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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 25-05-21

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The South West of England Lerwick Club held its third old bird race of the season from Ilkeston situated in the middle of Derby and Nottingham, this was again due to a poor weather forecast for the weekend this race was flown on a Friday again and on the 14/5/21.

The birds were liberated at 10am into a very light north wind. The top twenty positions were as follows, taking first spot and 3rd and 16th open flying 112 miles was the partnership of A & R Smith.  Their first two birds were both bred by Dave Smith of Thornbury and were both natural flown yearlings, their third bird was a Frank Tasker line bred 5y chequer hen their velocities were 1263.918, 1251 & 1060.

Andy Smith first Ilkeston
Andy Smith

2nd & 14th open was Jimmy Monks with his turned around south road racing old bird team consisting of his Manderlartz family crossed with Busharts that seem to have crossed in very well together flying 118 miles with velocities of 1263.349 & 1071.

4th open was Steve Moseley with also his south road flying old bird team he has switched to the old north road route flying 120 miles with a 2y chequer Wildesmersch X Franz Zwols hen doing 1249.

5th, 10th & 12th open was one of the organisations furthest fliers of Jody McKay flying 146 miles with his roundabout system flown old birds his first a Jansen X Soojen 2y hen the second a 1y Dirk Van Den Bulck hen and his third a 3y Gabby Vandenbeale cock with velocities of 1242, 1158 & 1126.

Jody McKay
Jody McKay

7th & 8th open was David Fox flying 93 miles his first bird a 4y Grizzle cock sent on natural sitting 10 day old nest eggs his breeding is of Jos Thones and this being his first season flying on the north road route when flying on the south road route for David this cock has achieved a 2nd section British Barcelona club Cholet & a 4th section British Barcelona club Messac his second bird a 1y Natural Red Pied cock which is bred from a pair of pigeons from Stan Dangerfield his velocities were 1233 & 1232.

9th & 19th open was Alan Meacham flying 119 miles with 2 x Widowhood Dirk Van Den Bulck widowhood cocks with velocities of 1171 & 1046.

11th open was Mr & Mrs Ken Davey flying 112 miles with a ponderosa stud Jansen 1y blue natural flown cock sitting ten day old nest eggs doing 1155.

13th & 20th open was D & M Moore flying 124 miles their first bird was a Gabby Vandenbeale cock bred from Jody McKay from out his stock loft 1y blue cock their second bird a 2y Flor Engles X Soojen blue cock with velocities of 1117 & 1039.

15th open was T Ball with a 1y blue pied cock doing 1062.

17th open was Steve Robbins flying 115 miles with a 2y blue natural flown hen on nest eggs with this making this her 5th first club in his local Oldland & District NRFC she is a Micheal Van Lint from Brian Oliver stock birds her velocity was 1049.

18th open was Wesley Selway flying 139 miles with a 1y powe Jansen Widowhood cock doing 1048.

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