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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 02-08-21

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The South West of England Lerwick Club was having a drop back race after racing with the New North Road Amalgamation from Scotland on its distance side so they was racing from Newbold Verdon in Leicestershire.  Peter, the convoyer, got the birds away at 06.30am on 19/6/21 into a light north wind.  The top twenty were as follows, taking 1st open & 4th, 5th & 6th open was Alan Meacham flying 99 miles with 4 x Dirk Van Den Bulck widowhood cocks his first a now a winner of 2  first x Lerwick Club open winner with velocities of 1471, 1461 & 2 x 1460.

Alan Meacham 02 08 21
Alan Meacham

His winner a 3y chequer cock taking 2nd ,7th, 9th & 10th open flying 89 miles with all Soojens sent on natural sitting nest eggs was Dave Smith doing 1464, 1460,1410 & 1406.

3rd & 12th open was A & R Smith flying 93 miles with a Dave Smith bred Soojen & a Frank Tasker line bred natural flown birds doing 1461 & 1398.

8th open flying 99 miles was Andy George with a 1y blue widowhood cock of Van Den Bosch X Houben bred by Brian Ferris stock that flew south road as a young bird doing 1453.

Andy George 02 08 21
Andy George

11th, 15th, 17th & 19th was Mr & Mrs Ken Davey flying 93 miles with their Jansen based own created natural flown based birds doing 1400, 1387, 1379, & 1373.

13th & 14th was Ken Whittingham flying 93 miles with 2 x yearlings doing 1389 & 1388.

18th open was Peter Harkness flying 98 miles with a 1y blue hen of Jan Grondelier cross Soojens flown on the roundabout system doing 1376.

20th open flying 95 miles was Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins with a 2y dark pied raced on the roundabout system which is a Brian Milkins of Bristol Jansen based crossed Paul Fisher of Blackpool Kees Bosua doing 1369.

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