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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 04-05-21

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The South West of England Lerwick Club held its first race for the 2021 race season for its first old bird race on the 1/5/21 from Stratford Upon Avon Warwickshire at the horse racecourse.  Convoyer Peter got the birds away at 09.50 am into a north east wind, the top 20 positions now in the organisation taking the glory with his red carpet lofts of Alan Meacham to take 1st, 2nd & 4th open Lerwick club and 1,2,3 Brislington NRFC flying 63 miles with three widowhood hens all three are Dirk Van Den Bulcks his first a 1y chequer hen were her mother and both grandparents are all previously Lerwick club open winners his second a 1y chequer hen that achieved 3rd open Lerwick club as a youngster from Ripon his third a 1y Mealy hen were her father is responsible for 8 x 1st for Alan velocities of 1749, 1748.690 & 1746.

Photo 1 1st open Stratford 04 05 21    Photo2 2nd open Stratford 04 05 21    Photo 3 4th open Lerwick club 04 05 21
1st, 2nd & 4th Open

3rd, 5th, 6th & 18th open and 1,2,3 Sodbury Vale NRFC was C & J Adams flying 56 miles their first bird a dark chequer David Cowan Talbot bird x Coreman widowhood hen their second a 1y blue Ian Axe Delbar widowhood hen their third the same way bred as their first bird a 1y red widowhood cock their fourth bird a 3y Hardy Kruger chequer widowhood hen velocities of 1748.512, 1745, 1742 & 1718.

7th, 8th, 10th & 12th open was A & R Smith flying 57 miles their old bird team is flown on the natural system their first bird a Dave Smith of Thornbury bred Soojen 1y blue cock the second bird a 1y blue chequer Frank Tasker line bred hen the third a 1y blue Frank Tasker hen and the fourth a 1y blue Dave Smith bred Soojen hen velocities of 1739, 1738.890, 1737.902 & 1737. 408.

9th open was P Hatherell flying 55 miles with a 2y blue chequer cock doing 1738.158.

11th & 20th  open and 1st Bristol South NRFC was Steve Moseley flying 65 miles with a 2y blue Franz Zwols x Wildesmersch hen doing 1737.659. & 1716 with a 2y chequer hen.

Photo 4 Steve Moseley 04 05 21
Steve Moseley

13th open and 1st Nailsworth FC was the newly formed partnership of Dick Bramble & Ashley Caldwell flying 43 miles with a roundabout flown 3y blue pied hen she was a gift bird from Charlie Paul and Peter Smart of South Wales her velocity was 1731.

Photo 5 Bramble Caldwell 04 05 21
Bramble & Caldwell

14th open and 1st Thornbury NRFC was Peter Keedwell flying 52 miles with a own strain 2y Blue chequer cock doing 1723.152.

15th open was Dave Smith flying 53 miles with a 2y blue widowhood hen which is bred from a gift Irish rung cock from Ken Whittingham X a Paul Stobbs Soojen her velocity was 1723.053.

16th open was Jim Monks flying 63 miles with a 1y blue Meldertz X Bushart cock doing 1721.

17th open and 1st Oldland NRFC was Rob Light flying 58 miles this Dave Smith line bred Soojen 1y blue hen topped the Lerwick club as a young bird from Stratford upon Avon for him her velocity was 1720.

19th open and 1st Bridgewater NRFC was Wesley Selway flying 84 miles with a Bob Kirby of Devon bred Van Loon 2y widowhood cock doing 1718.132.

On a ending note the partnership of Bramble & Caldwell would like to thank D & K Bellingham for sorting a marking and clock station out and to Phil Walker for taking their birds for them plus the Lerwick club welcome the Bristol South NRFC and Nailsworth FC to the organisation who are giving the grand old north road a go All the best everyone .

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