ribes flying 155 miles with a Dark cock which is a Staff Van Reet X a Soojen X Jansen his father is Luis’s 2019 Thurso winning staff Van Reet cock his  mother is a previous Pontefract winner his velocity was 1289. 17th and 18th open and 1st and 2nd Brislington club was Alan Meacham with two Dirk Van Den Bulks flying 165 miles with velocities of 1275 and 1274.

19th open was Terry Ball with a red hen flying 160 miles doing 1274.

20th open was Peter Hatherell with a blue white flight hen flying 157 miles doing 1273.

The Rat Man.