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W N F C Battle 17-09-18


1st & 2nd Open Welsh National Flying Club Battle sponsored by Morris Carpets and Furnishings

Mr & Mrs J Beresford & Son


We’re at the mid way stage in the 2018 Welsh National Flying Club young bird programme as we head back east for our penultimate race of the year to Battle in East Sussex near the famous grounds known in the history books for the Battle of Hastings in 1066, however in modern days, our question was who was going to conquer battle in 2018 flying a distance of approx. 160 miles to the shortest of fanciers within the Welsh National and following our successful recent race from Maidstone once again the marking stations reported a steady flow of entries race marked for today's event once again sponsored by Morris Carpets and furnishing from Merthyr.

Our Sponsor


Following the uneventful journey the birds were reported to be on site under the hours of darkness, the boys offered their cargo a fresh supply of water, whilst we waited for the morning to break and see what conditions we were to experience, with the race control team up and about early making the necessary calls to other organisations, the weather wasn't the best early on, so a decision was made to push the liberation back until 0900.


9am and with other federations also on site and ready to go, we duly gave them the first window of opportunity to liberate, and after such by 09.15 and with the area clear, the line looking good to the west and everyone on board at the home end and the conveyor happy on site the strings were cut and birds were away at 09.30 into broken blue skies and a light South Westerly wind taking top honours following the disappointment of winning 2nd WNFC Maidstone we head to the Newport loft of Mr Mrs Jack Beresford & timing two of their entries in just over three and half hours with a velocities of 1316.91 and 1315.25 the winning pigeon which not only claimed the additional sponsor prize of £100 and the Jack Jenkins memorial trophy but was ironically 2nd Welsh National just two weeks earlier she is a small Cheq hen bred by the Rhondda loft of Robert Pugh and is a great g/dtr of heartbreaker 1st 3rd 5th and 7th National in only 6 channel races in his life. When paired to a g dtr of licenced to thrill...

Mr & Mrs J Beresford


The partnerships second arrival is the same pigeon that won 3rd Welsh National Maidstone when a decimal separated the leading birds, this young dark Cheq cock and originates again from the meardy loft of Robert Pugh of Geerinx bloodlines this young cock has been a consistent competitor over the past few weeks at club fed and national level with some major high flying performance to its credit such as 3 x 2nd clubs 2nd national 3rd national 3rd fed


For 3rd open on a vel of 1314.5 we travel to Crumlin where the partnership of G & M Clayton & Lovell Bros continue their successful season timing in a dark Cheq cock the sire comes from the partnership of Scammell and Peploe (now Ccammel Peploe and Bromley) famous nearly cock from Pontypool when paired to a hen of Bernard Clarks Picauville National winner crossed with the Curtis Wall Lunt pigeons from Wayne January from Caerphilly this cock in the early stages of yb racing has scored numerous club and fed positions inc 4th club 12th sec 31st WNRF Marlborough and 4th club 49th National Maidstone prior to its 1st club 3rd WNFC 3rd WNFC win

Clayton & Lovell Bros


For the next three positions we return to the Newport loft and Maidstone 2018 young bird national winners A Buttigieg & Sons who timed in  for 4th, 5th and 6th open, all originating from the Derek Nichols premier stud, the first of which on a velocity of 1308.08 being a Herman Ceuster blue cock from the New Passion x Dark Redemption lines both parents being 1st combine winners also in the pedigree is the man o Chester and wild wind blood the partnerships second on the clock for 5th open a blue hen another of the Ceuster pigeons, which is bred down through the hidden gold 1st National Vire herself a daughter of the foundation hen gold rush of de jan lines on a vel of 1307.4 ... the 3rd open winner was yes you guessed it!!,  another Herman Ceuster this time a Cheq hen which is a grand-daughter of man-o-chester on 1307.3 the Buttigieg partnership also went on to time in a further four  pigeons which claimed high ranking positions.

A Buttigieg & Sons


With two of the three young bird nationals completed we will shortly bring the curtain down with the final race of the year which is again from the east coast, from the shoreline of Folkestone a distance of 180 plus miles as we`ve previously reported the route across the English counties back into Wales is a challenging and testing route for old let alone youngsters on times crossing over many English organisations heading both north and south.. but by adopting three races from Maidstone Battle and Folkestone it provides some good education and by the result of the returns with minimal losses and delight of the membership it will no doubt put them in good stead as yearlings in 2019


With Folkestone now within our sights, the WNFC committee would like to wish all participants a good race to round off a difficult but successful 2018 season, from an organisation perspective we have been encouraged in our adventures over the years by the arrival of new members along the way showing that the Welsh National is progressing and advancing in stature as being one of the leading organisations in Wales.. a lot of this comes down to the relations we hold with the transporting organisation committee (WNRF)


Presentation evening update.. at present over half of the allocation of tickets have been pre booked in advance for the 2018 presentation evening on Sat 1st Dec, it’s not only a night of celebration for the WNFC,WNRF winners but an opportunity for fanciers from all areas to come together and reflect on the past months racing and look forward to 2019.


1 156 MrMrsJBeresford&son,. 1316.911 3:31:15 158,134 W18T01024   £100.00

2 156 MrMrsJBeresford&son,. 1315.251 3:31:31 158,134 W18T01003   £75.00

3 13 G & MClayton&lovellBr,. 1314.500 3:41:48 165,1156 GB18L21708 £50.00

4 137 AButtigieg&sons,. 1308.086 3:32:23 157,1512 GB18P25298    £40.00

5 137 AButtigieg&sons,. 1307.470 3:32:29 157,1512 GB18P25238    £35.00

6 137 AButtigieg&sons,. 1307.367 3:32:30 157,1512 GB18P15232    £30.00

7 137 AButtigieg&sons,. 1307.367 3:32:30 157,1512 GB18P25609     £25.00

8 137 AButtigieg&sons,. 1307.162 3:32:32 157,1512 GB18P25235    £20.00

9 137 AButtigieg&sons,. 1307.060 3:32:33 157,1512 gB18P25607   £10.00

10 137 AButtigieg&sons, 1305.627 3:32:47 157,1512 GB18P25242     £10.00