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W N F C Bergerac 23-07-18

Williams Bros, Son & Burgham

1st Welsh National Bergerac 2018

sponsored by the Welsh North Road Federation


The final race of the 2018 old bird season for the Welsh National got underway with basketing on Monday 9th July for the journey to Bergerac in the south of France an approx. distance of 500 miles to most welsh lofts, with 123 pigeons marked on the Monday evening and transported in the early hours to liaise with the Central Southern Classic F.C. at Frome, they eventually met up with the additional entries which were marked within other organisations and duplicated back into the WNFC bringing the increased birdage to 198 Welsh National pigeons competing for the blue ribbon event of the year.


With the pigeons handed over and on route to the south coast to meet their ferry crossing, whilst the pigeons were in transit I received a call from Claire the CSCFC secretary on Wednesday morning indicating that the race advisory committee and controllers and convoyers, were satisfied in their own minds that with the high pressure continuing over Europe a liberation, as early as possible was on the cards for the Friday to try and avoid as much of the heat as possible and to give the birds a cool start over the first leg of their journey


day break on site in Bergerac



early morning preparations underway prior to liberating


following an uneventful journey to Bergerac stopping off at various stages to replenish the water supply, the pigeons arrived on site safe and well and left to rest overnight in preparations for what they were to face the following morning

Friday and as anticipated at 6.30 the news came through to inform us that with clear blue skies and no wind reported on site the team were happy to cut the strings and release their cargo of approx. 1,500 pigeons which was made up from 735 CSCFC entries and 765 from other organisations including WNFC entries at 6am UK time

with a dominant high pressure over northern France and the entire UK temperatures forecast to remain within the high 20`s, and added to the humidity this was also going to be a concern to fanciers as the day went on, however with the wind closer to the channel became a slightly cooling light north easterly and a clear channel crossing expected, this would give the birds a respite from the intense conditions


with most keeping a watchful eye during late afternoon, seeking any arrivals on the south coast this would give the welsh participants a clearer indication as to what time we could  expect arrivals on the welsh soil, with the first two pigeons appearing on the CSCFC early times this gave an indication that some of the pigeons had made good time with verifications in the Dorset Berkshire area reported


Williams Bros, Son & Burgham 1st WNFC Bergerac 2018



the winning pigeon


taking the top honour of first Welsh National winning the Welsh North Road Federation trophy and additional £100 prize sponsored by the WNR Federation, we go to one, if not furthest lofts within the organisation to the partnerships of Williams Bros Son and Burgham from Tredegar timing on 19.01.48 with a winning velocity of 1142.20, the winning pigeon is a 5yr old Cheq widowhood cock who has been raced on the classic widowhood system all season with two warm up channel races from Messac & Ancenis, in preparation for the initial idea of sending him to Tarbes but a the last minute the partnership decided against this idea and made the  switch to Bergerac, which obviously turned out to be for the better. prior to basketing for the race he was left to run overnight with his hen as an added incentive.  Over the past years this game pigeon has achieved performances which include 1st Open WNR Fed Saintes 430 miles, 1st Sect 2nd Open WSR National Tarbes 609 miles, 7th Open National Saintes, 2nd Sect W 151st Open NFC Tarbes 2,000+ birds, 4th Sect W 113 birds 189th Open NFC Saintes 3,302 birds, 12th sect W 145 birds 274th Open NFC Ancenis 5,120 birds, 22nd Open WSR National Saintes, 12th Sect W Ancenis NFC, 29th Sect 222nd Open BICC Poitiers, 39th Open National Fougeres, indicating that when it comes to the channel, he`s one to look out for, the bloodlines comes via and bred by Carla & Alan Hudson and is a direct son of 'MAGNUS 02' direct Deweerdt x Direct Dtr of Brockamps 'MARSEILLE KING', his dam is a Dk Cheq Hen bred by Mark Gilbert and is a direct dtr of his 'TED COCK' a prolific breeder at Southfield. What was more rewarding was that when most lofts were awaiting their first arrival.. this Tredegar loft went on to time in a further two more the following afternoon which will also appear amongst the leading pigeons

what proved to be more rewarding  was from the 1,500 pigeons liberated, this game Welsh National winner flying to the small welsh village of Tredegar in the Rhymney Valley later had the honour of being a clear 11 yards ahead on velocity from any other pigeon to fly into the UK on the day from all organisations jointly liberation...


G & M Clayton and Lovell Bros

with the first arrival secured, and sights on a second we didn't have long to wait as the partnership of G & M Clayton and Lovell Brothers from Crumlin verified their arrival shortly after 7.30 pm with a vel 1089.6 for 2nd open WNFC, the partnership timed in a 2yr old blue hen which originates from pigeons from the late Dai Evens coming down through whilst crossed with the woodland farm stud lines of Martyn Michell, this hen has been no stranger to top flight racing in past weeks as only  two weeks prior to basketing, she scored highly in the WNFC Poitiers race a distance of 400+ miles when she achieved 10th open, whilst we've had the privilege of reporting on such a pigeon in the past weeks the partnership have again has highlighted many club federation and national winning performances which has increased on a weekly basis against some top competition here in Wales.


With dust settling and  just two birds on the night reported. As the race came to a close at the end of day one at 21.50, for the rest of the Welsh fancy, it was to be an early start the following morning to continue the wait at 05.01 once the race re opened which is  in comparison with the CSCFC hours of darkness,

Saturday morning.. and first to rise and shine was the Pontypool loft of Dai Rawlings flying as J Rawlings and Son who was first to record the first second day pigeon at 07.07 49 with a vel of 821.6, the partnerships pigeon is a 2yr old blue pied cock which is bred through pigeons from local fancier Malcolm Gibbons of the Delbar whilst crossed with pigeon from the late Peter Keyes from Cwmbran a cross that has hit the road running this year looking back on previous performances with other positions such as 2nd WNFC Poitier just two weeks previous


Dai Rawlings 3rd open WNFC Bergerac 2018


for 4th open we go to Abertillery and the loft and partnership of Frampton and Price, timing in a 2yr roundabout Cheq cock on v 815, early preparations for this race include three previous channel races and domestic inland races prior to basketing

we go back up the valley for 5th open to the Ebbw vale lofts of James and Gully high above and overlooking Ebbw Vale flying 507 miles their arrival come through two local lofts of Carl Powell also from Ebbw Vale crossed with pigeons from Phil Edwards of Abertillery which comes down through the ever present lines of the nearly cock of Scammell and People of Pontypool.


taking 6th open we go to Pontypool to the  loft and partnership of Ron Scammell and Paul People who timed in their 7 year old entry at 10.12 with a vel of 701.16, their arrival appears to had been chosen for retirement at the end of 2017 but due to loft fitness the partnerships decided to reintroduce her to the race team for 2018, she like most of the winning and highly profiles winners over the past years comes down directly from the famous nearly cock which whilst was a prolific racer in his day has gone on to produce many winners not only for themselves but for fanciers around the country.


So there we are the old bird season has come to an end on a successful note considering the obstacles we`ve had to overcome with re-arranging races etc to meet up with other convoying organisations, and with such now behind us we can now looking forward to the young bird events which include young bird nationals from Maidstone, Battle and Folkestone, these again will be supported by our outside sponsors which we have in place as each winner will receive the additional £100 as a reward for their achievements

with the closure on the old bird racing we must thank our sponsors over the past weeks, Newport pet supplies, Lewis taxis from Abergavenny Morris Carpets Entrerprize Consultancy and the Welsh North Road Federation for their support and generosity by enhancing the Welsh National during our tenth year celebrations

Convoyers report

Friday 13th July: Liberation was at 6am. No wind on site. The route through France is forecast to be clear and sunny with a light breeze from the

North or North East. Some light cloud in the afternoon as the birds should get nearer to the coast. Temperatures are forecast to be a maximum of 26°. A clear channel should face them with a moderate North East breeze. South of England and Wales is said to be hotter at 28° with the wind changing to between South east and South West, but very light. There is a warning of isolated thunderstorms in the South of England and Wales from 11am until late evening. Clive Merrills Race advisor.

Bergerac top ten

PosOpen Name Velocity AFT Distance Ring PrizeOpen PoolsOpen PoolMoneyOpen Total

1 102WilliamsBrosSon&Burgh, 1142.202 13:1:48 507,669 W13N09612 £150.00 ABCD £56.25 £206.25 plus additional £100 sponsorship total £306.25


2 13G&mClayton&lovellBr,. 1089.694 13:30:5 501,983 GB16X21776 £100.00 ABCD £56.25 £156.25


3 131 Rawlings,son&ptnr,. 821.657 17:56:49 502,1254 GB16H27714 £75.00 A £3.75 £78.75


4 32Frampton&Price,. 815.374 18:4:55 502,1105 GB16D40957 £50.00 ABC £26.25 £76.25


5 James&Gully,. 716.607 20:46:22 507,835 W15N06142 £40.00     £40.00


6 86Scammell&Peploe,. 701.169 21:1:20 502,899 W11N08420 £35.00     £35.00


7 4Bainton&Evans,. 694.497 21:9:18 500,1525 NW16C6941 £30.00     £30.00


8 115KSmith,. 674.634 21:49:48 502,116 W16N03039 £20.00 ABCDEF £160.25 £180.25


9 32Frampton&Price,. 662.492 22:15:17 502,1105 GB15D48402 £10.00 ABC £16.75 £26.75


10 90 Theophilus & Richards,. 662.327 22:24:30 505,1699 W14K00485 £10.00     £10.00


on finishing we would like to express our thanks to the committee, race controllers and conveyors from both the Solent federation and  central southern classic for the care and attention given to our pigeons throughout the overseas programme during 2018


Tom Harris