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The South Of England Lerwick Club - 17-11-20

The South Of England Lerwick Club

Well my fellow fanciers we have got there for the South West Of England Lerwick club on reporting on their last 2020 race of the season this was being flown from Berwick Upon Tweed on the Scottish Borders for the 290 plus mile mark race for most of its members to finish the young bird season off and this was being held as their young bird championship race, so on the 18/9/20 at 09.00am into a north east wind the birds were liberated and set off on their way.

To the top twenty now in the race result with winning the race and having three young birds dropping together when flying 293 miles and the partnership only entered 10 young birds with all 10 back home and in the loft on the night was the A & R Smith Partnership who achieved 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 20th open and also scooped £245 and some impressive silver ware of trophies their winner a Dark pied cock was bred by Dave Smith of Thornbury and is one of his Soojens x a Gregg Johnson Delbar. Their Velocities were 1508, 2x 1507, 3x 1405 and 1030. The partnership have had a fantastic impressive young bird season in most young bird races they have entered so well done Gents the hard work you put in has paid off.

Berwick Bonanza Andy Smith 17 11 20

Andy Smith

Taking 4th & 19th open flying 315 miles and winning £79 was Wesley Selway both his birds were bred by Mike, David & Tony Moore of South Bristol his first a Chequer Soojen X Bushart cock and his second a bird bred from purchased Stock birds from Mike Page of Pickering North Yorkshire the Moore Brothers purchased at an auction. Wesley’s velocities were 1491 & 1114.

5th, 13th & 15th open was Dave Smith Flying 290 miles and winning £85.18p his first a blue chequer cock of a Pouw Jansen from Jody McKay cross with a home bred Soojen his other two birds were of his Soojens with velocities of 1475, 1321 & 1233.

6th & 7th open was C & J Adams flying 294 miles and winning £50.13p their first bird a Dark chequer hen of Wall Lunt & Green Janssens  X Coreman were this hen is already a club and open club scorer and was their first bird from Ripon the week previously for the 185 mile race their second bird which has probably bean their most consistent young bird this season a Red Chequer Coreman X a David Cowen Talbot bird their velocities were 1472 & 1424.

12th open flying 297 miles and winning £43 was Steve Robbins with a Tumbley loft stud bird bred by Alan Tanner of Bristol Out his Tumbley loft stock birds this bird has been a very consistent young bird for Steve and has already picked up cards at his local club and in the Lerwick club open it has been sent to every young bird race in the race programme this season his velocity was 1329.

14th & 16th open flying 292 miles was Szmaglik & Humphries and winning £10 their first bird a chequer White flight Desmet Mathers X a Steve Bennett of Bristol bird their second a John Rake of Caldicot town Wales bird X a Jan Arden their velocities were 1257 & 1222.

17th open flying 322 miles was Steve Stockham with a Chequer cock that is a Gabby Vandenabeele that was bred by Kevin Dyson of Taunton Somerset and was a gift bird with a velocity of 1159.

18th open was T Ball flying 296 miles with a blue cock doing 1115.

A special annual Nom race to report on now which Bridgwater NRFC has done now for a number of years that fly within the South West of England Lerwick Club the Bridgwater club from Ripon in the young bird programme allow their members at the start of the season to nominate a young birds ring to fly from Ripon at £10 a ring but only of 3 rings per loft before any racing takes place in the season can be nominated were 60% of the takings is prize money and 40% to the club funds with the first two nominations to score achieving the prize money this year’s Ripon Race was won by Tony where he won £96 his bird is a Lambrecht’s which is bred out of purchased stock birds from the very successful flyer of Kevin Lawson of Ollerton North Nottinghamshire and this bird has scored cards previously this year in the local club and has flown very successfully as a young bird taking second in this race was Wesley Selway who won £64 this was won with Wesley’s 4th open Lerwick club bird from Berwick the week after this race which was bred by the Moore Brothers of a Bushart X Soojen chequer cock.

Tony Baker 17 11 20

Tony Baker

The South West Of England Lerwick Club’s 2021 race programme now old birds 1/5/21 Stratford Upon Avon, 8/5/21 Coventry, 15/5/21 Ilkeston, 22/5/21 Pontefract, 29/5/21 Harrogate, 5/6/21 Hexham, 12/6/21 Thornton Park, 19/6/21 Ilkeston, 26/6/21 Creiff, 26/6/21 Lerwick, 3/7/21 Coventry, 10/7/21 Ilkeston, 17/7/21 Elgin City, 24/7/21 Coventry, 31/7/21 Thurso. young Birds 8/8/21 Stratford Upon Avon, 15/8/21 Stratford Upon Avon, 22/8/21 Coventry, 29/8/21 Coventry, 4/9/21 Ilkeston, 14/9/21 Pontefract, 18/9/21 Harrogate, 25/9/21 Berwick Upon Tweed.

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